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Tim Schilling
RIP Marilyn Burns (aka Sally Hardesty in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) If the Saw is Family, we lost a sister
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We have 9 days left to fund @Dismemberxmas. If each of my followers gave just $1 today, we would reach our goal.…
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But like why does everything need to be a TV show these days? It works for some but not every single movie needs to be adapted for TV
....and with my low standards for movies/TV shows I'll probably end up liking it. El oh el
Ive accepted the fact that the Scream tv series will be a thing so I should just stop hating on it until I see it even though I dont want it
I've had Amazon Prime for students or whatever it's called for 4 years now and I have never used it to watch movies. WHY AM I SO STUPID
I'll be upset if the 5.5 in. iPhone has better specs than the 4.7 one. My pants are too tight to fit that big of a phone (insert penis joke)
Finallyyyy 😁😁😁 @MacRumorsors: Apple to Hold iPhone Event on…LtF @julipuliuli
The best thing about Vine is that it seems almost every other one has some sort of cross dresser in it. It's fantastic
Look what my friend/artist @auberd found behind his friend's house. Know what scene I shot here? #TriviaTuesday
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Finding out someone stole my credit/debit card information is a great thing to wake up to!
The Dead is on Syfy right now. I want to watch it but it's already 30 minutes in and probably edited a lot. Lameeee
Just 10 days left to join the @Dismemberxmas holiday party! Help us slash us the new year and receive some rewards!…
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Cardboard cuts are the worst
77% of the way to our goal! Help me make a holiday horror movie!…
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'@Guardians of the Galaxy' Director @JamesGunn Writes Heartfelt Letter to Thank Fans for Record-Breaking Debut
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Why an all-female Ghostbusters reboot is exactly what we need. (And why Channing Tatum should play Zuul.)
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Just 11 days left to join the killer party and receive some kick ass Dismembering Christmas rewards.…
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Gremlins 2 and Lunchables. It's a good night
11 days left and we are SO close to getting @Dismemberxmas funded. Spread the word!…
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Sometimes I dislike how small the world can be. Thanks Internet
Hire a female to direct Episode IX. Thanks.