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Tim Schilling
Twitter, I am bored. Tell me movie you're watching or what you are going to watch.
trans women can't play eddie redmayne because hormones but eddie redmayne can play trans women because ??cis logic??
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Drake & Josh only Josh is an annoying Vine person and Drake is a transphobic old man.
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102 Days Until Star Wars Episode VII. Visit for a live countdown. #starwars
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Because I haven't said it enough already: I want to see The Visit SO bad. Only a few more days!
But why is there a third I Spit On Your Grave movie?
I miss these doofuses so much
Ryan Reynolds should write a movie.
Two. One to change the lightbulb and another to whisper, "You'll die someday. Alone, cold and scared."…
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Except the second they start talking about the new iPhone I know I'm going to want it.
More excited about the Apple TV Wednesday than the new iPhone tbh.
And to celebrate Labor Day, here's Martin Scorsese floating in a pool on a giant donut
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Because I wasn't excited for this movie enough before. This actually better happen.
Happy Labor Day everyone! Tomorrow’s episode, in memory of Wes Craven, is NEW NIGHTMARE!
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Today marks two weeks in California. I'm straight up terrified to look at my bank account.
But his album with Diplo is SO 👌👌👍👍😫😫😫 so maybe that's why
.@Harvard I bought a crimson Harvard t-shirt and unless you pay me $50 I'm going to wear it to the mall and pee my pants
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I keep telling myself that I like Justin Bieber's new song cause Skrillix produced it but then I remember I dont really like Skrillix either
I fucking love lemon squares. It's hard to make them taste like ass I think. Gale Weathers was a little over dramatic.
I have to applaud Buzzfeed for not posting anything about the Barbie Jeep girl. They know.
Michelle: wait why are we pulling over? Barack: just get the fucking camera.
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Yeah this movie is still creepy as shit. #DeadEnd
Why is Lin Shaye not president of the world yet?
Watching Dead End. It's been a minute since I've seen this movie. It really creeped me out the first time I saw it.
My neighbors have two students staying with them from Japan. After this conversation I bet they never want to be in America again.
Discussing The Human Centipede movies with my new neighbors. This is how you're supposed to do it.
Idk why I'm reading the news for Connecticut. I'm really not that homesick at all.
Tim why so awkward. Why.
Love sports cars? Adult. Collect baseball cards? Adult. Excited over Star Wars? You're a child. #TrashArticle…
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But does anyone want to see Zedd when he comes to the Staples Center later this month?
After this weekend, I know for a fact that moving to California was the greatest decision I have ever made.
No I love them! @JJMcGoofball having no privacy is so cool and rewarding and worth it!
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And The People Under the Stairs house! #thepeopleunderthestairs #wescraven #losangeles #california #horrormovies #locations
today my mother called me to ask if it was "tilda swinton that goes to the moma to be art"
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