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Tim Schilling
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Most of the makeup work I've done this semester. Best class ever! #character #makeup #theatre #theater #film #sfx #spfx #facepaint #art #school #zombie #clown #darthmaul #old #doll #lizard #skull #stars
I have absolutely no idea what to think of the new Ghost Face mask. It's just ridiculous
Sneak peek of new Ghost Face Mask! Fun World is introducing it tomorrow at the Halloween Show in NYC. @RJTorbert
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I always forget that YouTube is great to find random and obscure horror films 👍
I want moooore! #killerklownsfromouterspace #theevildead #evildead2 #armyofdarkness #nightofthelivingdead #dawnofthedead #dayofthedead #thebirds #creepshow #childsplay #texaschainsawmassacre2 #horrormovies #posters #horrorclub #horrorfanatic #movies #film #likeforlike #latergram
I hurt my back and now I can hardly move it's fun getting old you should all try it
Well I did learn how to properly format scripts. So I guess the few thousand dollars I paid was worth it for that.
What I learned in my screenwriting class this semester that taking a class on screenwriting is a huge waste of time. Just go write.
The final for my screenwriting class was to autograph a piece of paper so my professor can sell it when I'm famous.
It's just another manic... Tuesday. #fashion #mensfashion #style #trendy #menstyle #instafasion #fashiongram #americaneagle #latergram
I just finished watching Melancholia and I can't tell if it was incredible, or overly pretentious. All I know is, the images were stunning.
Does it ever drive you crazy
I wish I was able to watch Return of the Living Dead for the first time again
The Purple Rose of Cairo is such an adorable movie. Thank you Woody Allen
I'm at the point where my eyes automatically roll whenever I hear Ryan Murphy's name. I'm over his work.
Honey badger STILL don't give a shit.
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Read this now. RT @BuzzFeed: How Police And Hospitals Shut Down Rape Victims // @BuzzFeedIdeas
Why does no one ever want to play Toejam and Earl with me!?!? 😩
There's no Walking Dead tonight... What am I supposed to do now?
I miss everything because of work and I'm getting kinda sick of it 😒
Look how sassy this reindeer is. This guy is taking no one's shit 🐋
22 Feminist Moments From 2014 That Restored Your Faith In Humanity
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I'm so happy to be finally home. Longest day ever
So like can I say I like The Roommate or is that not a thing people admit
I love my butt and won't shut up
Does this Friday the 13th news make no sense to anyone else? If it's not a remake, reboot or sequel then... wat r u
...I was just recognized for the work I've done at an event on income inequality. I'm happy :)
I haven't mentioned this at all, but I've been writing for a blog all semester long about income inequality and feminism and...
I just got called ma'am???
(I liked both movies a lot. First time seeing them.)
I just finished watching Slumber Party Massacre I and II so yeah that's enough high culture for one day
The Social Network is incredible.
David Cronenberg should do some more acting gigs
The early 90's were primo for horror films 👌
We are all #blessed for movies like Nightbreed
(I wish Cheesy was actually my middle name tho)
Serious question: is Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead worth watching?
Don't worry, we know your friend's wrong about that movie too.
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What does autocorrect have against the word "I'd" that it ALWAYS changes it to is??
Cinderella was a feminist princess way before "Frozen" and "Maleficent" came along
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Pewdiepie is gonna be on South Park!? Whaaaat!?!?
you're what the French call les incompetents