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Tim Schilling
Tonight I learned that the gays LOVE UFC.
Hey @bjcolangelo, come hang out with @MichaelVarrati and I in West Hollywood!!
The only good thing about being stuck in traffic: random dance parties with the girls in the next lane.
My niece's first response to the Paris attacks: "should I tell people at school I'm not Muslim anymore?" She is seven. SEVEN.
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I've been waiting for new Knife Party for way too long. GIVE MEEEEE.
This explains everything.
The make out scene. I can't handle this.
We're the Millers is WAY too funny.
5:25 am UK time, it's chest and back day,can't sleep so Swell it up Brother. HH
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Ellie Goulding is weird because some of her songs are SO OBNOXIOUSLY annoying, but she also has some bangers.
This has many meanings.
Someone take the internet away from Rob Lowe.
my Muslim friend: "ISIS are to Islam what the KKK is to Christianity." remember that before you generalise a whole religion
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The most useful Facebook feature ever. Seriously, thank you for this. 🇫�vU
My name is Omar. I am a Muslim. I condemn the #ParisAttack. Over 1.5 billion Muslims do. Please remember this.
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We hate them more than Westerners do. They kill our people AND make us look responsible which also gets us killed…
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WHY am I not getting emails sent to my phone? This is barbaric.
Friday the 13th reminds me of that scary movie with that guy Jason. What's it called again? The Gift. With Jason Bateman. Scary.
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Was that Anna Kendrick I just saw in a commercial for Battlefront?!?!?
THE BIRDS (1963) DoP: Robert Burks | Dir: Alfred Hitchcock |
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It's not Friday the 13th yet you crazy future people.
I like apple juice but my tummy doesn't and that makes me sad. Is there a children's song about this?
Kind of offended that no theaters around me tomorrow are showing Friday the 13th. I thought I moved out here for that kind of stuff!?
There are like 265 movies coming out this weekend but I don't want to see any of them so I'm just thinking of what I haven't seen yet.
Should I see Bridge of Spies or nah
A TRIP TO THE MOON (1902) DoP: Michaut, Lucien Tainguy | Dir: Georges Méliès |
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Someone just called me mom. That's a first.
Urban Outfitters has gone from "tacky I would actually wear" to "tacky get that shit away from me."
Balboa Park is so insanely beautiful.
SUNSET BLVD. (1950) DoP: John F. Seitz | Dir: Billy Wilder |
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We waited 5 hours to get into the theater where Shia LaBeouf's watching all his movies:
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I Finna Pull Up To The Theater And Go See My Man Shia
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It's weird knowing that one day I'll eventually not die and continue living forever.
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Jk it's still GDT but Shia is at least second.
Shia LaBeouf is my favorite person on the planet rn.
Film is so hard to make because you cannot prove the core idea is good until it is completely realized.
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we should use shia labeouf's faces to rate movies
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It's weird to think how things would be without some of you. I'm done being mushy. I just wanted to say I appreciate everyone.
I've become so close to people I would've never met otherwise. We talk daily, and I look forward to it every day.
I love the friends I've made from Twitter over the years. I just wanted to let you all know that. :') :') :')

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