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Tim Schilling
Boy, that gay football player has really ruined the NFL this year.
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I cannot take anyone wearing google glass seriously
well I'm going to bed.
Y'all need to stop just watching superhero movies you're ruining it for everyone else
But I'm 99% sure this season will end up like the others so I'm not getting my hopes up, no matter what I read. #AHS
Evolution of music sales: 1. Pay a lot 2. Pay a little 3. Pay anything 4. OK fine, just pay once a month 5. Fuck you, now you own a U2 album
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Bringing back a character in AHS is just what it needs. A little continuity among the seasons can only help I think
Meet Bretagne, The Last Known 9/11 Service Dog That Worked At Ground Zero
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I was concerned the iPhone 6 Plus was TOO big so I "printed" one out and it's the perfect size. Not too big at all, even in my tight pants
It’s World Suicide Prevention Day. Here’s how we should be talking about mental health
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But I don't want to wait until November to see Interstellar
Fifty RTs and @timschillling will go as Tina's mom from Friday the 13th VII; The New Blood for Halloween.
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I hate having to do big boy things.
Here we goooo 😬😬�#AppleLiveLive
.@nflcommish your punishment for beating a woman is less than for smoking weed. Get your head out of your fucking ass.
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It's so pathetic how excited I am for Apple's iPhone announcement tomorrow. I can't wait to have a phone that lasts longer than an hour!
Guess what? @Davidburtka and I got married over the weekend. In Italy. Yup, we put the 'n' and 'd' in 'husband'.
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This one time,I wrote an entire short script off of title I had. When I decided the title didnt fit anymore,I struggled to finish the script
I leave half of my writings as 'Untitled' because I can't commit to a name.
I'm burning pumpkin scented candles a little early this year cause I am so ready for fall and Halloween πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸŽƒπŸ‘»πŸπŸƒπŸ‚
baby: m....m...m mom: mama? ma? mommy? baby: m...m... baby: m..mY ANACONDA DONT
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How small Earth is compared to the largest known star
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when people ask rape victims "why didn't you report it/why didn't you go to the hospital?"
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Work is so boring tonight gahhhhhhhhhhhhh
You Tweeted #WalrusYes last year so now TONIGHT, @tuskthemovie (the stupid little podcast flick that could) debuts at @mmadnesstiff! Thanks!
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I feel like Tusk moved super fast, crazy that it's premiering tonight already! I can't wait to see it... whenever that will be
Not ready to love a gay child? Then don't have kids
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There's always that one person...
As much as I love The Walking Dead, I'm kinda skeptical about this spinoff. But I'll probably end up obsessed with it anyways so 🌚
But unless you're like Star Wars don't bother releasing a sequel 10 years later. i.e. Sin City, Scream 4, Spy Kids. It'll just doom ya
American Reunion is good
Some scientists argue that since we spend roughly 20 years asleep, dreams should be considered an alternate reality.
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"I enjoy life when things are happening. I don't care if it's good or bad. That means you're alive. Things are happening." - Joan Rivers
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Did the video of family's reaction to gay teen coming out upset you? Here are 5 things you can do
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Legend has it that Jason Derulo yelled his name out in the Grand Canyon 9 years ago and it is still echoing there today.
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This college student will carry a mattress to class until her alleged rapist leaves campus
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