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Tim Schilling
What is the most graphic and gory scene you think there is in The Walking Dead so far? I need it for a paper. You'll be my best friend
I'm not sure why this girl is making bird/dinosaur noises in the computer lab but I'm kinda scared not gonna lie
I'm writing a paper comparing media violence as it was in Videodrome and how it is in The Walking Dead today... Ya skool
My anxiety right now is out of this world wowowowowowow
I'm still loving this idea of a found footage Friday the 13th. I really hope they go through with it
I get home and my mom is watching The Omen, we might actually be related!
I do not understand life
How is it STILL raining outside??!
I'm listening to the theme songs from The Exorcist and Beetlejuice because it is part of my homework. Yes.
This campus is full of freaky mutant worms
We're watching Marat/Sade in class and I think I'm tripping
Melatonin gives me the funkiest dreams.
Wait oh god what the hell is that?? I regret looking at the top trends...
What do you mean Mimi is trending and it doesn't have to do with Rent?
Noah thinks he's Godzilla or something
Done. RT @tbhjuststop: dating tip: don't
I'm banking on Forever 21 having some sort of sale on Easter cause it's been too long since I bought clothes I don't need
My concept design for A Midsummer Night's Dream is gayer than the original play how is that possible
My printer ran outta ink so I had to use my dad's, he goes "are those your films?" Yes dad I am printing out my films it's new technology
Email is so fucking barbaric
Can you remember who you were before everyone told you who you should be?
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