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Tim Schilling
Over summer. Want my friends back. Please and thanks.
This attitude I have needs to stop but people also need to stop being completely moronic
R I P Micheal. We love you. Today the world and media will grieve your absence, and think deeply of how we could have treated you better.
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Thanks for following, I appreciate it a lot. At least you're not porn accounts
I really have no interest in seeing Transformers 4... I haven't even seen the first three. There's literally no appeal to me
Any suggestions for what to watch on Netflix? Horror preferred, obviously! 😝
My parents could use a real good slap in the face
Gonna be so upset if the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 is the premium model over the 4.7 inch version. I do not need/want a phone that big, Apple
This dude needs a muzzle
I obviously know Hostel isn't based on a true story but the fact that there is possibly organizations out there like that freak me out
Incredibly dark, great acting, and the lead actress' character was the best thing about it. Just watch it pls and thx #TheReturned
How come I never heard anyone talk about The Returned?? GO WATCH IT NOW. Such an amazing take on zombie films
@timschillling lose that chain of thought . The solution is in front of you, you just can't see it yet. BE ELUSIVE...
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Suspense films are unmasked slasher films taking themselves too seriously. #horror
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Now I'm watching a movie called The Returned because zombie movies make me happy
Either way once I graduate from college I know I'm screwed so I might as well get used to it!
Well watching movies is fun (fucking duh) but I want to make them. There's a big difference
Ive had writer's block most of the summer and it really fucking sucks. Instead of writing movies I just watch them,which isn't nearly as fun
Where's all the good thunderstorms!?!?!?
Tryna not be a pale ghost anymore