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Krystal Lai
It's only Monday & i'm already tired 👷
Your thumb on my lips, I blush, those fingertips well they've got me under your spell. You know me so very well, kiss me, I'll never tell.
I'm busy today Translation: Do not even bother trying to contact me, I'm lying in bed feeling sorry for myself
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Don't come to a burger joint & order a salad. That's so wrong. Ughhh
Too lazy, early & cold for this 😤
This group of girls beside our table is so fucking loud. Go to McDonald's if you wanna be loud & proud of your slutiness.
It's just 9 to 3 in the morning & i'm craving for some baked bangus belly & kare-kare & I can't have any of those right now.
I'm pretty sure it's different with women, so...
Need to write about “real men would never cheat on someone he truly loves” article. How the fuck should I know. @HakunaRoar
The thought of getting your eye poked with a sharp object in the process of taking your old lashes off is the scariest thing ever.
What a tiring day. Glad to be in bed, proper showered & stuff, enjoying an episode of PLL & Finding Carter.
Finally got through Estrel's. Thought it was impossible. People talk a lot of shit sometimes.
Nothing is as immensely satisfying as unfriending a terrible person on Facebook.
Can’t imagine there’s many people in the world who haven’t had at LEAST a handful of laughs from Robin Williams in their lifetime. Very sad.
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Slept for 2.5 hours. And I got my charger to work. Not sure whether to be pissed off or be happy this morning.
Never thought looking for the perfect cake is as stressful as shit. Thought it would be fun & all that, but it just isn't.
Oysters, shrimps & more seafood kind-of-night with the parents 💗