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Krystal x
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My charger is about to give up on me. This is the 837101st charger this year. (I just bought one 3 weeks ago)
What do you mean next episode is the mid-season finale? Are you mad? 😩
I love the Mary & Katherine tandem #Reign
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Mary #Reign
Too many deaths in one episode #AHSFREAKSHOW
This week's episode of Stalker is so gory.
Just about to watch this week's episodes of my shows because i've been too busy doing nothing today.
@Channel4: We're dreaming of a #BlackMirrorXmas...” Their trailers don't make sense but when you watch the show...😳
"bakit aalis ka pa eh uulan mamaya."
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Watch 100 Years Of Makeup In Less Than A Minute…
I also realized my grammar was shit in my last tweet so I had to delete it as well.
“Being alone never felt right. Sometimes it felt good, but it never felt right.” —cb
Practically overslept & abandoned important things unfinished. Okay.
I love Lana but what she wore to the BFAs was all levels sad.
Watching a documentary on Cleopatra; Portrait of a Killer. Thanks BBC.
Just finished the book I started reading since Sunday. I feel so refreshed.
Please continue to smoke that cigarette right next to me.
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The urge to dye my hair (again) is unreal.
I swear I saw sun rays peeking through my curtains earlier. Now that i'm fully awake, it's all gray and cold.
And oatmeal cookies. Can't forget these.
Oh just in bed reading a book & munching on a spicy Italian sub.
About to head out just to get some cheap bottle of wine and I just don't feel like going out because i'm sleepy, exhausted, famished #monday
6pm: Tired 7pm: Tired 8pm: Tired 9pm: Tired 10pm: Tired *gets in bed* 11pm: Wide awake like a fucking owl on Caffeine!
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Tryin' to fit your hand inside of mine When we know it just don't belong
Starting my Sunday with some hair treatment, a cuppa & a 3-hour documentary on England's Early Queens. 👑
Cards Against Humanity Literally Sold Boxes Of Poop On Black Friday…
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Shouting "PHONE" when the house phone's ringing and hoping that someone else in your house will fucking answer it
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Just found out about this remote playing thing happening between my laptop & iphone on Spotify.
Black Friday ⭕️⭕️⭕️ Let's do this
New fave (not on Spotify/iTunes yet 😔)…9
♫ Cold and Clear – Cajsa Siik #NowPlaying
'Tis getting pretty well @StalkerCBS
Winter finale of @mtvfakingit is crazy. 💀
About to watch the final episode of this season's Awkward. After this, i'll have to wait a couple more months til the final season airs. Ugh
I get fluttery (good thing) inside when my friends take off their shoes before entering my room. They remember my pet-peeve.