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K R Y S T A L x
It's weird to see people from your past appear right in front of you.
Woke up to Tamba on repeat singing the Tikkabilla song now it's stuck on loop in my head and I just want it to stop.
My girlfriend told me to stop singing Wonderwall, I said maybe
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Can't stop listening to this song AGAIN. ♫
“I need to feel like I have a purpose here.”
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“I don’t know what I’m running from. I’m just running.”
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Too many A's, i'm so confused already. #PLL
My 3-year old cousin is addicted to Starbucks' choco chip cream and their banoffee pie. I regret nothing.
"Well that's great isn't it" No it's fucking not
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What a plot twist!!! Didn't actually expect that they have a “different” relationship!!!! #Humans
To those who have my number, please send me a msg thru whatsapp or iMsg instead of viber (especially if it's urgent)
Updating this page if you want some sick tunes
Told myself I'll only drink coffee on Mondays but i'm sitting here with an iced coffee in a massive mug and it just doesn't even feel right.
It's like my brain literally forced me to wake up early even with the lack of sleep because it knows i've got loads to do today.
Sooo, is it going to rain or not.. I'm contemplating between suede and leather so if the rain could just hurry up please, that'd be great.
When it was dark, you always carried the sun in your hand for me.
*buys nine new lipsticks to make up for the fact that I’m sad*
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I'm really upset about something & it's more than 24 hours already. I need a distraction because the drama is simply driving me batshit cray
When you always head out for every meal because you can't cook for shit
Can we know who the fuck A is already #PLL
But Louis Tomlinson isn't straight. He's in a relationship with Harry Styles. Everybody knows that.
Having problems with our tattoo broadband, my 3G and everything else. It was only 27 days ago when I complained about this @talk2GLOBE
Darker shade of the Filmstar Bronze & Glow is available now. Oh my gosh. Contact for orders
“Hard to sit here and be close to you, and not kiss you.”
Reasons for saying "oops!" 1. Dropping something 2. Spilling a drink 3. Driving off a cliff 4. Bumping into someone
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"I'm bored" Translation: I have all this free time but i don't want to do anything
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It's only July and I already bought myself a birthday present. My mum's birthday comes first and I haven't gotten her anything yet.
Funny & endearing & the stereotyping shit is real

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