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Krystal Lai
Just got home from everywhere, just in time for the cosmetician to arrive. Haven't even had a time to breathe as I got inside.
Happy Coachella 🌞🌸✨
Resistance is useless. Just two kids stupid and fearless.
Feeling All Time Low-y
Already summer and all you have in your wardrobe are dark clothes
Watching a film with the family & waiting for the pizza because it's Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday.
Reign is finally back!!!
I hate dark-flying bugs (i.e. roaches). Do the world a favor and just disappear please.
Sat with my folks for 2.5 whole hours, without speaking or anything. They were glued to the telly & I, on my mobile.
"I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons."
Was inspired to write something, so I did. And then my laptop died. Already uninspired.
Please don't be "free" because i'm going to purchase you right now. Just want to be sure. You might not be 50% off tomorrow.
The app I've been wanting to buy since forever is finally half-price off. I've always expected they would go on sale one of these days.
Watching a bunch of What's In My iPhone videos.. Also currently deleting lame-ass apps. It's getting crowded around here.
The facebook site looks quite similar to the twitter site / The twitter site looks quite similar to the facebook site.
Revision: learning the whole years worth of work in the space of a few weeks
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Nuggets nuggets nuggets
It's a nice afternoon for a walk.
The show's becoming worthy.
Catching up on Star-Crossed.
Can't watch any more shows right now because I promised a friend I would suggest some new hair styles and dyes for her. Glad she trusts me.
2 episodes of Bates Motel. Oh God it's getting very intense. He's finally becoming who he's supposed to become.
Getting an offer to be a ghost writer for an upcoming book but not having that much creativity & imagination & just being plain slothful
Catching up time xxx