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K R Y S T A L x
“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep.”
Even the astronauts from outer space can see your harsh contour line. Blend, blend, blend, blend, blend blend blend bluughnd *Zoella voice*
Slept for more than 10 hours. Knackered is an understatement.
the day gay marriage was legalised in ireland and the white house today god truly has spoken
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I always decide to read a book at 3 in the morning
Anyone whose got a spare or two tickets for #YTFF #YTFFManila ? Please, this is my only chance to see them. Please help @YouTubeFanFest 🙏🙏🙏
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I should listen to these old records while reading my high school journal. How fucked up and funny would that be.
Paramore (when they weren't mainstream yet) and many more.
I'm still obsessing over old records of my favorite bands back in high school like Matchbook Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Armor For Sleep,
First 2 minutes of PLL, already having goosebumps.
Afraid of starting The Whispers since it's 4 am, it's bloody raining and you're just not supposed to watch creepy shows at this hour.
I wish I could use Youtube & Spotify at the same time.
2002 was a banging year. ♫
#Humans SO FREAKIN' GREAT. I like how #ColinMorgan acted out Leo's weak moment.None of that unrealistic Hollywood machismo that's so common.
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Do they rly think the ppl doesn't have a clue that these kids only need more publicity to be signed since they're in need of a management?
I'm revoking Taylor Swift's feminist card and giving her a "greedy ass bitch" card instead
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@HuffingtonPost: Taylor Swift denounces Apple Music in open letter” eye roll
“You are not love You are heartbreak And eventual disaster.”
A thoughtful way to honor your dad on Father's Day is to post a picture of him on a social media site that he doesn't know how to use.
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Saying to a friend "Your baby's so cute, are you sure it's yours?" is a subtle and amusing way of suggesting his wife sleeps around.
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The fucking nerve.
Wow. Just fucking wow.
My dad's new customized mobile numbers are super easy to memorize that I can recite them while comatose.
Seriously, can somebody tell me that a Fiji water bottle cap with built-in straw is available here in the Philippines
I didn't get the job order number for tomorrow. I didn't receive any info about it also. The agent left out a lot of things. @talk2GLOBE
Will you ever stop disappointing me @talk2GLOBE
I stopped watching the show after 11 episodes of the first series yet I still know what's going on thanks to my twitter dash.
The entire straight community is going mental about Ruby Rose.
I can't believe it's raining. I had high hopes that we'd head out to Streat. But no, it just had to rain.
In this episode of 3 am cravings – schmidt's gourmet hotdogs, strawberry mango smoothie and arabic fries.
Currently watching Humans. It gives me a sort of Black Mirror vibe. I'm preparing to be mindfucked.
For price enquiries, leave your contact details @ and i'll get back on you right away.
Officially selling Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes. First in the country (most likely).
Please don't send a mass text saying you resolved the network issue when you can't even properly fix it. It didn't even last an hour.
And didn't have to endure with the slowest internet connection while working. Fucking cunts.
Now I receive a text saying the network outage crap has been resolved. You could have told me earlier so I didn't have to buy data.
Can Globe get any worse? I asked if there was a network interruption earlier and told me there was none.
I'm not supposed to get up every god damn minute to restart the fucking modem.
Globe is such a disappointment. I need to convince everyone in this house that having unsteady internet connection isn't normal.
being a girl is really fucking expensive
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Does anybody know where I could purchase the built-in straw for Fiji water? I'd really, really want to have one (or a couple).
He dances with my angel and the sound of his name makes my demon go all quiet.
I just got out of bed. I'm feeling hangover when I haven't even been drinking last night.

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