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Krystal Lai
Bash and Kena = Nooo way. #Reign
Family Mart sells Arizona drinks. Thank God. (More expensive, though. Like +20.)
Midnight trip to the not-so convenient store a few blocks away. Decided to go just after I had a relaxing bath.
Decided to finally quit Star-Crossed.
I don't care if you're the Queen of England or the President of the US.. YOU DON'T GET TO TALK TO THE HELPERS LIKE THEY ARE NOT HUMAN BEINGS
The new twitter is a wannabe/trying-hard/cheap imitation version of facebook. I'm disappointed SO, NO. I DO NOT LIKE WHAT I FUCKING SEE.
"Who's that on your wallpaper?" "Harold." "Harold who?" "Harold, my boyfriend's boyfriend."
Going to sleep, everybody's waking up. Getting up, everybody's napping.
Liam (Faking It) looked familiar so I googled him and yeah... He's Wes Fitzgerald (Ezra's brother, PLL)!!
OMYGOD "Faking It" is amazing!
THE BAR joins this year's #WanderlandMusicFest ✨#wanderfulwednesday #TheBarForWanderland #Wanderer πŸŽͺ🎸🎀🍸❀️🌸@wanderlandfestl@ILoveTheBaRveTheBaR
Saw this lying around in the cupboard, unzipped. Such a waste of a perfectly tasty (& healthy, as it says) snack.
Awkward, Salem and Faking It (new series) and Starcrossed (if I still feel like watching it).
Lil cousin got his haircut (w/ minimal whining) & a side trip to the farmers market (got fresh fruits). It's a win win situation for all.
Imagine if Shakespeare was alive today. People would always ask him, "What's the best flavour of Pringles?" and he'd say, "I'm not sure."
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Thankful for the new viber update.
Tuna toastie & pineapples on the side.
Everybody's arriving home the same time as me. Wonder where they've been..
Draft beer & HER (movie), just to know what the fuss is about with this film.
Had a burger which is far too sweet, it's weird. 2 stars (out of 5) for that family-owned burger joint.
I bought a similar iPhone case to Serena Van Der Woodsen's. Unexpected & the most inexpensive. It was like 80% off the price from online.
would I were a devil, To live and burn in everlasting fire, So I might have your company in hell, But to torment you with my bitter tongue!
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Freddie Highmore sweeping (& struggling) is the cutest.