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Krystal x
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It's karma. We both knew that.
Cringing at that 😫
β€œ@UKTransIations: "Anywhere's fine by me" Translation: It won't be my fault when lunch is inevitably disappointing” β€” actually me
3:14 am. Bored out of my fucking mind.
β€œ@b0ringtweets: Retweet if you know someone called Sam.” @TheZeaSantiago omg
"Hi, I'm a rocket scientist" "Hi, I'm a heart surgeon" "Hi, I edit Wikipedia pages of recently dead people to talk about them in past tense"
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But Yaya is insisting that it smells so good and doesn't think that it's even similar to baygon. Wtf. Maybe I should just give this to her.
The Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Jasmine smells like Baygon. That is why you shouldn't buy perfumes online unless you've smelled them irl. πŸ˜’
OMG the ending's like Breaking Dawn Part One.
21 Faces Every Anxious Person Will Immediately Recognize
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Hiding under the blanket. Idk why. I expect to cry.
Stumbled upon a site full of 90s shows, now i'm downloading/bookmarking all at once my faves back in the day ❀️
Bugger off, Monday 😴
Literally waiting so we could all hangout already ughhh
Finding words for thoughts
Can't find the words to make this work & it's frustrating the shit out of me
Baby look what you've done to me
Berlin Wall: These stunning images show how much has changed in a city once divided in two
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Sundays are for pajamas, missed telly shows & massages.
Ice skating and every sport ice-related aren't for me πŸ‚
It's 3:45 in the morning and the poets are still awake, with pen and paper on the left and a bottle of cheap vodka on the right.
OMG Four πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
Not so sure if I should read a book, spill ink or watch some telly shows & movies just so I can say i've done something tonight
Too early for everything.
How does it feel to be hugged by someone who's in love with you
The Colgate Mouthwash in Green Tea is so disturbing & I feel like i'm inside a cab because that's what it smells like, really.
15 Times Paris Hilton Was Kim Kardashian's Boss via @bustle πŸ˜‚
Sooo lazy. I'm still sleepy, it's gloomy & a bit dark outside but sadly, I've got to write at least 4 articles & put them up today.
I'm watching telly & Jamie Oliver decided to make some delicious dishes that are not meant to be eaten nor craved at 2 in the morning.
Kinda wanna workout kinda wanna eat loaded cheese fries kinda wanna nap for five days kinda wanna get my life together by 3 on Thursday
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Sigh of relief....Season 3 is filming and will premiere early 2015.
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29 Passive-Aggressive Windshield Notes That Forgot How To Passive
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"As long as the wrong feels right."
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AHS Murder House reruns for the entire day while working & eating some of my cousin's Halloween treats πŸ’™