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So Damn True!
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i'll run my fingers through my own hair and i grab my own ass bye
sleep with me so i can put my freezing feet on you and probably take all of the covers and use you as a pillow
kinda want to go out of state so I can just restart my life with completely new people and never see any one of you again
It's October 23 & I have yet to go to a corn maze, haunted house, pumpkin patch.... Or carve a pumpkin
Pleasing girls is not expensive. It only costs $0.00 to not be a fuck boy
when lace underwear rips my heart rips
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Enjoying Starbucks & about to start following the first 60 girls who follow my buddy @FemaleTexts !😍
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I'm following anyone who follows @FemaleTexts Fav once done 😍😘
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When you forgive, stop bringing it up. No one wants to be around someone who constantly makes them feel guilty.
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when you're in the middle of sending a message and your phone dies
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can we all just have a minute of silence for all those good hair days no one important saw you
If a girl ever says "Wow" in an argument she's secretly wondering how she could be dating such an idiot
this would be perfect πŸ›€πŸ’ž
There's other fish in the sea, but only one Bass πŸŸπŸ’™
Every girl needs a guy like Chuck Bass😍
just me or can i just sense vibes through text? like don't even text back if ur gonna have an attitude towards me
wearing an oversized shirt with no pants on πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘Œ >
I've never read something so accurate πŸ˜‚
Its @OldNavy's 20th birthday, woo! Send them a wish & selfie with the tag #Selfiebration to get your wish granted #ad
My mom would've dragged me out of the bed
literally the comfiest clothes ☺️
Young Johnny Depp gives me breathing problems 😍😘�
Having a guy best friend is probably the best thing.. ..Until you fall in love with him.
Marry someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life.
I don't care how attractive you are, if you can't hold a convo things are looking real dead with me.
An American develops Alzheimers disease every 68 seconds. Raise awareness & purchase ur #memorytee here #HFC
Happy 27th Birthday to the love of my life πŸ’•
don't facetime me or ask for a selfie after 8pm. you know damn well i already showered and won't stop looking like a hamster till 8am
I like goodmorning and goodnight texts. I like phone calls. I like knowing that someone cares and that they're trying. I like feeling wanted
With this proven simple 2 step method u can lose up to 23 lbs and remove belly fat fast! ->
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it's sad but I see the bad in him and I still want every inch of him
so when ur famous do u just magically have great skin or
Nothing is more annoying than when someone expects you to be okay with something that they wouldn't be okay with if you did it
We're giving away 1 white iPhone 6 to a lucky winner who follow @femalebook in 15 minutes! Good Luck:)
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I see 2007 and think β€œoh 3 years ago” and then it hits me that it was 7 fucking years ago
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If my daughter is in 6th grade wearing crop tops and high waisted shorts I'm slapping her straight in to justice. Pick out a sparkly shirt.
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