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Bad result. Win or lose, Up the Blues!
Retweeted by Hidayat
Me and ateu Joan from Philippines :)) [pic] —
More than expectations!!! Alhamdulillah :) (at Beach Side, The Andaman) [pic] —
-____- (at Andaman Quarter) [pic] —
Ciyee yg pengalaman @Meilinitaa: Pacaran itu ketika kamu siap, bukan ketika km ngerasa sendiri & ga tahan sama bulian temen ahahahaha =))"
Well it kind of hurt when the kind of the words you write. Kind of turn… ♫ A Beautiful Mess by
It's your style ? "@cassidyanders17: People who quote every selfie with song lyrics<<<
That I call smart :) "@Meilinitaa: Sometime when I act haha RTsayahidayat_: @Meilinitaa sometime heart and brain sync right ? Hha"
Melow trus @Meilinitaa: Don't judge me by my past, b'coz I ain't living there anymore *sighh"
Obral haha @devi_kimi: ngomongnya sayang! Sayangnya ngomong ke kabeh aww........duuuuh sia -_-"
Dimana ? Hehe @tiffanysarahf: Masih d yang dlu da"#sayahidayat_: @tiffanysarahf ohh iyaa Iyaa :) stay dimana skrg fan ?
Ohh ga kerja lagi fan ? "@tiffanysarahf: Ga sibuk apa apa da hehe"#sayahidayat_: @tiffanysarahf sibuk apa fan skrg ?""
Fear or unfair it's should happen . And always me become victim!!!! F*ck!!!!!
This is my game :) ill be character what I want and I'll be get what I want . Doesn't matter how difficult… —
Thank you Mr Scott and Mrs Debra . See you tomorrow :) (at Side Beach Andaman) [pic] —
9 more months to go !! Bandung I miss you ! ♫ Home by Michael Bublé —
Latte that's good :D @cassidyanders17: Coffee?😞"
Not nice to see @SellyAprilianii: Why? #sayahidayat_: Delete that tweet de @SellyAprilianii: Iya kaaa "#sayahidayat_: -_-' @SellyAprilianii:
Delete that tweet de @SellyAprilianii: Iya kaaa "#sayahidayat_: -_-' @SellyAprilianii: Fuck"""