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If you lie to me. I don't trust you.
I dunno what Shelly is saying. My crew. The people I fuck with are the realest.
Probably gonna host these DC f/a 8s around 6-630 my time. Which is 9-930est.
Retweeted by christina
To3 is myself, @VexX_Blondie & @VexX_Shoty. Will be hosting 8s later for free agent hill bitches for dc. Fav this if you want in.
Retweeted by christina
Are the DLC maps in rotation for DC & NO ?? Can someone please confirm..
Retweeted by christina
You're all I've ever wanted in life.
Tell me these aren't the cutest team mates ever!
Everyone go follow our newest edition to VexX black. @VexX_Shoty show him some love!
Favorite this tweet if you'd like to run with #VexX.Black tonight around 1130 est. Need an aggressive hill bitch. Vip pass & hotel covered.
Retweeted by christina
Anyone wanna gb till Cayla gets home?
I am now captain of @AstralAuthority and will be putting together a team for these guys :) @Astral_SM @Astral_Cam @Astral_Nuke @Astral_ION
Retweeted by christina
Found an AM in this game that can drop 50-60 every respawn 😍
My teams about to shit on the competition and I haven't even played with them yet 😂
Retweeted by christina
I did well on LAN. I don't need to prove it or lie about it. Not gonna throw people under the bus either. It's over. Move on place better.
Need a smart hybrid player to run with us around 1130 est tonight under VexX. No bullshit we need a GOOD player. Vip pass & hotel covered.
Retweeted by christina
TO 3. Looking for one now.
Mixed babies with light eyes 😍😍
Fav if 12-16 hour shifts kill you
got 2 rooms and a VIP pass. Now need 2 GOOD TEAMMATES
Retweeted by christina
VIP pass ✅, 2 rooms ✅, now @VexX_SneaKy and myself need team mates. Running Friday night.
I don't understand why some of you dumb ass gamers think you just get handed funding. Like you gotta work for that shit.
Retweeted by christina
Just obtained a whole bunch of credits... 😍 can you say tourneys
T1 bitch right here 😂
Looking for a to2 or two F/A for DC under vexx. Preferably coed. Team is myseld and @VexX_Blondie. Need a sub & a hybrid. LMK
Retweeted by christina
First time for everything. Teaching hp today...
Oh and you need to be able to play at night. We need a dominant sub and a hybrid
To2 Under VexX. Going to DC 100%. Coed or Ladies, LMK or hit up @VexX_Blondie
Retweeted by christina
To2 under vexX. Going to DC 💯 Lmk co Ed or ladies
RT and follow @CircaSyKko by Friday and I will give away a Microsoft card at random.
What would you guys want Microsoft points?
.Everyone give @CircaSyKko a follow so my girl @VexX_Blondie can do a give away on Friday! RT
Retweeted by christina
Everyone follow @CircaSyKko please and I will do a give away on Friday.
He's the realist out there. ♥️
Tbh I'm so happy RN. Can't wait to see him
I missed my fios! Time to 2 shot people again! Lol
Aye me and nasa have something In common 😂
We're excited to announce the Venue for the UMG DC #SCUF50K will be the Grand Hyatt Washington!
Retweeted by christina
I love my router.
My #wcw my obj duo, @VexX_SneaKy. We don't even have to talk our chem is unreal. Love her as well!
Anyone really good want to play gbs tonight?
#wcw my day one for ever! She keeps me sane and never judges. I love her and that 🍑@Wxfeyy 😍😘

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