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Christina RN
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See you all after hibernation
Finally in my bed. 😍😍😍😍
#wce my babes @VexX_Wxfey @VexX_Br33zy @ashhleygalvin be jealous cause I'm dating all 3. 😍😍
Damn, he's just too handsome.
Code count tonight: 1 ama: 1
I miss sleep and grinding. Who needs a real job anyways
What I'm doing as soon as I get home tonight 😴😴😴🎮🎮😴😴😴
Well played scumbag brain
Omfg. Idgi in the most comfy bed, after a 16 hour shift, and I'm now wide awake. 😡😡
Thank god im home in bed. Wish bae was here... Night ♥️♥️♥️
Wish he could be my man.
When bae says other girls are cute af 😡😡😡😡😱😱😱😭😭😭😭
You know it's real when 112 is involved.r and b mood lately...
When your eyes are so red and burning it hurts to keep them shut. #TheGrindNeverStops
11 people skype call 😊
I have burnt retinas from grinding the game all day!
Trying out ladies tonight hit up @VexX_Wxfey if you wanna run with us
Who wants to do the team pass tourney with me n @DDangLez ? Retweet fam
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Love my team!@VexX_Br33zy @VexX_Wxfey No yelling at eachother, no blaming All positive vibes. Win or lose we played as a team! Remember that
Who's a team of 3 going to cbus that needs one ?
Sorry we got first rounded by pros guys, 5-6 in snd though!
We're playing pro teams over here, come watch!
Vexx ladies need one to play the 5 k, lmk if you want to play with us.
Need 1 for the snd 4v4 aids 1nd tonight... Creds covered, must be an snd God
Thank the lord momentum isn't an mlg game type!
My son @VexX_PLuTo is a beast at this game.
Does any Decent Team need 1 for Columbus, im Fully Booked just need a Solid Squad. @ Me or DM Me. RTs Appreciated!
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Welcome the lovely @VexX_Br33zy to vexx ladies! Get ready for the vexxual assault!
Also we have decided to pick up @br33zy_bry as one of our VexX Ladies & we will still be looking for one <33 #VexX
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Excited think we found our 4th :)
Don't be mad when someone else starts to appreciate the person you took for granted. What you won't do, someone else will..
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So where's bae at though?
8s lobby decent people only, we have 5
Look I know it's early, but some of us would like to play 8s. So frakin invite
All I see on the tl is ams complaining about not being on a good team, ever wonder why that is? Maybe cause you aren't very good!
@Triumph_Cupcake I consider everyone who isn't a pro awful soo in my eyes 98% of the community sucks
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Anyone want to play 8s shortly
Fav if you think you're the sexiest am.
Wheres the inner circle at though?
Somebody skype with me at work!
#WCW my ride or die teammate , best friend , big sister @VexX_Blondie
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#wcw @VexX_Wxfey @lisaaxmariee cause they listen to my problems I love you gals! ♥️♥️
Everyone is talking about aw on my tl and I'm running around saving lives! 😭