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Savan Kotecha
I can't be the only one who thought "apple pay" meant that Apple will actually pay for it?!
.@ArianaGrande's "Love Me Harder" marks the fifth charted song off her sophomore album #Hot100
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Bang Bang into the vicinity, Bang Bang all upon thee, Stopeth a minute allow me to haul thee there, Stopeth a minute 'til thee.
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Americans in past year killed by… #Ebola: 1. #ISIS: 2. Gun violence: 31,000. Flu/Pneumonia: 54,000. Cancer: 575,000. Heart disease: 600,000.
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Pumpkin carved! Fatherly duty done for the if I can just keep him off the crack. #geniustoddler
Check out the lyric video to: "Love me harder" #mxm @arianagrande @abelxo
It's not really a secret if you put it on the bag is it?
I just called someone 'rose' because of @ArianaGrande. It's spreading.
"Love me harder" on ITunes now! @arianagrande @theweeknd
There should be a female response song to "Trumpets" for pudgy husbands called "Tuba" maybe my wife @Annamumrik will write it!
Being nice to people is important.
I think #geniusbaby keeps making me sick on purpose. He'll do anything to weaken my resolve.
"Lets all celebrate Columbus Day by breaking into someone's house and saying we live there"
Sorry people in line for the Manhattan Beach Starbucks bathroom...this is gonna take a while.
Attended the church of @theweeknd last night at the Hollywold Bowl. Amazing show! Thank you @charliewalk and @RepublicRecords!
loves thank you for making #BreakFreeVevoCertified! here's to many more 🌌 love y'all so so…o
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I never want to wash my armpits again. RT:“@julianbulian: I never want to watch the news again”
Just been told that its "Shiny happy people holding hands" and not "Shiny happy people in Japan".
Amazing to see our #mxm #wolfcousins team having 4 of the top 5 songs on US itunes right now!
Nooooo!!!!! “@EW: This just in: ‘Dallas’ canceled by TNT:
Yay!!' “@ArianaGrande: so this new studio is right down the street from my house..... sorry martin, sorry @Savan_Kotecha I'm moving in”
Is it just me or is @charli_xcx the new Gwen Stefani? #shestheshiznits
Thank you @1027KIISFM for playing "Love Me Harder" tonight!!!!
thanks luvs for making "love me harder" most requested on many stations this weekend & 1 of the most streamed on @Spotify!! so much love
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Thank you UK for making this #1!!! #Mxm @realrickard #maxmartin #ilya
#BangBang is officially #1 in the UK!!!! My 2nd number 1 there this year!! Thanks everyone that bought it! Congrats team #mxm!
Beyond speechless and proud of @ArianaGrande on SNL tonight! Also the amazing @theweeknd! #LoveMeHarder
DEMI is officially gold and #REALLYDONTCARE is platinum!!!! Thank you Lovatics + @RIAA!!! 💗💗
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Yes!!!!“@SaturdayOnline: The most requested song of the hour is @ArianaGrande 'Love Me Harder' feat. @theweeknd NOW PLAYING”
Can't wait for this!!! @arianagrande #SNL #lovemeharder
That mother daughter talk which clearly included "boys like a little more booty to hold at night" must have been super awkward for Meghan.
A beautiful exclusive - ‘Bang Bang’ by @JessieJ. Hear it like never before, only with #FeaturedByShazam.
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