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Tiberius Aziz
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The power of sixth form
I told a year 7 to stop swearing and he actually apologised to me.
People Who Have Never Accomplished Anything Claim Man Who Helped Land A Probe On A Comet Is Holding Back Progress Because Of His T-Shirt.
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#WeCanLandOnACometButWeCant Stop an elderly man infiltrating our space station & turning the tractor beam off.
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'Screaming Female fans of the Beatles were subconsciously preparing for motherhood, their screams rehearsal' - News of the World, Nov 1963
The amount of English people sat in cinemas watching bollywood films never fails to astound the
I've been reminded recently that one doesn't get many chances in life, and if you miss them, they may not be repeated. #DowntonAbbey
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It's flown by, but join us as #DowntonAbbey reaches the conclusion of the series. Tonight 9pm on @ITV
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Doctor who and Downton abbey are ending on the same week. WHY
Never is nick frost in doctor who
I'd take digital TV over a virgin tivo box
Absolutely detest Tivo boxes
Dance like a chammiyah
Whatsapp's new blue tick means you'll see when your messages have been read
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Now can't you arrest Brand for inciting civil unrest
we may as well celebrate hitler as well if we're celebrating people who tried to destroy Britian
yeah lets celebrate man who tried to kill the king and the seat of the government, genius
Oh it's the night where mongs go and keep everyone awake all night for some lights
This certificate ceremony is supposed to be like a re union. 3 months later
I got Conservatives. Which political party do you really side with?…
U cant break our will: #WagahBorder Today! IA "Flag hoisting/lowering ceremony not to be disturbed: Rangers"
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India-Pakistan border crossing ceremony at Wagah goes ahead, despite earlier plan to suspend it after bomb attack
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Pakistan's Misbah-ul-Haq has equalled the record for the quickest Test century today
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Isis has cancer. Downton abbey dreaming
Those f**kers who thought #WagahBorder wont hear #PakistanZindabad again will be shamed tomorrow! IA #Wagah
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That lanati moment when three harami groups claimed the responsibility of one #WagahBorderBlast Just wait, all three will feel the heat soon
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Today common public and rangers gave their blood to Pakistan side by side but Govt need to increase the security measures
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There's a new season of Borgia out on Netflix omg yes
Movember is the gayest thing ever
Here are the the most magical things JK Rowling has done
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How the fuck is it November already. It was 2013 about a week ago
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"Anyone who sees and paints a sky green and fields blue ought to be sterilized." Adolf Hitler
Detest Malala Youfszani
Halloween is nothing more than worshiping the devil
Don't be СССР RT @SaudAzizs Seriously Russel Brand needs to be censored simply for being an annoying communist idiot
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Seriously Russel Brand needs to be censored simply for being an annoying communist idiot
A fabulous day at the houses of parliament. MP @KateGreenSU was quizzed over policy by our Sixth Form. Many thanks.
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Never thought Googles cardboard virtual reality would have been this good