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Tiberius Aziz
King Henry VIII left the Catholic Church and started his own church just to marry Anne Boleyn so the least you can do is text me back
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@missgemcollins: Friday night tanned and ready to parddyyyy have fun tweeps xxx” you look like a fat chimney sweeper
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When a White man's wife is angry with him: *He Watches TV* Pakistani/Arab mans wife is angry with him: *goes to the second wife*
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Pausing a YouTube video to talk to yourself
Hundreds trapped after Turkish coal mine blast kills at least 230
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Maybe I should start revising photosynthesis for my chemistry exam. Cause you know Aqa can't tell the difference between the two subjects
I'm sorry but the Jonas brothers songs will never get old
He who hesitates is a damned fool. ~Mae West
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How can you fly planes over a stadium surely it's a safety risk incase it crashes into a stadium packed with thousands of people
White people seem to be able to control everything except their own children.
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If Stephen Hawking wasn't disabled would he be as famous. No
Woefully unprepared for the English lit exam. We barely touched it in school
Barclays Fraud prevention just phoned for me. Oh damn
Before we went out after school we went mosque. Akber was there, we sat next to him and he didn't even look at us. Rude
"The beginning is the most important part of the work." - Plato.
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Just need a gold tooth now
I'm gonna look like a complete boss
I get to wear a suit next year. How exciting is that gonna be
Stretford Grammar school didn't make me open minded. Just incredibly close minded
Actually going to miss 4 people
That quotation seems rather appropriate