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Tiberius Aziz
Retweet if you agree with @Nigel_Farage that it should be "a big yes" for grammar schools #bbcqt
Retweeted by Tiberius Aziz
Farage destroyed Russel brand so badly. It was beautiful
I think I've turned into a Ukip supporter
My mum's let me take a day off
Having ears that hear sound at a different volume is really annoying with headphones on
Why can't aldi just stock brands it's so gay
My mum's refusal to stop 'boycotting' tesco really affects the quality of coke I drink
The Dinner leads went up to me today and said I looked dapper. Made my day
Snickers are disgusting
How can the conservatives be so perfect.
Gatley is a nice area
So according to Manchester University's website I lived in a disadvantaged area. How rude is that
This countries obsession with destroying it's own heritage is utterly baffling
What kind of retarded reasons could there possibly be for shutting the House of Lords down
The interior of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. The oldest part of the mosque dates to the late 7th century.
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Bollywood actress Gauhar Khan slapped for wearing short dress during reality show filming
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Do people still get Christmas trees or has all that died out
On the edge of destiny, you must test your strength. ~Billy
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"Let him who desires peace prepare for war." - Vegetius.
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The doctor is to be feared more than the disease. ~Latin Proverb
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Who seriously gets happy from a dvd
Why do white people by dvds as gifts
Android lollipop is so odd
'Women & men can’t be equal, it's against nature' #Erdogan nails it at rights conference
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If I get another essay about the Nazis I'm actually gonna kill someone
Whys amazon gone and started their sale early when I haven't even gone bank yet
They're so lucky they caught the suicide bombers so close to Imran Khan
When your teacher partners you up with someone attractive in the class.
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Nothing inspires forgiveness quite like revenge. ~Scott Adams
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Why were all the Nazi leaders so ugly
"Was Hitler a weak dictator or Master of the Third Reich" is basically how I'm spending my weekend
I've genuinely got a friend request from an Isis member and I don't know why
What's with this stupid 5 favourite photos crap
because of London Tipton I will forever call this the prndl.
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Is it odd that I enjoy polishing my shoes
The power of sixth form
I told a year 7 to stop swearing and he actually apologised to me.
People Who Have Never Accomplished Anything Claim Man Who Helped Land A Probe On A Comet Is Holding Back Progress Because Of His T-Shirt.
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#WeCanLandOnACometButWeCant Stop an elderly man infiltrating our space station & turning the tractor beam off.
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'Screaming Female fans of the Beatles were subconsciously preparing for motherhood, their screams rehearsal' - News of the World, Nov 1963
The amount of English people sat in cinemas watching bollywood films never fails to astound the
I've been reminded recently that one doesn't get many chances in life, and if you miss them, they may not be repeated. #DowntonAbbey
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It's flown by, but join us as #DowntonAbbey reaches the conclusion of the series. Tonight 9pm on @ITV
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