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Tiberius Aziz
If i ended up like Frank Underwood i'd literally be the happiest person alive
Don’t step out of the sunlight for no reason.
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I’ve just taken action to stop the violence in Israel-Palestine. Please Sign and RT! #Gaza…
Kids these days have iPhones to entertain them. My generation...
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Napoleon Bonaparte the world's greatest and most successful General in the world
I'm not suited to residentials
NCS has made me become sick of people
100,000 young people have taken part in #NCS so far & 98% would recommend! See full report:
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I find nothing more depressing than optimism. ~Paul Fussell
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Prank called a takeaway in just about every UK City
These prank calls have killed me
Career options for desi people: A) Doctor B) Engineer C) Lawyer D) Baisti for the whole family
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The road to power is paved with hypocrisy, and casualties.
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White style parties just stink of sweat. Like get the gas masks out
Our flat party though
Cricket at Fairy Meadows in Pakistan, with the mighty Nanga Parbat as backdrop, and a pinetree forest as sightscreen
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Happy Pakistan Independence day! Here's Mustafa Ali, announcing the creation of Pakistan on 14th August 1947.
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This is why everyone rallies behind him
August 9 ,1947 :: Train to Karachi (Pakistan) leaving from New Delhi Station
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Home is where this flag is. I am with you Pakistan, through thick and thin. Independence Day Mubarak
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The only flag that matters, the only rally that counts. Happy Independence Day, Pakistan ...
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So the NCS staff we're sharing our flat with is pretty impressive
Parties only just getting started
Sees Asian tourists looking "Quick scream hello to the Chinese people"... 250 youths scare tourists
Not hearing any black music on the weekend is what is keeping me going this week
Old bollywood tunes
Just went into some big ass private bank
David Cameron urged to stop pointing at fish and recall Parliament over Iraq
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Can I say Saddam Hussain was a good leader yet
Doctor who tickets booked omfg it's happening all over again
Living off mobile data isn't easy
Violence is not conquered by violence. Lord, send us the gift of peace. #prayforpeace
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Coming home to find Pakistan in a state of revolution :/
"I've never seen a bloke learn as much in such a short space of time" - Alastair Cook on Moeen Ali's bowling #EngvInd
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Tens of thousands of people march in support of Gaza in central London
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The drum outside Stretford mall is turning into mc Donalds. That's sixth form sorted
Week one of ncs was incredible despite the fatigue it caused
Playing panjabi mc off my phone on the disco speakers will probably be my highlight of ncs
A Muslim woman covers the yellow star of her Jewish neighbour with her veil to protect her, Sarajevo, 1941
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My opinion on Baroness Warsi has just shot up dramatically #oneummah
Baroness Warsi quits the British government over Gaza. Like her or not, she speaks for many
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