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Tiberius Aziz
Even at geography a level I'm still colouring in
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Thank god miss bunting is gone
Is I really bad that I like a song called "India Waale" and they're the enemy
Prince William and Prince Harry on Harry's first day at Wetherby School in London, September, 1989
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"Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born." - Ronald Reagan.
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MPs vote in favour of recognising the state of Palestine by 274 votes to 12
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A bollywood film with a 15 certificate what the hell is happening to the world
87% of the words spoken by the British have been defaced by the Americans.
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Doctor Who. Making virgins wet since 1963
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wow matt smith has been a naughty boy
Muslims like myself are apologising for coffee, parachutes and soap, but not Isis. Here's why:
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Voters trust Cameron-Osborne most with the economy, poll finds
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E-commerce, Downton style: @DowntonThomas on the telephone ordering up some spotted dick of his own. #DowntonAbbey
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Downton abbey is life
5 Airbus jets conduct breathtaking formation flight (VIDEO)
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Life isn't worth living when I'm away from my bedroom
Whys hajj so small this year
Millions of Muslims gather at Grand Mosque in Mecca to mark end of hajj
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Prefer 20 rakats of tarraweh to Eid namaz
@David_Cameron You could have saved time by just writing it on the side of your bombs
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I'm so sorry for coffee, cheques, parachutes, chemistry, inoculations, soap, shampoo, cameras, etc:… #muslimapologies
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Sending my very best wishes to Muslims in Britain - and around the world - celebrating #Eid al-Adha. Eid Mubarak to you and your families!
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MORE: Officials: Islamic State group downs Iraqi chopper:
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Absolutely detest non uniform days
Prime Minister David Cameron says Conservatives will introduce a new British Bill of Rights and will scrap the Human Rights Act
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British jets have made 7 sorties over Iraq and still haven't found anything to bomb
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Only fools are positive. ~Moe Howard
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Google Virtual reality headset
Just bought the most exciting thing evert
Every Islamic terror attacks on Britain has been caused by the Iraq war so to better protect the country they attack Iraq again
The crusades were quite an extraordinary time. Mainly cause we smashed every army thrown at us
Ngl not got high expectations for today's doctor who
Why can't they make large microwave pizzas
They've made a bollywood version of the Princess Diaries with all the big stars
So Disney has started making big bollywood films and are basing the films on ones they've already made
What's a use of a Scottish nationalist party if nationalism has just been murdered in the referendum
How anyone can ever like Andy Murray again is beyond me. Betrayal is the worst of all crimes
Yeah get lost Alex Salmond no one likes you