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Tiberius Aziz
Hypocrite Russell Brand's trendy tops are made in Bangladesh sweatshop
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The glorious feeling after your exams when you realise you don't actually have anything to do all day
Tories to sell Royal Mail stake for £1.5bn now, before value drops when there are no more benefit cheques to send out.
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Me when I saw the 40 mark question on presidential prime ministers in the politics exam
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This is how Labour politicians signed their letters to Prince Charles
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After my exam tomorrow I'm just going to sleep all day
Winston Churchill sits on one of the damaged chairs from Hitler's bunker in Berlin, 1945
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On an article on fb about an Indian guy who killed his whole family and a guys commented must've got sick of eating curry for 45 years WOW
When everyone's talking in class and the teacher's like 'I'll just wait'
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Tony Blair's employers have admitted they were shocked by his leaving. “He only gave us 45 minutes' warning.”
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Literally not a single good TV show to binge watch Netflix
Politics took it out of me, I'm genuinely shattered
The reactions of the middle class audience of Jeremy Kyle is always funny
Muslims react to hate comments, make it clear just how ridiculous the internet can be
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Sky Sources: violent criminal Haroon Ahmed who escaped from prison in Staffordshire by walking out with visitors has fled to Spain
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#WorkingClassTories is trending? Great - gives me another chance to share my favourite political poster:
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"Been stuck in traffic for the last 10 minutes in Euro Truck Simulator 2. What am I doing with my life?"
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Europe's entire armed forces are on standby, in the eventuality that Russia ends up with 0 points. #Eurovision2015
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My sisters revision notes called Archduke Franz Ferdinand, "Archbishop" she's hopeless
Andrew Marrs just great
Saw some granny at the self checkout trying to pay with her card BY SCANNING IT IN THE BARCODE BIT. Just wow
The European Union is just the modern more acceptable name for Christendom isn't it
cut the crap out of my following
Like an RE question on a philosopher that has never come up before and they know one is even taught on. Really?
Why do exam boards always punish our year
Does being physically able to write 34 pages in one day qualify me as superman
Prince Charles's letter to Tony Blair says UK forces in Iraq didn't have necessary resources
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Prince Charles exposed for standing up for the environment, education, welfare of our soldiers, sustainable farming etc. Outrageous.
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So Prince Charles warned Blair that troops were under-resourced. If that's "undermining" the constitution, let's have more of it.
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If anything thse memos will increase Prince Charles' reputation
96% of what I learnt for history was useless, isn't that just great
Literally could not move my fingers after that history exam
Nigel Farage's resignation as leader is "unanimously" rejected by UKIP
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"I want you to talk to me like I'm dirt, like I'm nothing," She urged. "Have you considered a career in teaching?" Michael Gove replied.
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As she lay there, trembling and powerless to resist, Iain Duncan Smith threw away her wheelchair and declared her fit for work.
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Gove is gonna be a great justice secretary scrapping the god awful human rights act, he doesn't care what people moan about

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