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Lisa René LeClair
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I'm 2-for-2 on HubPages... But this one packs a PUNCH! #Dyslexia: Never trust a superhero that wears a black cape!
One of these days, I'm going to finish that email... Might not be today.
It's not a party until someone ends up face down in a lake.
Yay! My very first Hub on HubPages got featured! I must be doing SOMETHING right?!
Big Girls Don't SCREAM! (They Just Throw The OTHER Kid Under The Bus!) by @sassypiehole… #mommyblogger
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My first Hub... Writing: It's Just "Air" For Bloggers.
I don't know who she is. I just want to hang out with her once.
You're only a trouble maker if the teacher THINKS you're a trouble maker! #Mommy #Humor #Blogging
I tried chasing my dreams once, but got a restraining order instead. Now I just let them drive over me whenever they pull up in a BMW.
It's only considered "stalking" if they find out. Then it's just weird.
I'd feel a lot better about myself if the cosmetic industry would just come up with a product that made everyone ELSE look 20-yrs older!
If I would have tried suing MY parents back then, they would have laughed in my face and grounded me for a year!
We can all learn a lot from her! Well done! Cassie’s Bet Pay Off: Dancing To “Slave 4 U” In Her Undies via @YouTube
Yesterday, Sadie had to weigh-in at the Vet–and it wasn't pretty! Too many treats? MAYBE...
The second worse day of my life. Maybe the third. RT @glipho: The day I almost lost... "THE Finger." by @sassypiehole…
where kagels go to die RT @YOFMLO: So, @sassypiehole and I had a baby. Not gonna go into where it came out, but it's just like grandma's.
Take a pinky, or even a thumb... But PLEASE, not THAT finger! The day I almost lost... "THE Finger." #Humor #Blog
Spring is upon us. I forgot how much I like Benadryl... For children.
I started my annual 10-day cleanse today, only this time I forgot to psyche myself out. Pretty sure I just ate my tooth.
Hey moms: UMI is having a MAJOR sale on new sneakers - 40% off with promo code 4014 for next three days. Just sayin'...
Finally... Something worth saving those parenting pennies for! Thanks @MyFilipTech! Do I get a freebie for the plug?
I really, really, really, really, really wish I had a gym in my basement. I also wish I had a basement.