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Lisa René LeClair
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Laugh if you will, but they make the best fish taco's I've ever had (other than mine)!
Not-So-Uncomfortable Silence - @sassypiehole | You've been warned! #Humor #Blog…
Cheers! Happy 4th! RT @HSPWriter: Inside the Writer's Life is out!… Stories via @LailaLalami @sassypiehole
In my defense, that bottle of Glade really DID look like sunscreen! #CleanLinen SPF 50
Alert The Media... I Wrote Something Today! @sassypiehole | You've Been Warned #Blogger #Humor…
Bless me @HubPagesDotCom, for I have sinned... It's been five weeks since my last post (but it's still funny):…
Girls... I feel sorry for those who have more than one! @sassypiehole | You've been warned! #Parenting #Humor
Atlanta has so many neighborhood pockets. Right now I’m in an old one filled with regrets, used tissue and Effordent. I’m 16 again!
Dude. You’re my freakin’ hero - Go You! ;-) RT @BabySideburns: Looky who popped her @HuffPostParents cherry today!
The only thing worse than wearing foils on your head is the walk of shame to your car when you realize you left your kid's headset in it.
Nothing says "summer" like a kid throwing up in the pool. At least it wasn't DIRECTLY on me!
I'm pretty sure that LA Fitness has prevented me from becoming a regular on the show "Snapped" for the past five years.
RT @Carbosly A guy just walked up to my car window and said: you drive stick? You dirty bitch. ... Not sure what to do with that. Thank you?
better than a jackrabbit. RT @jackmackenroth: I've been told I'm an animal in bed. More specifically, a sloth.
For those of you who still want to have kids... @sassypiehole | You've been warned! #Parenting #Humor
Is “hOngry” a word? Because the lady in front of me at the meat counter just said it and i’m pretty sure she was eyeballing my right leg.
They were full when we started... *shivers*
Is there anything better than fish tacos and organic agave margaritas? Just this: Orange Is The New Black... Here I come!
A Pop Tart is LIKE a donut, right? Happy National Donut Day!