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Sassy Pandez
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Life can be overflowing with the new but it's important to empty out the old stuff to let the new enter.
Most people told me throughout my life I would never be successful so I should give up. I'm glad I didn't listen to them.
People can only treat you as they treat themselves. There is noway you can get respect from a man that doesn't respect himself.
Rip Dave West I played in his club. Sad to hear what happened. Love going out to his family and friends.
I swear my tongue is too long for my mouth.
You don't have to be scared of me, because I'm loyal.
I almost died last night! All the electrics cut out in my car in full speed a lorry just missed me. I must have a few more things to do here
My dog had sex for the first time 2 weeks ago I think she maybe pregnant. How can you even tell?
Nothing said by God can be impossible.
Real faith is built from conflict.
Big set my @sassypandez last night - was good to see you x #werewolf club
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I swear last night was packed with girls. I always seem to have more girls than guys at my events.
@sassypandez did her thing tonight with the tunes...good meeting u luv. ^_^
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Just played a 5 hour set wow that's long! Had fun now I just need a massage and sleep ok just sleep then. Night x
@Werewolfldn totally love this club and @sassypandez could possibly make this night the hottest Friday night spot in London
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Tonight werewolf club Mayfair I'm on the decks all night x
Music is my life not just a phase. I never got into the industry for fame who gives a dam about that. I just love music too much.
@sassypandez Sassy never done me wrong such a fine women...
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@sassypandez @OfficialYoungO @Sneakbo i totally love your track and i especially love the pandez remix x
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Can't wait for all these rappers that are here for money & girls to get their record deals, have a threesome and fuck off.
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Look out for @sassypandez' #ProblemsRMX its mental ! U'll be able to pre-order that soon too! ;-) but for now 💙
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@sassypandez I know #thanks 🏆🔔🏆🔔💜❤️💜❤️
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Failing is a part of winning but most people don't know that.
Never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
If I'm not in a good mood and I go to church, I always come out in a good mood. Amen
Lol some guy just crashed his car into a pole looking at me. Aww keep ya eyes on the road when ya driving.
Don't waste my time
If you want to know someone's real intentions watch their actions not words.
Hey buddy been years! How are the cats? @ThierryHenry
Time is more important than money! Time is all we really have.
I'm creative not technical but when I get on the decks I get technical. #dj #scratch
Sight Is the function of the eyes but vision is the function of the heart.
Never fear anything. Fear is not from God. Fear is not real!
Like attracts like. Ever stand in a room and you have to move away from someone? Or stand closer to them?
When I walk in the place, I walk like the sun.
I'm loyal to people that are loyal to me.
Chinx I love this track Bodies @ChinxMusic ft @BobbyShmurdaGS9