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Sassy Pandez
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Finally I have my dress for the MOBO awards next week. I think its hot hopefully you will to...
@sassypandez: I'm in such a good mood I would say yes to most things right now.” Come DJ at my house!!
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I'm in such a good mood I would say yes to most things right now.
Good luck to my cuz @quben who's acting today in a prison brake movie you should feel right at home ha!
If you've got my back I've got yours its that simple its called loyalty and I represent loyalty!
The perfect man is a man that's got your back 100 percent no matter what.
If you had 24 hours to live what would you do? Who would you call?
@sassypandez I would of got a unicorn instead.
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Once upon a time a prince asked me to ride on his white horse, I said I'd love to but I'm a little busy getting my own horse right now.
Walk with me now, fly with me later.....
Hopefully #EasyJet will sack the anti Christ that works for ground baggage security staff in his yellow jacket. Denmark @easyJet
@easyJet can't believe you threw @sassypandez of a plane because someone thought they heard something they didn't #SingleFemale #Stranded
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@sassypandez they were unprofessional! Hope u get bck ur money! @easyJet not agood Look!
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@sassypandez @easyJet and u better reimburse her money and sack that piece of shit u call staff!!!
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@sassypandez @easyJet that moron shd not b in eisure industry he is a woman hater and she's lucky I wasn't there cos I would bottle him !!!
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@easyJet @sassypandez if she was innocent that's a shame. What did she say though?
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Outrageous that I just got chucked off a @easyJet flight as one of the bag men thought I told him to 'shut up' unbelievable. #EasyJet
I love you Sweden I swear! So much fun tonight #clubhoney thanks 4 all the love I'm back in December X
So many Puerto Ricans in this party lol I feel like I'm back in #Miami Love it #sweden @xxblassxx
Loved playing along side @ChinxMusic tonight boat party #sweden
Chilling in the hotel can't wait 4 the boat party tonight gonna be sold out! The hotel put some dogs on my bed awww.
On my way to pick up @sassypandez ! #clubhoney tonight is going to be on fire 🔥
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Can't believe I'm playing tonight on the Elvis Presley boat apparently he also filmed his movie there G.I Blues.
How many DJ's have trouble fitting their record box on European flights coz the overhead lockers are so small! Dnt say play CDs #DJProblems
On the plane about to fly to Copenhagen. Thank God my new record box fits in the overhead lockers coz my old one didn't.
Can't wait for the weekend
Shouts to @Drake for posting about #TopBoy this morning! Its positive to see that the rest of the world is learning about #UK street culture
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I don't know why anyone would wanna be famous!
Sorting out my music for the boat party. Can't wait got some hot new tunes 4 ya plus some old Skool
I hate social networks I'm only on twitter!
I wish I had someone to pack my suitcase never know what to pack.
Dubstep radio DJ's hit me up asap. X
Who's coming to the biggest boat party in Sweden? I'm playing plus 20 other DJs its gonna be amazing. #Yachtparty
Somebody told me I got the personality of a girl that works in a cake shop!
The Devil wants you to live in yesterday. He's always telling you what you cannot do. His method is to bring up your past.
Bubbles is in the vet. Get well soon bubbie I love you. X X X
My dog is sick I'm gonna stay up all night to look after her. Get well soon Bubbles.
Being genuine makes you perfect.
Generally, a woman will only argue with someone she truly cares for. Arguing less occurs when she's less interested.
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My heart is brand new my soul is renewed now I have found you I'll never let you go.
I really dont feel people who talk & dont walk it, dont tell me your going to do something for me & not do it, if you cant i understand.. ;)
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The greatest gift I can give you is my time, so pay attention you're on my time. Time is all we really have.
I had chocolates for dinner never done that before.