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Nothing too large just a nice round one
No if I don't get myself some ass.......
Lol I'm still in shock tho.......
Cuz I'm a clown and I'm that desperate right?
Niggas be like....."how dare you date or fuck other niggas even tho I'm not ready for a commitment with you"
Lol niggas and society always tryna tell females what to do with their vagina
Let it out girl! "@CamJayFen: Feel like screaming."
Nothing I hate suh than talking to a guy and him cyaa form a proper sentence
Most of these young men nowadays don't know how to form a proper sentence. Get yourselves educated or pick up...
If him or u nah sweat no work is being done POINT BLANK
A wah kinda sex unu a have?
So whay if him sweat drop pon u....nothing loke hot steamy sex where both of you are dripping wet
Yea we still in contact.......After over a year of not seeing each other
And he ain't Jamaican and he ain't black
He just knew all the right buttons to push
There's only ONE man I can say that I slept with that blew my mind on the first night that I didn't have to teach shit.
Always posting some shit bout how to please your man or how to be a wife but yet still unu handicapped in bed
Like dont even get me started right now
Don't even know what foreplay is. Don't even know when a woman's pum pum is ready to take the D
Some a unu cyaa even find the right hole in the dark or don't even know where the clit is
How about finding articles on how to eat pum pum or where the sensitive points are on a woman's vagina