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#YouKnowYourBlind when you have to put on your glasses to get a good look at your cooch
Woke up with a headache and nothing and no one to ease the pain
And honestly sometimes I just can't be bothered
It's hard to deal with someone who have had bad experiences in past and is damaged from that. There is this wall u have to tear down
don't forget to sharpen your pencils in case you need to stab a basic bitch on the first day of school
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Im just glad Im still able to open my heart up and love because love is a wonderful thing.
Being mad and staying mad give all those who have hurt u power and control over how u treat the next person
Time heals all wounds
find someone who will be there for you at 2 am when you're falling apart, but also at 3 pm when you love life and they make you love it more
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I did really look up to her still has a beautiful classy woman with a husband and child. Really wah know wah gwaan still
I mean....she was all about her football player husband so what happen now?
And she changed her instagram bout 2 times
This is not the first dating show she has been on while her instagram was plastered with her husband and child #ShesGotGame
Isn't this Rebecca girl married???? What's going on here???? #ShesGotGame
There's rain....I love's
called her pussy pizza because there's not much that'd stop me eating it
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God knows my thoughts are not clean at the moment.
Lol u funny "@Kim_Nain: Goodbodyevabless Brown #RGDNames2015"
Especially if u dah one cooking it....she bust it wide open!
Men take it from me. This best way to catch a woman is by using food. Lead her to your bed with food! Lol
Someone....I don't know who, or something, made him and sent him directly to me.
So it would seems that Im willing to stray from my vegan diet for this hot Italian with dreads. Yep he's Italian and he has dreads.....
Beach with tha bae! #beach #Jamaica
A Blow Job Beginner's Guide to Spitting or Swallowing β€” every woman MUST read this:
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Lool deading! "@RachieVPA: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @SashiiMUAM#SplendaDaddyddy"
We both will have our boys next week! How cute!
Now that I'm thinking about it I really do think you did this on purpose because you was leaving
19 Pretty Recent Things Today's Kids Will Never Experience β€” these will take you WAY back:
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shoutout all the people asking me for autographs outside the hotel then asking me who i am after i autograph their notepads.. 😧
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No amount of coffee can make me leave this couch and do yoga
Not after what you did last night.

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