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"How dare wal-mart pay so little...look how cheap my uber was!!!"
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and, yes, taxi regulation is not awesome in many cities but uber has demonstrated again and again it is horrible company
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trying 2 figure out how 2 pay 4 this unanticipated expense. If I wasn't poor, I'd just take my dog 2 the vet & wouldn't think twice about it
Having to make decisions like this zap all your energy when you're poor. Not to mention the amount of time spent pondering all the angles &
To make matters worse, there's a 20-50% chance the drugs won't work for her. Then we would have wasted the money 4 the vet visit & the drugs
Thankfully it's nothing serious & if the damn drugs didn't require a prescription we could afford them. But the vet visit will cost WAY more
Another challenge is that we're gonna have to somehow find the money & time to take our dog to the vet.
The whole town is dead, dead, dead. Nobody got money, or if they got it, they're not spending.
My partner's so worn out he can't work more than 60 hrs/wk right now & during most of that time he's just waiting 4 customers & not earning.
All the local bars & restaurants are hurting, shops too, so it's not like I can just go work elsewhere. Not that anyone is hiring anyway.
Although I work full-time I made very little money the past 4-5 weeks b/c I depend on tips and business is totally dead.
I realize this #depression is partly due to my illness but it's also situational. As in, the total hopelessness of our situation.
Trying hard to fight this #depression but all I wanna do is sleep. The cold's not helping. Running the little space heater is so expensive.
Greider: The trouble started when the party abandoned its working-class base. #democrats #labor
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"When your rape is entertainment, your worthlessness is absolute. You have reached the nadir of social worthlessness" #DailyDworkin
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"The power relations that lead from a culture of #pornography to #JianGhomeshi are direct & clear except to liberals"…
Obamacare doesn't include any dental care provision, at least not in California. Why the fuck are Democratic pols not talking about this?
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Because he thinks Dems will downsize the military & we depend on the military bases we have here. Without them, most of us would have no job
Talked to a guy at work who actually likes #Obamacare and thinks Obama doesn't get enough credit for it. But he still votes Republican.
Conservative blogs/pundits crowing about the 'bad night for environmentalists' as though they and their children live on a different planet.
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Our district has more than dbl the nat'l #unemployment rate yet is considered so Republican Dems don't even try. Not one #Dem mailer this yr
Not surprised: Corporatist #Dem party would rather elect #Republican than #Progressive… Btw, Carol Shea-Porter lost.
Not sure who I detest more, #rapeculture and #rape myth promoter #LenaDunham or the Twitter hate mob. #NotMyFeminism
Still see clueless Dems insisting Obama doing great and economic recovery in full swing. We know that's not true.
Democrats simply didn't give Americans anything to vote for. If you criticize Democrats the response you get is "but the right is terrible".
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Done my civic duty. Polling place was not at all busy.
About to go vote #YesOn47. Too many friends caught in the prison system's revolving doors. If it weren't for #Prop47, I'd probably stay home
This is what people are defending when they say "TERF is a purely descriptive term".
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I don't understand why, with stagnant progress & increasingly obvious backlash, ppl continue 2 believe we r on inevitable road to equality
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Sadly, the only way I'm ever going to be able to get away from them is a lottery win or death.
There are several ppl in my life where I'd be real happy if they died. Or moved far away. It sucks not being able 2 escape such toxic vipers
Transgenderism is singularly obsessed with controlling women's speech & our ability to name our oppression. It doesn't have to be this way.
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If your biggest problem with FGM is the word “female” in it then you need to give your head a serious fucking shake!…
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CAN ANYONE GET LOWER THAN THIS SCUMBAG?! "@VanguardVivian: Casual heads-up that calling clitoral amputation “FGM” is cissexist as all hell”
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You want more votes? Act, at least act!, like you give a shit abt the white poor, not think of them as the reason for racism/sexism/etc
Retweeted by Sasha
Sickening: Registered sex offender rapes baby & 14 y.o. girl, infecting both with HIV and other STDs… #rape #VAW
I guess when people say they care about Palestinians' rights, they only mean the kinds of rights MEN care about: to rule & to fight.
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Bissan Abu Gannam was murdered by her male relatives for seeking an education. She is the TENTH victim in her family.,734…
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The depressing part is the women cheering this on. Makes me kinda glad to be a poor working-class woman. No one I know would think he female
So much rage. He got up at 5 AM, put on clothes and wasn't give the attention he thought he deserved. Injustice of the year!!! At least.
Wow, is this supposed to be a parody of white male entitlement?
Victim of an unjust judicial system: Reyhaneh Jabbari's final words to her parents…
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Whilst women are commodities that can be bought and sold by men, we will never be equal #enddemand
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Jenny McCarthy says she feels transgender inside… Does that make her #circumgender? ;)
Can't believe anyone really thought men are more likely to be raped than women in the US. You'd have to be totally delusional to think that.
I point this out because of the online "feminists" who seem to think women who are "privileged" aren't oppressed and should just STFU.
Reeva Steenkamp was about as privileged as a woman can be; she still became a victim of male violence & her killer got a slap on the wrist.
The ppl Hardy wrkd with did go looking 4 her but it was too late. The man who ordered her thru had already killed her
Can't read about Afrikka Hardy's murder without flashing back to the years I was visiting strange men in hotel rooms afraid of being killed.
This oh-so-oppressed #sexwork "client" basically admits that men like him will #rape if they don't get what they want. Great argument, dude.