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All these anarcho-boys out there have no interest in that. Zero. So they make a big show of women's abuse to earn points with their friends.
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Real, sustainable challenges to rape and sexual violence require, first and foremost, serious accountability and serious consequences.
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And that's *our* fault. We wouldn't need "carceral" anything if our communities did anything other than release rapists back to hurt again.
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Until these fucking dudes are out there executing rapists on behalf of the women they abused, shut up. Build alternatives or stop whining.
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I have nothing but searing contempt for dudes who talk about "carceral feminism" and "state violence" against rapists.
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Young, poor conservative Iraq war vet at my partners job askd him excitedly if he kno who #BernieSanders is. #EconJustice message resonating
Machinists Union members unhappy about #Hillary endorsement: "Every machinist I know is voting 4 Bernie" #Bernie2016
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In the US, the less money u got the less likely u are to vote. Thats coz both major parties represent the interests of the rich. #Bernie2016
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People are attacking Jesse Jackson because he said all lives matter. Remember using the exact language you want is the only moral good
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I'm exhausted. Exhausted from the burden of being fully aware of the oppression of women. Sometimes I think ignorance might be bliss.
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Round here cops responding to domestic violence calls arrest women with such frequency calling police is a bad idea for most women. #DV #VAW
Why was Ralkina Jones arrested? Did her husband use MRA strategy for DV abusers: Call cops b4 your victim can so they believe u & arrest her
#FightFor15 applies as much for these undocumented workers as it does for native citizens. If not more. If one is exploited, we all are.
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If full decriminalization (wiping out pimping laws) is not a "green light for pimps" why is my pimp laughing on his page right now? @amnesty
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To understand patriarchy is to understand that free choice is a fairytale. Words of wisdom from @DrMeaganTyler:
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As much as I want to a woman leading the USA, right now it's all about Bernie @BernieSanders @SenSanders he's the real he loves us - Lil B
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Another risk is that they got a hidden camera set up and plan to turn you into a porn star without your knowledge or consent.
Some do this just b/c they prefer bareback (and got no concern 4 u) while others are intentionally trying to infect a prostitute with an STD
Physically violent men weren't the only danger. A man could act perfectly pleasant & then try to remove the condom behind your back.
Other times there was nothing I could do but give him what he wanted and hope he didn't kill me.
On several occasions I was able to talk men out of harming me, including one who bragged about all the "junkie whores" he raped and killed.
Is he just weird or nervous or having a bad day does he plan to kill me? Twice I jumped out of a moving car I should never have gotten into.
And my mind/body reacted accordingly. Always on high alert, scanning the room/car/man for signs of danger. Permanent stress.
Every time I walked thru a door or got in a car I knew the man inside could be planning to abduct, rape, beat, rob, torture and/or murder me
This is the result of being in a state of high alert for so many years while prostituting. All those times I *was* in real danger.
I'm always tense, never relaxed, and my body responds to the smallest thing going wrong as if my life was in danger. It's physically painful
One of the permanent scars prostitution has left me with is a stess response that is totally outta whack.
That photo of the @amnesty ppl drinking champagne in their fancy offices after voting for decrim of pimps & johns is sickening.
I'll always remember a friend telling me when we were both 16 that my failure to get with a pimp was b/c I cared more about money than love.
Also, I didn't trust men and I was so thrilled to finally have some money, there was no way I was gonna hand my $ over to some dude.
Why didn't their game work on me? My mom did a good job warning me about pimps & explaining how they operate starting when I was about 12.
That comes later. If necessary. But the girls I knew who went w/pimps thought they were in love & ready 2 do anything 2 make their man happy
Of course we were ez prey 4 pimps. Many tried to get their hooks into me. They were always charming+flattering. Never violent or threatening
Some girls are lucky in that there's atleast 1 adult in their life who builds their confidence, mentors them, pays attention. I wasn't lucky
If u poor+female many men assume u for sale. Even before I started working the street, men offered 2 pay me 4 sex & cops stopped+searched me
Way too many low-income grls get message, as I did, that the 1 valu we have is men wanting 2 fuck us. Makes prostitution seem natural choice
Quit #prostitution 3x b4 was finaly out 4 good (I hope). But all's NOT well. Left w/physical+mental scars. Occupational hazard, eh @amnesty?
So @AmnestyOnline would like to give lots of other girls the opportunity to also grow up in an environment where prostitution is normalized.
And of course growing up in an area w/massive street prostitution where moms warn 13 y.o. daughters about pimps had no effect on my "choice"
The reasons I entered prostitution--poverty, homelessness, abuse, drug addiction--are irrelevant according to @amnesty. Choice! Agency!
According 2 @amnesty's simplistic view the 11 yrs I spent in #prostitution I was havin consensual sex--except maybe 1st 2 when I was a minor
Very disappointed that @AmnestyOnline voted today to massively expand the pimping, trafficking and exploitation of women in prostitution.
"It is not a radical idea to suggest that if a person works 40+ hours/week that that person should not be living in poverty" #BernieInLA
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The MSM can ignore him/pretend he's irrelevant all they want. Gonna have trouble pretending he can't win once he's president. #BernieInLA
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It is magical thinking to believe we can fight misogyny while also advocating to normalize an industry that commodifies women. @EdgeofSports
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Bernie gives a damn but is still learning how to express this. Hillary does not but is good at faking it. #inners
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Thing is, I used to advocate for complete decrim of #prostitution. Now favor #NordicModel. Had my reasons then & now. Issue is not simple.
Is this actually for real?? If women are so poor they must resort to prostitution, it isn't 'voluntary'… #ICM2015
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Given the fact millions will perish from impacts of climate change, there should rationally be riots in the streets
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