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#WhyIDidntReport my last #rape: I was a prostitute and a drug addict and I thought no one would give a damn, or worse, I'd be arrested.
My partner and I both have jobs where we depend on tips to get by. This isn't optional, folks. #workingpoor
Especially when u go the extra mile for someone & they're real happy with the service, but then they don't tip. What's up with that?
Very long day and I'm dead tired. Made ok money today, but not so great considering how many hours I worked. Ppl who don't tip piss me off.
I Can't Deal... 20-year-old arrested for trying to rape his grandmother. Wait until you read his reason why [Details]
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The truth is I was already considering #prostitution when I was 13, though I didn't actually start until I ran away from home for good at 16
I was 13 the first time police stopped, questioned & searched me b/c they suspected I was working the street. #prostitution
My mom didn't want me in the street b/c "people will get the wrong idea." I was always supposed to walk straight home from the bus stop.
When I was 12/13, my mom had to educate me about the neighborhood pimps--who they were & especially how they operated. #prostitution
I was about 11 the first time a guy rolled down his window & asked if I wanted to make some quick cash. #prostitution
Ppl asking #prostitutionwhatstheharm obv didn't grow up in a low income n'hood where #prostitution is everywhere & girls are presumed 4 sale
"When feminists argue that sex work should be normalized, they accept male privilege they would attack in any other area." - @KathaPollitt
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I despair when I look at most of what passes as "social justice activism" online.
"Gender functions as an ideological system that justifies & organizes women's subordination & for this reason it must be dismantled."
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Male victims of torture are received as heroes. Female vics of torture are considered prostitutes who dishonored families. -Janet Benshoof
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Maybe in a few years she'll find Third Wave Feminism and learn that serving males on her knees & having them cum on her face is "empowering"
13 y.o. girl afraid of sex after watching porn: "it looks so horrible+like it hurts...I get really scared that one day I will have to do it"
#GOP to women: get married, take care of kids & let men earn the wages. Also: women love housework & feminism is responsible for "date rape"
#GOP women demonstrating once again how completely out of touch they are:… #fem2 #rape #equalpay #feminism
"Belle Knox" is very much a product of our messed up culture that sells girls+women their own objectification & degradation as empowerment.
Which is not to say that "Belle Knox" isn't seriously confused about feminism--and a lot of other things.
"Bad behavior" on porn set: Woman tried 2 reject partner old enough to be her dad & refused to perform BJ "correctly"…
Reminds me of the Debra Milke case. Due to #misogyny & lies of a crooked cop, Milke spent decades on death row for a crime she didn't commit
Even if Michelle Byrom DID conspire to kill her abusive husband, how did she get the death penalty while the killer served 9 yrs? #misogyny
Not 2 mention that poor ppl routinely get incarcerated 4 minor offenses while rich ppl are spared prison even with horrible crimes like this