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Yet we constantly hear that the economy is recovering or has recovered or whatever. Where?!? Sure as hell not anywhere around here.
There r far fewer tourists & the locals are poor+broke. Got a friend who's a cabbie workin Coachella & he said this year's way disappointing
Last April we actually made decent money b/c this is the time ppl from the cities usually come to the desert to vacation but not this year.
We have to move out of this place at the end of the month & still have no idea where we'll go. Spent what little we had trying to save Laney
Sadly no one cares about the plight of low income contract workers with our 15.3% tax rate, no #minwage/overtime, no #unemployment benefits
Unable to pay taxes today. Of course it's crazy that two ppl barely above the #FPL owe $2500 in taxes. Can't even pay our rent but owe tax.
We have to move out of this place at the end of the month and still got nowhere to go. Not sure what's going to happen and not sure I care.
It's been two weeks today since my beautiful girl died and it's not getting any easier. Just going thru the motions. Barely.
nothing but sadness and despair
Many wmn resist feminism because it is an agony to be fully conscious of the brutal misogyny that permeates culture and society. A. Dworkin.
Retweeted by Sasha
Too bad many "progressives" don't get that. RT @DavidOAtkins: Bigotry against the poor is just as evil as bigotry against minorities.
Unable to go to work since I can't stop crying. Whenever I thought I couldn't go on, her love kept me going. Now there's nothing.
Had to have our beloved Laney euthanized Friday. Cancer. I'm beyond devastated. She was the one bright spot in my life. RIP my beautiful grl
These comments remind me again why I can't stand many liberals & frequently feel alienated from the left… Despicable.
It's not like we can afford treatment anyway. I got 2 broken bones that healed all crooked b/c I had no $ for medical treatment #workingpoor
Told my partner the same thing when he said he should have x-rays done for what he thinks is a broken bone. What's the point?
Even if we had the money for the ultrasound, which we don't, if it showed an abdominal mass, it's not like we could afford surgery anyway.
When she first got sick, we had full bloodwork done which showed nothing suspicious. Vet is gonna wanna do ultrasound, which we can't afford
Also, our dog's been sick for two weeks now and I'm really worried about her. Same symptoms she had in December.
Our car is having problems AGAIN. Took it to 2 mechanics and neither knows what's going on. Could be the transmission. Please, NO.
That's a quote from "What Pennsatucky’s Teeth Tell Us About #Class in America"… Great blog, btw. #OITNB #classism #p2
"If we on the #left really want to reach across class lines we should seriously consider making 'Free Dental Care for All' our rallying cry"
That's one reason Yvonne's story resonated with me. She got off the street & off drugs and earned a degree and still no one would hire her.
But that's how it goes. It's like the only times in my life I wasn't poor was when I was hooking or living with drug dealers.
Also a horrible message to send: As responsible #workingpoor ppl we barely scraping by but Mr #PuppyMill makes a few thou sitting on his ass
Not an Air BnB fan. Hotels employ hundreds of mid-low income workers. Rent on Air BnB you support a person of privilege's second home.
Retweeted by Sasha
Not sure if I'm more furious with him or the ppl who buy his puppies, thereby ensuring that he'll continue to breed his dog every year. #BYB
Thanks to the irresponsible middle class ppl who paid $500+ for one of his puppies last yr, this asshole I kno just bred his dog again. #BYB
This piece of shit didn't even bother to use a condom.
Man, 27, who took advantage of 13 y.o. homeless runaway, acquitted of #rape in Sweden b/c she looked 'well-developed'…
Sad to learn that #prostitution survivor & anti #trafficking activist Yvonne Adcock killed herself
Good to see several commenters at Daily Kos call someone out 4 referring 2 ppl as "white trash." Feel a bit less alienated from progressives
I got two friends working the local massage parlors and a third who's now considering it. Sucks but I get it. #Poverty is brutal.
Child rapist: "In order 2 achieve that goal of having u think I'm female I have 2 do things that victimize other ppl"
If this sicko had gone to @PlanetFitness instead of Peak Fitness, he would've been welcome in the women's locker room
Sick of male rapists, murderers, child molesters being identified as "women" by media due to supposed gender feelings
Maybe this is what college-educated middle class women getting into prostitution believe? She seems to think it's common. Can't relate.
"Like many others, I truly believed being an escort would be a feminist statement & would empower me." WTF?! Bizarre beyond words @FireWomon
Also have my own health problems that I'm not getting checked out. Not much point in getting diagnosed when u can't afford treatment anyway
My dog is sick again and I can't afford to take her back to the vet. Not that they have any clue what's wrong with her anyway.
What doesn't kill u doesn't make u stronger. You may just end up too damaged to function.
Here's hoping the monster who did this dies slowly & painfully: @cnnbrk #ExterminateAnimalAbusers
@jsandrews1 Thanks. It just sucks how many young women are being convinced to prioritize trans over women. Sad. @haleyhartzo
Retweeted by Sasha
Feminism is taken seriously only when we constantly remind that patriarchy hurts men, too. "Misogyny kills women" is insufficient 😕
Retweeted by Sasha
This happens in the US too. As long as the girls are lower class, few care. Cops? They treated me like a whore b4 I even was one.@PlanetCath
Delhi bus rapist blames his victim in prison interview | Such is the state of our country & women… #WomensDay
Retweeted by Sasha
Pakistani woman house-bound after men share video of her gang #rape online: "people are watching this video for fun"…