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Lived in cities all my life but can't afford it anymore. #Lowincome ppl being squeezed out as upper #middleclass drive up #urban rents. #p2
Several condescending jerks this weekend. Some people visiting from LA think we're all ignorant country hicks or something. #classism #rural
I hate it when middle class & weathy ppl assume they're better, smarter, more knowledgable than us just b/c we're service workers. #classism
#WomenAgainstFeminism are scared because men treat women terribly, especially when women demand their human rights.
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Esp true since many middle-aged ppl who were laid off will never have a good job again--thanks to rampant age discrimination. #ageism #p2
Really should know better than to get my hopes up.
It's always the same. Whenever we're able 2 save a little money, something happens (car repair, veterinary emergency) that gobbles it all up
Most of the money I was able to save when working 3 jobs went for necessary car repairs and what little was left we need now just to get by.
I dream of living in a nice little home with a shower & a washing machine. That would be so awesome. But I don't think it's going to happen.
In the Spring I was working three jobs and briefly got my hopes up that we'd be able to improve our situation and get out of this dump.
This is the only job I got right now and since I make my money from tips, I'm earning next to nothing on nights like tonight.
Worst Friday night ever. My boss sent most of us home before midnight because it was totally dead. This is getting really scary.
Also, thing about males driven by "uncontrollable rage" 2 commit #VAW? That rage suddenly becomes very controllable when facing larger males
That was definitely my experience growing up. I was an "at risk" kid, acting out but not violently, so no one gave a damn about me.
Because boys tend to lash out at others, they get most of the attention, while abused girls are largely ignored. Like in this case.
Women OTOH learn to direct pain+rage inward. We self-injure, we numb ourselves with drugs+food, we repeat destructive relationship patterns.
Unlike women, men are socialized to believe they're important & the world owes them & when they hurt, they're entitled to make others hurt.
Obviously gender socialization plays a key role here.
Same is true 4 countless other women. If being an abuse victim made one a violent predator, prisons would be bursting w/ultra violent women.
Like way too many women+girls, I was horribly abused (beatings, rapes, torture) yet I'm not bashing ppl's heads in or gouging their eyes out
I'm so tired of people excusing #VAW because the perpetrator was abused (almost always by other males).
The "Jane Doe" case and the reactions to it are so infuriating, especially the lack of concern for "Jane's" victims…
While the world was actually more dangerous when we were kids, it wasn't this nuts--fortunately for all of us.
When I was 9, I wasn't just playing in parks without adult supervision, but roaming city streets and looking for my dad in neighborhood bars