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For #lowincome contract workers like cab drivers it's possible 2 work all week and LOSE MONEY. Happens round here all the time. #workingpoor
Our joint income the last 3 days was $52. Don't know what we're going to do if this continues. #workingpoor
If the #Dems want our votes they'll help communities like ours but that'll never happen b/c they got nothing but disdain for #poor rural ppl
Elizabeth Warren is right: This so-called "recovery" has done nothing for most Americans. Every week things are getting more desperate here.
Dear extremists. If you don't want to live in a country with free speech, please just move to Saudi Arabia. Sincerely, moderate Muslims.
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@slcrewson Obamacare has turned out to be "screw the poor" care, alas. Democrats bent over way too far for Republicans in 2010. @sueveneer
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We are living in McCarthyite times. From students banning speakers to violent gunmen, debate and dissent is becoming a thing of the past.
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Learning very early that our only value is that men want to fuck us. Prostitution all around us. You wanna make some money?
He's right that #prostitution is a reality for #lowincome girls. Men offering us money for sex before we're even in our teens.
My "favorite": #Prostitution is a #workingclass reality; it's only #middleclass ppl with their moral puritanism who object to #sexwork.
Many absolutely disgusting (and clueless) comments from left-wing men on #prostitution in this comment thread:…
Blind Homeless Dog Gets a Second Chance at a Happy Life & Her Vision Back-rewards of #rescue! @OneGreenPlanet…
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Pretty much the only ppl around here I know who are making decent money are drug dealers & the young women working the massage parlors.
At this point I think we'll always be renting. Now that the housing market has "recovered" there's no hope 4 ppl like us to buy even a cabin
Now nearly all the houses I remember looking at back then are back on the market--at 2.5x to 3x the price. All were bought by investors.
A few years ago when home prices were way down we dreamt of getting a loan to buy a little 30-50k house. Of course that was out of our reach
We got jobs. But we don't earn enough to live on, let alone enough to see a dentist or pay for a needed car repair. That's the reality here.
So tired of #Dem cheerleaders going on about this supposedly awesome economic recovery we're in while things just keep getting worse here.
Thankfully no ice or snow on #NYE but it was still just an ok night. Ppl watching every $. And now everything is totally dead again.
Throwing yourself in front of a truck is a real shitty way to commit suicide. Working class ppl are barely human to middle class narcissists
Damn, it's starting to snow. Unless it melts by tomorrow night & there's no ice, our one chance to make decent $ this month is ruined.
The lives of middle class ppl are so far removed from ours. This time of year that's especially clear. #poverty
Most ppl I know, us included, are struggling to pay the rent & keep a roof over their heads. Things just keep getting worse. #workingpoor
Keep trying to think of a way to make more money but can't come up with anything. Maybe the economy is getting better somewhere but not here
Sitting here in my coat and still freezing. Small space heater not enough to warm this dump. So incredibly tired of everything. #poverty
If it weren't for radical feminism, I doubt I'd identify as a #feminist. That's how alienated I feel from mainstream liberal #feminism.
No Xmas for us. Too broke to do anything. And my partner had already left for work when I woke up this morning. Oh well. Day like any other.
Still pronouncing words incorrectly to this day!
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I was not a child with cultural capital, but libraries were free, & I read most words rather than heard them.
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If housing is going up 500% while wages flatline, the very LAST thing you should be doing is boosting house values.
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PETA treats women like meat and does animals few favours – this dreadful group needs to disappear
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It wasn't that I wasn't traumatized or didn't care but I desperately needed to make money. That HAD to be my focus if I was going to go on.
Reminds me of the doc at the clinic a friend took me to after my last #rape. Despite blatant injuries she asked me if I was sure I was raped
Plus, I'm sure she knew that anything more than getting those jackets back was hopeless. No cop or prosecutor gonna care about her #rape.
that don't mean she wasn't raped. It's winter & she's on the street; those jackets=survival. OF COURSE that's gonna be her priority.
As for the 19 year-old engaging in survival #prostitution who seemed more upset about the perp stealing her 3 jackets than raping her
The belief that #poor women+girls are for sale is widespread. Both cops & random men treated me like a #prostitute years before I became one
What never seems to occur to such cops is that rapists who attack women who "don't matter" may eventually #rape/abduct/kill a woman who does
Ex-cop: "false #rape claims...directly proportional to #poverty levels, drug addiction and thus number of women turning tricks" #rapeculture
"Of course u could turn those stats around & say cops just don’t care about poor drug-addict #rape victims"… Ya think?
This attitude is the reason I never considered for even one second going to the cops after being brutally raped by a drug dealer.
This ex-cop confirms what we already know: If u want cops to take your #rape seriously, better be a str8 arrow attacked by stranger w/weapon
Never mind the assumption that a woman who is #poor and/or drug-addicted is probably a #prostitute. Been dealing with that since I was 13.
That's such BS. First thing u learn on the street is you ALWAYS get the money first. Nothing happens until you get paid. #prostitution #rape
This ex-cop also thinks #rape claims from #poor and/or drug-addicted women tend 2 be false; they just hookers who're pissed a guy didn't pay
Not that #sexism and #rapeapologism on the #left are anything new. Many left-wing dudes are totally down with #patriarchy #malesupremacy.
And this former cop (now college professor) is no conservative; he's a pro-single payer, anti-drug war NY liberal Democrat.
Former cop defends cops making #rape joke: "a lot (most?) victims aren't actually 'innocent victims'."… #rapeculture
What used to be a (more than) full-time job for working class ppl is now a part-time gig for college students, wannabe actors, etc.
Used to be if u put in 60-80 hrs/wk, u could eke out a living driving a cab. Now with all the Uber/etc cars, u no longer can in many places.