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Prostitution = a choice btwn homelessness & havin men we dont like do things we hate 2 bodies we dont kno how 2 love…
Apparently this is a controversial statement these days. At least among some progressives/lefties.…
My Mother Wasn't Trash… Poor Appalachian ppl are broken but not nearly as broken as the systems that keep them #poor
This is shocking example of why sex matters and gender ID is meaningless for women…
Retweeted by Sasha
Teen #rape victim gets 30 years in prison after stillbirth… Yet idiots claim women's oppression ain't about biology.
it's interesting how every time Chelsea Manning tweets, the replies are filled with feminised language centred on looks/clothes/make-up
Retweeted by Sasha
It's as if treating Chelsea exactly the same as before, is unthinkable. Which suggests that treating women like people/humans is unthinkable
Retweeted by Sasha
"The New Backlash: An Introduction To "Transgender" Identity Politics For Rational Leftists"
Retweeted by Sasha
What manipulative, narcissistic liars. The sad thing is lefties who swallow the lies & go along with this instead of thinking for themselves…
To my mind the only relevant paragraph of Noam Chomsky's piece. But it's a damned good paragraph.
Retweeted by Sasha
@mkhajdin Once you've demonised & objectified a group of people you can attack with impunity & be applauded for it - a free pass for ageism & sexism
Retweeted by Sasha
This question is asked by everyone who isn't being protected under the Trendy umbrella...…
Retweeted by Sasha
When I got 2 Norway I thought I'd hav freedm at last but Somalis here were evn mor strict+judgmntal than in Somalia…
Radical feminists don't hate trans people, we hate the gender prison the trans movement is reinforcing. We also hate rape threats.
Retweeted by Sasha
Straight men were like "No, we wouldn't be straight if we dated transwomen, plus many want bio kids." Strangely they got no slurs or threats…
The other day a Zinnia Jones (?) tweet ended up in my TL telling straight men they transphobic if they wouldn't consider dating a transwoman
It's total erasure--to use a word these SJW types adore--of working class & poor ppl's experiences. I no longer think it's accidental either
Ppl like this author think middle class experience is so default, so universal, they don't recognize any other experience even exists.
Another crap article pretending class dont exist; like there one way 'wht girls' expected 2 act independent of class…
And neither is the society where these 'kinks' are created and proliferate.
We need to examine why ppl fetishize slavery & fantasize about rape, abduction, torture, etc. That shit ain't healthy.
He visited "Abduction 101" forum with threads like "Planning a Kidnapping." But hey, it's all just "kinky" fun & fantasy. Until it isn't.…
Suspect in kidnapping & probable murder of female grad student Y.Zhang visited fetish website & researched abduction…
It's difficult to conceive of a movement that's more pro-gender and anti-feminist than trans.
In fact, they're now claiming female biology don't even exist. It's just total coincidence that all humans dying in childbirth are female.
The queerios are now convincing the left that discussing female biology & male/female gender socialization is bigotry that kills!
And feminists who of course completely reject #gender but understand they're women (=adult human female) are now evil oppressive 'cis women'
And a boy who wants a Barbie & grow his hair long & wear frilly clothes & glitter must really be a girl.
Their ideas about #gender are so backwards they think a girl with short hair who hates pink+skirts & loves trucks+football is really a boy.
Reading that Truscheit piece is like entering bizarro world. Marriage equality sacrificed trans rights? No one's more pro-gender than trans!
It’s no mystery why ‘the queerest generation ever’ hasn’t managed to address women’s oppression… #patriarchy #fem2
Sadly nowadays lots of parents, incl 'progressives', would wanna "fix" sparkle boy with lifelong medical treatment, sterilization, surgeries…
When girls are told that there is a way of feeling that means you're female and gender is "fun" there's a fucking problem
Retweeted by Sasha
Must-read article for anyone who thinks transing children is harmless, neutral or desirable. #trans #transgender #transkids…
@sweetpeaispissy @LilyLilyMaynard My goodness, yet again a child's request for short hair is taken as hard evidence that a girl is actually a boy.
Retweeted by Sasha
How do ppl not get this? There is no standard for trans--just a subjective internal 'feeling' any male can claim he has.…
"Any challenge to the new cult of identity politics leads to a mob baying for the heretics’ blood"…
Retweeted by Sasha
"girls are misled into thinking that to reject the stereotypes they must reject their actual sex"…
Retweeted by Sasha
Teenagers #rape and torture a woman in front of her child…
Yep. Every time I read shit like this (which is like every day) I move further away from 'progressives.' Fuck these elitist, classist fucks.…
Low-income workers who live in RVs are being 'chased out' of Silicon Valley streets… Probably by rich 'progressives'
How small doses of #heroin can kill… Interesting tho hasn't really been my experience. #opiates
The Red Pill club is using comments made by trans ppl as proof that women are inferior. Thanks trans 'feminists' 🙄�rN
Retweeted by Sasha
Is giving your kid every advantage the moral thing to do?… #classmatters #class #classwarfare
But I wonder sometimes how my life woulda gone if shit hadn't happened & I'd stayed in school & kept my grades up.
Began hanging out with older ppl—drug dealers—outside of school. Eventually dropped out and left home. Anyway, it's all ancient history now.
Probably did some other stuff too cos I always had detention and also got suspended several times.
I got heavily into drugs to numb the pain. Became withdrawn, depressed, thought about suicide, fell asleep in class or just skipped school.
I couldn't talk about it anyway, in part cos I knew ppl would blame me but no adult even tried to find out what was wrong.
Some shit—like guys grabbing me or demanding BJs—went down right in front of teachers who looked the other way & said nothing.
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