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Talked 2 a guy visiting from Australia; he was horrified by US #poverty, #homelessness, cops+jails. Never seen anything like it in 1st world
A radical feminism that believes in "female brains" and a female essence is a radical feminism I want no part of.…
Ruby Rose: 'I used to pray to God that I wouldn’t get breasts'… Not identifying with toxic gender roles is NOT unusual
Why don't we tell the landlord that the roof is leaking? B/c then he'll raise the rent, which is already more than we can afford. #poverty
Well, that didn't take long. Water already dripping through our ceiling. Wonderful. My one big dream is to get out of this dump.
Oh great. Thunderstorm coming our way. That means the roof will be leaking again. I should get the pots and pans ready.
What is this "TGIF"-thing that my non-industry friends keep talking about? #serverlife #serverproblems
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Fuck Fifty Shades of Gray and it's glamorization of abuse towards women.
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Class remains a feminist issue.
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White middle class man who created &admins the block bot continues to erase feminist women who are poor, wc, WoC, NB…
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If you're too lazy to think for yourself or you hate/fear women who CAN think for themselves,@The_Block_Bot was made 4 you by ppl like you.
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If men could get pregnant, not only would we not constantly be fighting for reproductive rights but the entire world would be VERY different
This is so stupid:… Biological reality is critical to understanding why women came to be oppressed in the first place.
Lived in cities all my life but can't afford it anymore. #Lowincome ppl being squeezed out as upper #middleclass drive up #urban rents. #p2
Several condescending jerks this weekend. Some people visiting from LA think we're all ignorant country hicks or something. #classism #rural
I hate it when middle class & weathy ppl assume they're better, smarter, more knowledgable than us just b/c we're service workers. #classism
#WomenAgainstFeminism are scared because men treat women terribly, especially when women demand their human rights.
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Esp true since many middle-aged ppl who were laid off will never have a good job again--thanks to rampant age discrimination. #ageism #p2
Really should know better than to get my hopes up.
It's always the same. Whenever we're able 2 save a little money, something happens (car repair, veterinary emergency) that gobbles it all up
Most of the money I was able to save when working 3 jobs went for necessary car repairs and what little was left we need now just to get by.
I dream of living in a nice little home with a shower & a washing machine. That would be so awesome. But I don't think it's going to happen.