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Annoyed that CA Voter Guide says sexual abuse victims oppose #Prop47. This #rape survivor supports #YesOn47. It ain't enough but its a start
Man beheads woman and stabs another woman at Oklahoma food processing plant but attacks were totally random. Sure.…
It's one reason I ended up on the street. Men were willing to pay what seemed like a lot of $ to get with me, so I wasn't totally worthless.
The physical violence I learned to steel myself against--I'd actually laugh when he hit me--but the words cut to the bone.
Today I realize he was projecting his own sense of failure onto me but when I was 13 I thought he saw me the way I really am: worthless.
My dad died when I was 16 but 20+ yrs later I can still hear him telling me I'm a "worthless piece of shit who'll never amount to anything."
But you know what was way worse than the physical violence? The relentless verbal abuse. Sticks and stones, my ass.
My mom rarely hit us but when she did she really beat the crap out of us. She also put a gun to my head once & threatened 2 pull the trigger
My dad was a violent alcoholic who hit me with such regularity that I'd flinch any time anyone raised their hand or walked up behind me.
There are so many dumb sayings but "Sticks & stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me" is one if the dumbest EVER!
This is why these big city politics are so strange to me, so bizarre. Their so totally detached from the miserable reality most live in.
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This is the most remarkable chart that I've seen in some time. An extraordinarily important trend: via @ryanlcooper
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Every time there's a small glimmer of hope and I think maybe things will get better I immediately get beaten down again. Story of my life.
I hate having to put up with this bullshit but I got no choice. We need the money.
And I'm really hating my job right now. We got some British military guys here for training and they are the WORST. Absolutely no respect.
This computer is driving me fucking crazy tonight. Everything takes forever. It's like 10+ years old and still running XP. So frustrating.
Why isn't @cnnbrk releasing the name of the scumbag senior deputy attorney general #rapeapologist who blamed this woman for her own #rape?
Senior deputy attorney general blames state prison clerk for her own #rape… That sick fuck needs 2 be fired NOW #fem2
That's awesome advice. Because clearly rapist cops are all about the law and would NEVER pull u over unless u done something illegal! #rape
Wow. Cop says best way for women to avoid being raped by cops is to follow the law so you don't get pulled over… #rape
The lack of empathy belongs to the system that criminalizes substances ppl need to function. To survive.
The female drug addicts are virtually all rape survivors. Most of us also survived child abuse. Domestic violence. Prostitution.
Most annoying statement: "lack of empathy lies at the heart of every crime." Most of my friends who done time were down for drug addiction.
Anyway, while @Piper Kerman gets the huge importance of #class & #classism way better than most "progressives," I got many probs with #OITNB
Maybe they were only doin it 2 score points with JC but when u can only afford 1 meal a day & someone shows up with 4 bags full of groceries
That said, these middle class fundies helped us when we really needed it--altho they knew we disagreed with them about liberals, gay rights
It was MIDDLE CLASS fundies doing charity work who were desperately trying to get my ass into church. My friends & family couldn't care less
Why do middleclass+rich "progressives" always think poor wht folks are fundie nutjobs? Most ppl I kno are barely religious & don't do church
I know these girls. I grew up with these girls. The caricatures on the show on the other hand? Hell no!
So of course Hollywood needed to make some changes. Poor white women must be portrayed as backward bigots from hicksville. It's a rule.
from anyone (except the men in their lives). They had thinly plucked eyebrows, corn-rowed hair, hip-hop vocabularies and baby daddies" 2/2
She aptly describes them as "Caucasian girls from the wrong side of the tracks with big mouths & big attitudes, who weren't taking shit 1/2
So IRL Pensatucky was no fundie bigot murderer. She was part of a group of poor young white women the author dubbed the "Eminemlettes."
It never ends. Big reason I haven't been online much lately. I end up feeling totally alienated from people on the #left.
These assholes don't even know any poor white folks. All they got is their bigoted stereotypes. They erase us, insult us, make fun of us.
So fucking sick of middle class & rich "progressives" being all for "diversity" & "social justice" while reveling in their ugly #classism.
It does not. Why am I not surprised that the totally unsympathetic characterization of poor white women in #OITNB is Hollywood's invention?
Main reason I wanted to read Orange is the New Black was to see if the book treats poor white women with same contempt as the #OITNB TV show
After 2 months on the waiting list I was finally able to pick up "Orange is the New Black" from the library. Actually forgot I'd reserved it
Yet virtually all anti-#poverty proposals are designed to benefit only "poor families" (translation: parents with dependent children).
Poor men are even less likely 2 have dependent children. So the vast majority of #poor adults get almost no help from anti-#poverty measures
It's enormously frustrating because, contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of #poor women (62%) do NOT have dependent children.
So we get debates where opponents of anti-#poverty measures argue poor ppl aren't so #poor when u total up all gov't benefits & tax credits.
But most #middleclass people don't know that. They actually think all #poor people are eligible for #welfare and big tax credits. NOT TRUE.
The #EITC is just one example. Almost ALL anti-#poverty measures in the US from tax credits to #welfare are ONLY for ppl with dependent kids
This is why the #EITC is worth $250 for a #childless #workingpoor woman who makes 11k and $3250 if the same woman has one dependent child.
I get why they do it. Even ppl who think #poor adults have only themselves to blame often believe kids shouldn't grow up in dismal #poverty.
Yet #progressive activists routinely promote the misconception that women in #poverty are overwhelmingly mothers with dependent children.
while #childless #workingpoor women like Maria are on their own & may even have to pay 15% tax on #poverty-level income. Hence workin 4 jobs
Note that Maria Fernandes didn't have kids. #Lowincome ppl with dependent children are eligible for sizable tax credits & other assistance