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Need to get back to packing up our things but I'm so incredibly tired.
The socialization that creates gender—the violence and violation that men and boys do to girls and women—has to end. #DGR #gender
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Too much for too long. And no matter what I do, it never gets better.
Really nearing the end of my rope. I've survived so much--rape, torture, homelessness, drug addiction, prostitution--but this is cumulative
Even if we find someone willing to do it for $700, we don't have that either. But we absolutely need the car to run.
Friend who's a mechanic said it should cost about half that (unfortunately this repair is beyond his capabilities) but the thing is:
Incredibly our car will need still more repairs. The shop we took it to quoted us $1400!! Obviously we have nothing even approaching that.
I see no way out of this. Totally exhausted from nothing ever working out. My partner is in even worse shape. We need a break. Desperately.
Forced to move out today in order to avoid formal eviction. Will be staying in a friend's trailer for time being. Dunno what's gonna happen.
As a cabbie my partner pays permit fees & is restricted by regs to a ltd service area. #Uber? They pay no fees & pick up anywhere. #NotRight
"money doesn't buy happiness" ok give it to me i'll show u how it's done
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Googled it and this is a scam where when u call back, they tell u that u gotta pay a fine to avoid arrest by INS. Sick shit.
This is some sick shit: My partner got a robocall today sayin INS has a warrant for his arrest & he needs to call them back by end of day.
If Ronda Rousey threatened to beat the shit out of a trans person the way that man @FallonFox threatened to beat a woman, GLAAD would flip.
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Extreme heat or cold are yet another way poor ppl die in this country. We now have a little $99 window a/c unit but the power bill is insane
Until a few years ago we survived 118 degree days in the SoCal desert every summer with no a/c. Very unpleasant. Ppl die here every summer..
Over 600 dead in India as temps reach 118 degrees Fahrenheit #globalwarming #poverty
Or if we gotta have male COs in women's corrections, they shouldn't be allowed alone with inmates.
Given the tendency of many males to #rape women under their control, there really should be no male COs in women's jails/prisons.
And another one: High-ranking Georgia #prison guard supervisor arrested for raping nine women inmates… #rape #fem2
Sadly not surprising that criticism of Duggars nearly always about their opposition to LGBT rights & rarely bout promotion of male supremacy
Lawsuit: City allowed Rikers officers to #rape female inmates… This is in no way surprising. Esp for Rikers. #fem2
Horrible tooth pain since last night & no access to dental care. Partner out getting me some stronger painkillers. #poverty #PovertyIsBrutal
Glad Stacey Hyde is finally free. This was straight up self-defense. History of abuse & mental illness shouldn't be necessary for acquittal.
Pungent and incisive piece by @CanYouFlyBobby against Bahar Mustafa and the racism = power + privilege crew:…
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Our "choice" is still between #prostitution and #poverty. Both are brutal. Not real optimistic about that changin any time soon either.
Agree w/Rachel Moran about the services needed 2 help women exit or stay out of #prostitution… Too bad they dont exist
So some on the #left are now in alliance with theocratic fascists that support stoning women for adultery… Disgusting
This is why so-called leftists need to stop silencing Muslims in favor of "tolerance."…
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Must-Read: ‘You Are Killing Me': On Hate Speech and Feminist Silencing… #feminism #fem2 #feminist #gender #patriarchy
Women asserting their boundaries is not transphobia. Understand where those boundaries came from and why women fought to establish them.
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It's such a clear example of male socialization & entitlement. They're so used to women catering to male feelings & being afraid 2 upset men
Interesting that so many male trans think them being sad or crying should make women STFU, change our politics & ignore our lived experience
Great post: A moment of honesty from… Libfem critique is spot on. #feminism #fem2
Tori Herr shoulda been given buprenorphine or methadone & she'd still be alive. But b/c she a junkie ppl think it's ok 2 treat her like shit
This has happened before. Forcing #heroin addicts to go cold turkey in jail should be considered cruel & unusual punishment. #drugwar
18 Year Old Girl Dies In Jail After Police Accused Her Of Faking Medical Emergency #drugwar
In any other industry, we wouldn't accept the views of the most privileged, elite practitioners as representative of all workers #buysellsex
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TW: I know I'm a woman b/c "I have always been super emotional and dramatic about silly things.”… No sexism there!
And I don't need to "Imagine not being able to access healthcare." I've had no access to health or dental care for nearly all my life.
They're saying "Ignore reality, your lived experience and your own oppression (and that of half the population) and focus on ME, ME, ME!"
This piece is a great example of the misogyny and male entitlement that turned me against trans activism…
Everyday Feminism is a site for ppl with no critical thinking sills. So much stupid in one place. An entire site of WTF.
When the working class/marginalized have been beat down for so long, capitalism convinces them that getting a piece of the pie=empowerment.
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Without having a 4-yr degree and speaking Spanish ain't noone gonna hire her. So she's still working min wage but now with student loan debt
Turns out that in SoCal there's almost no jobs for new graduates and when there's a rare opening they get 100s of applications.
Met a woman who got a 2-yr nursing degree (somethin we once considered) b/c she read that it's good $ and there's a big nurse shortage. Ha!
Even if we could somehow get a loan to go to community college, every job I see that requires a degree also requires experience in that area
There not a day that go by when I'm not tryin 2 think of a way outta this mess. But short of a lottery win or some ilegal shit I dont see it

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