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Yet virtually all anti-#poverty proposals are designed to benefit only "poor families" (translation: parents with dependent children).
Poor men are even less likely 2 have dependent children. So the vast majority of #poor adults get almost no help from anti-#poverty measures
It's enormously frustrating because, contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of #poor women (62%) do NOT have dependent children.
So we get debates where opponents of anti-#poverty measures argue poor ppl aren't so #poor when u total up all gov't benefits & tax credits.
But most #middleclass people don't know that. They actually think all #poor people are eligible for #welfare and big tax credits. NOT TRUE.
The #EITC is just one example. Almost ALL anti-#poverty measures in the US from tax credits to #welfare are ONLY for ppl with dependent kids
This is why the #EITC is worth $250 for a #childless #workingpoor woman who makes 11k and $3250 if the same woman has one dependent child.
I get why they do it. Even ppl who think #poor adults have only themselves to blame often believe kids shouldn't grow up in dismal #poverty.
Yet #progressive activists routinely promote the misconception that women in #poverty are overwhelmingly mothers with dependent children.
while #childless #workingpoor women like Maria are on their own & may even have to pay 15% tax on #poverty-level income. Hence workin 4 jobs
Note that Maria Fernandes didn't have kids. #Lowincome ppl with dependent children are eligible for sizable tax credits & other assistance
Death of #lowincome woman working up to 4 jobs reveals true cost of low-wage part-time economy… #WorkingPoor #LaborDay
.@WomenCanSee @FeministRoar @sarahditum I sometimes wonder if my parents had had very strict gender roles, I may have been a trans man now.
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The 1% like us to be desperate, bowing & scraping, willing to do anything to just get by. This, while they live it up & oppress us even more
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The one good thing about being poor is that I don't know any social justice warriors IRL.
The idea that gender is natural is conservative & the idea that gender is voluntarily chosen is insulting… #TERFweek
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#Google's self-driving vehicles alone will kill millions of jobs. Soon #workingclass ppl will no longer be needed. Nothing left for us.
Just read that my job, my partner's job and the jobs of most of my friends will be history in the near future due to automation. Terrifying.
Every black person who thinks these open-carry laws are for us, too, here's some news: we can't even safely hold a BB gun in a Walmart.
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RT @mad_fem: Black brain? That's disgusting, you should be ashamed. Lady brain? Yes please! *internet social justice crew 2014*
The answer to a hashtag like that shouldn't be "well *I'm* pretty"; it should be "I don't give a royal fuck what is deemed fuckable".
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@ValtinaVoce Femininity is a patriarchy placating set of behaviours, and if you don't perform them that doesn't make a woman masculine.
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If prostitution reduced rape, then prostitutes would be the least raped women in the world instead of the most raped women in the world.
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"online feminism is clearly not a 'safe space' to voice dissent"… No shit. As an aside, radical feminists aren't "cis"
In UAE, non-Muslim expat men can use Sharia law to screw over their (ex-)wives… Women accused of not obeying husbands.
Fashion shoot glamorizes the gang #rape & murder of woman on bus in India… #misogyny #fem2 #p2 #rapeculture #VAW #WTF
“straight women are very uncomfortable with the idea of receiving sexual pleasure without giving it at the same time”…
Agreed, @Salon. In the rare cases where 12-step programs work, it's due to the support network, not the 12 steps.
I will pay good cash money to have the word 'empowered' removed from the English language.
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@StellaTex yep, lib feminism has become an agenda to push marginalized women into the global capitalist system. Because liberation!
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People who endlessly argue for the right of people to 'self identify' yet simultaneously enforce the identity of 'cis' on everyone. Lol.
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'Queering' gender leaves gender, the patriarchal hierarchy used to oppress women, intact. It's toying with what needs to be smashed.
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Those 70s feminists so many of you are so keen to vilify are the reason women's/children's refuges came about in the first place.
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Btw, when u complete the required 20 hrs of "workfare" per week to get your approx. $130 in #foodstamps per month, your hourly wage is $1.60
They will give u #foodstamps for 3 months (after that u need to work 20 hrs/wk 4 your food stamps) but that won't keep a roof over your head
But adults who have failed to reproduce (or whose kids are grown) are outta luck. Don't matter how #poor you are. No #welfare for you.
Since #poor kids will suffer if their parents are sick/hungry/homeless, USians grudgingly provide their parents with assistance too.#welfare
That's b/c USians think ppl in #poverty have only themselves to blame. #Poor kids tho didn't ask to be #poor so they deserve a little help.
In the US many of these ppl would never have gotten #welfare to begin with. In nearly all states, welfare is only 4 parents w/dependent kids
'No one should die penniless and alone': the victims of Britain's harsh welfare sanctions… #welfare #safetynet
No wonder #feminism has stopped making progress for women and we've started to go backwards.
What *is* surprising to me is that there are "feminists" who deny shared female oppression, who don't think women are oppressed as women.
This isn't real surprising. We share the same biology & the way #patriarchy replicates itself thru #gender is quite similar across cultures.
I can relate to most of the #sharedgirlhood tweets, and many also describe my experiences--despite our very different backgrounds.
My family was always struggling. So my upbringing was rather different from girls raised in middle class, suburban homes. But you know what?
1st time cops stopped+searched me I was 13 (they asked if I had drugs, weapons or condoms on me). 1st time in the back of a cop car I was 14
When you live with male dominance, a "gender neutral" approach is basically a pro-patriarchy one. Women need protection from violent men.
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This is just unbelievable. Refuges for women fleeing male violence are being closed: BECAUSE THEY DONT SHELTER MEN
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