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Child rapist: "In order 2 achieve that goal of having u think I'm female I have 2 do things that victimize other ppl"
If this sicko had gone to @PlanetFitness instead of Peak Fitness, he would've been welcome in the women's locker room
Sick of male rapists, murderers, child molesters being identified as "women" by media due to supposed gender feelings
Maybe this is what college-educated middle class women getting into prostitution believe? She seems to think it's common. Can't relate.
"Like many others, I truly believed being an escort would be a feminist statement & would empower me." WTF?! Bizarre beyond words @FireWomon
Also have my own health problems that I'm not getting checked out. Not much point in getting diagnosed when u can't afford treatment anyway
My dog is sick again and I can't afford to take her back to the vet. Not that they have any clue what's wrong with her anyway.
What doesn't kill u doesn't make u stronger. You may just end up too damaged to function.
Here's hoping the monster who did this dies slowly & painfully: @cnnbrk #ExterminateAnimalAbusers
@jsandrews1 Thanks. It just sucks how many young women are being convinced to prioritize trans over women. Sad. @haleyhartzo
Retweeted by Sasha
Feminism is taken seriously only when we constantly remind that patriarchy hurts men, too. "Misogyny kills women" is insufficient 😕
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This happens in the US too. As long as the girls are lower class, few care. Cops? They treated me like a whore b4 I even was one.@PlanetCath
Delhi bus rapist blames his victim in prison interview | Such is the state of our country & women… #WomensDay
Retweeted by Sasha
Pakistani woman house-bound after men share video of her gang #rape online: "people are watching this video for fun"…
Lawyer defending men who gang-raped+murdered Jyoti Singh: “We have the best culture. In our culture there is no place for a woman” #misogyny
Yes, for a tiny % of young women with model looks & the right connections, very high earnings are possible. Again, that's not representative
The myth that prostitutes make crazy cash is a fave of both pro-prostitution men & media. How can they be exploited when they're earning BIG
On the positive side, the survey dispels the myth that prostitutes are making "thousands of $/£ per night." Many earn less than £1,000/month
To say that this is highly unusual is an understatement.
And the only woman profiled didn't become a prostitute until her late 40s and says that 80% of her clients don't want to have sex with her.
So the initial sample is unrepresentative of prostitutes as a whole and then it gets even more unrepresentative by self-selection.
They invited 2,800 "sex workers" (mainly escorts) who weren't coerced or forced into the industry but only 8.6% self-selected to be surveyed
This unrepresentative #prostitution survey should not be used to make pronouncements about "most sex workers"…
Essential reading: On the Sovereign Violence of Women | Jane Clare Jones h/t @drrachelhewitt…
Retweeted by Sasha
The only difference between me & someone who identifies as "agender" or "nonbinary" is that I know how having a vagina has affected my life.
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Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery & apartheid, it is man-made & can be removed by the actions of human beings.
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I will never understand the pleasure some derive in shooting wild (often endangered) helpless animals.
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Fifty shades of grey is romantic only because the guy is a billionaire. If he was living in a trailer it would be a Criminal minds episode.
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Internet convinces heartbroken 14 y.o. gay boy who's fine with his body that he is trans & hates his body…
Hate arguing all the time. Don't know where we're gonna go when the landlord kicks us out and unlike him I can't put it out of my head.
My fear is driving my partner crazy. He says worrying constantly won't change things for better. Which is true. But i can't help it.
How much self respect do these people think working a job you hate for no money, with no choice, gives you? #bbcqt
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Great read. Absolutely spot on in its writing. Identity politics has created an army of vicious, narcissistic cowards…
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Have any libfems condemned the doxxing & silencing of #Glosswitch?
@unkilledwoman @Whoiscis @budsturg got the impression w many young women being trans or GQ is an attempt to be seen as a human being
Retweeted by Sasha
#FSOG=pro-capitalist film resting on notion that extraordinary inequality in power is not 2 b questioned or resisted…
Sisterhood becomes "siblinghood"? I mean, really??? It's almost like they believe women are no longer oppressed. So why be a feminist?
The women on these college campuses are in desperate need of some feminist consciousness-raising
It's precisely b/c women are an oppressed class & socialized to be subservient that these male socialized ppl are able to shut us down
Why don’t transactivists target male spaces? It’s only women who'd respond “So sorry!” and retreat to the sidelines…
Idiot fucker says drag isn't an exertion of privilege bc apparently men are a "marginalized group" compared to women.…
Retweeted by Sasha
How can we #FACEPoverty without talking about housing? Paying 50-75% of income in rent makes people poor. (ht @yayayarndiva)
Retweeted by Sasha
Another year without health insurance coming up. No way we can afford #ACA premiums. Can only hope we don't get seriously ill. #Obamacare
Chris Hedges & Gail Dines explain why #porn is wholly incompatible with radical #left politics… #pornography #p2 #fem2
"#FiftyShadesOfGrey glorifies our dehumanization of women. It champions a world devoid of compassion, empathy and love." - Chris Hedges