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Really need to stop reading feminist sites cos is bad for my health. Also need to stop thinking there's room in feminism for women like me.
Escort who killed possible serial killer who attacked her: “I fought men my whole life”… #prostitution #sexwork #fem2
This is undeniably false and absurd. Retrofitting indigenous cultures to your European postmodernism is colonialism.
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Rednecks with Guns: interview about the white #WorkingClass, rural #America and #anarchist tabling at gun shows…
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"This country has socialism for the rich, rugged individualism for the poor." - Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. #SCLC
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Men concerned about "female supremacy" are scared women will treat men the way men treat women.
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#GrowingUpAGirl tryin to understand why relatives & family friends wanna kno all about what your brothers been up to while not caring bout u
Imagine if they stopped+searched Wall Street guys on their way to the Hamptons the way they do black/Latino/poor ppl.
He's even been held by police at gunpoint (apparently he matched the description of someone they were lookin for)..
My partner, even more than me, has been stopped by cops not just driving but walking down street, waiting at bus stop, coming out of store
She doesn't do drugs, had done nothing wrong (tho cop claimed she took turn too wide), was polite, consented to seach--still went to jail.
Course sometimes even bein 100% compliant+polite ain't enuf. Friend of mine was called a liar+drug addict & arrested infront of her daughter
Cops can (and will) always find a reason to arrest. And then we sittin in jail, missing work & possibly losing our jobs. Not gonna risk that
Had someone tell me that when we at bus stop & cop rolls up to check ID/warrants & question/search us, we should refuse to cooperate. No way
Systemic racism is HUGE part of police killing in U.S. So is class -- overwhelming majority of white people killed by cops are poor.
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I support Bernie Sanders because he stands up for the American people. For the veterans. For the working poor. #FeelTheBern #Bernie2016
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I think this ancient computer has just about had it. It's crashing 5-8x a day now. Was hand-me-down from friend in 2007 & was old even then.
Elizabeth Warren doesnt understand the Uberization of the economy, rare economic fail from her…
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#Class is a non-issue for identitarian #left. A.Reed Jr speaks truth: They think "a society (cont)
#BernieSanders scares hell out of ruling class, hence the increasingly bizarre attacks. Only candidate who has a chance that they can't buy.
She hasnt read the book "rich get richer, poor get prison." economic violence kills more people than street violence
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Nicest thing bak when we were makin bit more $ was bein able 2 buy fresh fruits+veggies. So miss that. But calories per $=terrible. #poverty
Thankfully my tooth/gum infection hurting less today. Can't afford 2 see doctor/dentist so been eating raw garlic. Gross but good antibiotic
Many American Feminists fail to see the global perspective on #Prostitution because they've been taught it's about "choices" #YesAllWomen
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If "man" means "anyone who identifies with masculinity," then there is no such thing as an "anti-sexist man."
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Access to dental care also crucial 4 #poor coz longterm #poverty often results in missing teeth--which makes it hard 2 find job, esp 4 women
I wrote that last tweet while experiencing excruciating dental pain--and having no access to dental care. That's what it's like 4 poor in US
Problem with #MedicareForAll is that #Medicare doesn't incl. dental. Also must not deny health care to undocumented immigrants. #Bernie2016
Another one: Man murders two women and three girls… #MVAW #VAW #domesticviolence #fem2
If ppl graduating dental school 400k in debt, no wonder theres no way #lowincome ppl can afford dental care. #Bernie2016
I hate this line about education saving American jobs. There are more college educated Chinese and Indians than there are Americans total.
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Could never afford to go to something like #NN15 but wouldn't want to anyway. Middle class lefties and me don't live in same world.
@jamethiel @VABVOX It says something terrible about the left that women have been let down badly enough for these men to provide any value.
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I wish I could fall asleep and not wake up again for weeks or months.
And now, on top of everything else, I got excruciating tooth pain again. Nothing to be done except take painkillers and hope it goes away.
Bernie is the only candidate that has a clear record of fighting for ALL people #Bernie2016…
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Almost nothing at #nn15 on climate. Nothing at all on UBI or post-capitalism. Very little on foreign policy. Epistemic closure. #nn15
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Oh fuck, water leaking thru the ceiling in this shithole too. Why is this a problem everywhere we move?!?
Would love to be able to hear #BernieSanders at #NN15 but not possible with slow dialup connection. :(
O'Malley is such a fake. Can't stand the guy.
#NN15TownHall What will u do for #lowincome contract workers? Currently 15.3% SE tax and NO #minwage, overtime, workers comp, benefits, etc.
Thank you @SusieMadrak: "I would never use #Uber. Cabs are a way for poor people to make a living who can't (cont)
Biggest problem is that ppl are so disillusioned with politics and gov't working only for the rich. They don't believe things can change.
Most ppl in our rural #lowincome community don't know who #BernieSanders is. I'm working on changing that. #Bernie2016
Join the #revolution! Stop big oil! Hillary Clinton's Biggest Bundlers Are Fossil Fuel Lobbyists… via @HuffPostPol
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Billionaires finance @HillaryClinton 2 make sure these policies continue. @BernieSanders only one fightin 4 #workingclass #poor #middleclass
Pols like @HilaryClinton and #Obama want us to believe that skyrocketing inequality just happens. No. It's the result of gov't policies.
#HilaryClinton may say the right things about wealth/income inequality & #economicjustice but like #Obama she bought & paid 4 by Wall Street
So #HilaryClinton's econ advisor says she won't support reinstatemnt of #GlassSteagall… What a shock! Not. #Bernie2016

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