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That's b/c #Hillary's corporate owners insist US uses its power to get rid of left-leaning governments that potentially threaten profits
#Hillary's Honduran Coup involvement shows she much like her BFF/advisor #Kissinger, overthrowing democratically-elected left-leaning gov'ts
#Hillary don't hesitate to send kids from poor+workingclass families to die in wars so the rich can get richer. Vote 4 HC=vote 4 endless war
Hillary voters so vile. These privileged sacks of shit don't give a damn about the ppl killed+maimed in criminal war…
No matter who wins they serve the rich & our lives get worse. Ppl finally have chance 2 vote 4 someone #NotForSale but prefer corrupt neolib
I'll join the millions who don't bother voting b/c it's pointless. Neither major party gives a fuck about us and Third Parties can't win.
Unless this country wakes the fuck up I'm gonna be done with politics after voting in June CA Primary.
At rate we goin 1% will own almost everything & bottom 90% almost nothing but progressives be happy long as enuf women+minorities+LGBT in 1%
The 1% love identity politics.Evry 4-8 yrs they'll pick a neoliberal who isnt str8 wht male+many "progressives" be thrilled 2 vote 4 him/her
If people without a garage can't charge electric cars up, then it doesn't matter how cheap they get.…
Retweeted by Sasha
Cultural relativism at its worst. FGM framed as "tradition", not basic human right to be protected from bodily harm.…
Retweeted by Sasha
Don't have $ to give but I'd be OUTRAGED if donated to @PPact & they spent my $ to defeat 100% #prochoice candidate!…
It's unsettling to me that people don't realize poverty, like apartheid and slavery, is a deliberate social construct created by the rich.
Retweeted by Sasha
We should be talkin bout how socialization into #ToxicMasculinity makes it more acceptable 4 men 2 lash out in rage+violence than ask 4 help
#ExcelShooting shows why more #guncontrol unlikely 2 stop mass shootings. So many guns in US ppl who not supposed to have gun can get 1 easy
"A man dominating a woman isn’t an alternative lifestyle. It’s about as conformist as a lifestyle can possibly be."…
Retweeted by Sasha
That post's comment thread has clueless progressive sayin how good this economy is so ppl won't want major changes. How outta touch can u be
Reason she had to drop out & get a f/t job instead of her brothers: She was only girl. Didn't matter she was way more academically inclined.
My mom's parents made her quit school after 10th grade cos they needed another income. But your privileged asses would kno nothin about that
"Progressives" making fun of ppl with little formal education… Total mystery why we can't stand ppl like u. #classism
Establishment Dems tryna figure out how 2 capture some of #Bernie magic (& fundraising power) 4 themselvs. LOL. Give it up; we fuckin hate u
Before Dem Primary, #Hillary wasn't my kinda pol but had no major animosity toward her. Now? After vile campaign she running, I despise her.
#Hillary running the most disgusting campaign ever. Truly revolting! So sorry they doing this to you. Stay strong.…
This Democratic Primary is an unmasking of so-called "progressives." We now know who's for real and who's just another corporatist pretender
Before death Betty Friedan understood #feminism didn't do enough to fight rich+powerful oppressing poor+workingclass…
I been there as have some of my friends. We could not afford to live alone. #poverty #inequality #fem2 #Bernie2016…
With Friends Like These...… If you not living in #poverty or drowning in debt, PLEASE think of us who do. #Bernie2016
The Definitive Encyclopedic Case For Why Hillary Clinton is the Wrong Choice… #HillaryClinton #Hillary #Hillary2016
What privilege! Never had the luxury of NOT "taking a job just for the money." And w/HRC in charge that won't change…
Sadly there r still many ppl who like the status quo with its massive corruption+inequality & think all we need is a bit of minor tinkering
Bill+Hillary #WelfareReform forced poor moms 2 wrk long hrs 4 #poverty pay & when now-unsupervsd kids had minor run-in w/law they lock em up
I'm done with a "#feminism" where I'm sposed 2 b excited bout rich women shattering glass ceilings while they won't even fight 4 basics 4 us
So when I hear pro-#TPP anti-#SinglePayer Claire McCaskill has cancer I can't bring myself to care. She sure don't care about women like me.
Last week was spitting up blood, then everything went black & passed out. Don't know what's wrong. Scary when you can't afford health care.
If society thinks #cabs provide a valuable service then it should ensure that #cabbies make a decent living #Justice #LivingWage
Retweeted by Sasha
Housing costs going up really isnt cause 4 celebration but media like 2 pretend we all homeowners w/stock portfolios…
Retweeted by Sasha
If you are thinking about voting for #HillaryClinton, I ask u to please read this… #WeCantWait #workingpoor #poverty
Got an email from my mom: She's more of a moderate but has never liked/trusted #HillaryClinton so will be going with #Bernie2016
Tell us @joanwalsh, in 08, NV Latinos went for HC 2:1; this time they went for #Bernie2016 by 8%, are they racist too? You+Brock = THE WORST
Retweeted by Sasha
No, home prices going up when wages are stagnant or falling isn't a good thing. It's a disaster!
@SophieInCT @MMonides @illiteratum Angela Merkel has done nothing to improve the situation for women in Germany. She's establishment.
Retweeted by Sasha
@SophieInCT @MMonides @illiteratum clinton is many things. But a change agent isn't one. She's an American Angela Merkel.
Retweeted by Sasha
Seriously. Fuck the corner office. Burn down the man in the corner office. Build a better society instead.
Retweeted by Sasha
Clinton feminism is about women getting the corner office. Bernie feminism is about rejecting the rigged rat race for the corner office.
Retweeted by Sasha
Used 2 think of Hillary as just another corp Dem. Not my kinda pol but no major animosity.Now cos of this I hate her…
Electing a woman is NOT "good for women" if she outsources our jobs, won't fight 4 #livingwage & health/dental care 4 all. Thatcher anyone?
What #Bernie proposes isnt radical. Ppl in Europe enjoy most or all of these benefits. It seems radical only if u been manipulated by the 1%
Retweeted by Sasha
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