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Sarah Weinman
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"I didn't do anything because it didn't seem like there was anything to do." Now Reva Seth has.… (h/t @Scaachi)
Never have "regrettably, the circumstances of our engagement have changed" sounded so ominous, damning, angry, you name it
Holy MACKEREL RT @mattdpearce So uh, Jian Ghomeshi's crisis-PR firm appears to have broken up with him.…
.@alex_shephard @jasonpinter increasingly sounds like a correlation/not-causality deal? (also checking)
Well golly this is *such* a splendid idea.…
BREAKING NEWS: Thomas M. Menino, Boston’s longest serving mayor, has died at 71
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From last night: more women speak up with detailed allegations against Jian Ghomeshi.…
Still holding a grudge the title got changed to IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU, apparently
Publisher Gives Waitress Six-Figure Book Deal.… (Of course it's more complicated than that.)
So everything that is happening in Canadian media now is super-controversial? This takes some getting used to
Excellent, the Complete Ebola-Quarantine Reading Guide by @kathrynschulz has arrived.…
I've yet to see "it's about ethics in literary journalism" get bandied about, I guess that's a good thing
MetroCards as surveillance beacons, as seen through Craig Spencer getting busted for lying about his movements.…
Reading a month-old thinkpiece is like drinking long-expired milk
!! RT @DavidGrann Wow. After more than four decades, the quest to recover Orson Welles’s final opus may be realized:
The exclusive story of American journalist Theo Padnos, kidnapped in Syria and held for nearly 2 yrs by Nusra Front:
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No longer a rumor. RT @mlcalderone: Matt Taibbi leaves First Look Media:
When you think you are only going to read a few pages and then lose track of time and realize you have read the entire book in one sitting
Never gets old, never stops being spooky.
I crossed off all my items on today's to-do list, now what
Great list (and thx!) MT @thisisjendoll some seasonally creepy (delightfully so!) books by women for @ELLEmagazine…
If anyone has read The Shadow Knows by Diane Johnson...WTF was up with that ending?!?!?!
Also while I'm confusing myself, I suppose Cumberbatch would be decent casting for a DR. STRANGELOVE remake
I mean Assata Shakur would be the subject of an amazing biopic
I thought people were getting really excited about a blockbuster film about the Black Panthers. That I would watch.
When @LauraMLippman and Lauren Henderson rode the Orient Express from London to Tuscany.…
"Jian Ghomeshi is my friend, and Jian Ghomeshi beats women. How our friendship will continue remains to be seen."…
Zoe Heller and @AnnaHolmes consider the question of whether relationships have ended because of bookish tastes.…
[insert insane laughter about ridiculous publishing news here]
Oh. RT @PublishersLunch Book Vibe Claims to Have "Predicted" Booker Winner Based On Tweets; Will Try Again for NBAs
FYI RT @jeremoss Tell the MTA to give Posman Books a new lease in Grand Central. Please sign and share the petition.
I am reading Diane Johnson's 1974 novel THE SHADOW KNOWS and it is domestic suspense on steroids. Very weird, but I'm going with it.
When you wake up and already must deal with with microaggressions
"It’s called escapist fiction, but then all literature should be escapist..." Art Taylor interviews Otto Penzler
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Tory, Tory hallelujah?
An unexpected surprise nestled within Kay Redfield Jamison's brilliant 1995 memoir AN UNQUIET MIND. She made good!
Is it Canadiansplaining or Canucksplaining
Katherine Adams, the daughter of Abby Adams Westlake and stepdaughter of Donald Westlake, went missing October 11.…