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Sarah Weinman
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I figured Russ Grandinetti would merit a profile from a major publication. Turns out to be the Observer.…
Reminiscent of when Aline Chretien warded off burglars in the PM's home back in the day.…
BREAKING: Gov. Perry indicted by grand jury in case related to a budget veto involving funding for the Travis Co. DA's office last year.
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Jeremiah Healy, author of the Cuddy novels, took his life yesterday. It's not right. It never is.
So Google *did* kill Blog Search earlier this week. I wondered what was up with that.
Fascinating, and surprisingly Canadian, story about how "Flashdance" screwed over the dancers the film was based on.…
Deleting posts is evil --because living with your own stupidity forever is a vital way to prevent bad journalism.…
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MT @BenjySarlin Ferguson police beat up a suspect (the wrong guy) then charged him with bleeding on their uniforms.…
Good thing Book Culture got all that union stuff dealt with (?) because they want to open another location in UWS.…
Want a crash course in unreliable narration? Check out the current actions of the Ferguson Police Department.
The name of the officer who shot #MikeBrown has been named. His name is Darren Wilson, a 6-year veteran of the #Ferguson police department.
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#Ferguson police chief late but IS on his way here to announce officer's name. I'll cover on @CBSRadioNews network.
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#BREAKING I'm only reporter to confirm with Chief Jackson that the news conference will NOT HAPPEN at @QuikTrip #Ferguson @KMOV
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Of course this happens with any category trend. A book hits, publishers rush to replicate success with lesser versions, rinse, repeat cycle.
Dystopian fiction is passé, says Lois Lowry. She's right because the market got glutted with watered-down books.…
Buried in this silly but amusing piece on Martin Amis: THE ZONE OF INTEREST is "heavily embargoed"? Not in the US!…
Retweeted plenty of rough pictures out of Ferguson. Glad to be retweeting this one now.
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Big revolving door day in publishing, as Sarah Durand & Malaika Adero were laid off from Atria, and Bill Clegg's setting up his own shop.
It begins. RT @dwallbank: BREAKING: Rep. Clay Says St. Louis County Police to be Relieved of Duty #Ferguson
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Pissing off the Orwell estate: not one of Amazon's finer moves.…
Quote of the day goes to @AntonioFrench "Our civil rights don't expire at 9pm" during post arrest interview with @RyanDeanKSDK
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"This is not America"? It is. Too many just keep forgetting.
"Server Is Too Busy." Gee I wonder why.…