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Sarah Seeds
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Heat/hot water back on. I'm going to pretend this morning didn't exist. Now, to take the longest shower ever. #Winning
Double booked across the board. This month is crazy!
Woke up with no heat/hot water. Not cool. #nope
Finally sleep. Tomorrow? A gig in the AM, an agent meeting in the evening, followed by ACTIVATE! A benefit for Theatre of the Oppressed NYC.
“I feel there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”~ Vincent van Gogh #quotes #VanGogh
When you're signing that "deal memo," you know things are official. #filmlife
It's only Wednesday, but it's been an excellent week. Finished a 4-week comedy intensive, booked some gigs, and started to pitch a project.
Remember Megan from "Drake & Josh"? This is her now, feel old yet?
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Love is making your partner tea, heating up a heating pad and getting a netipot ready. My JST is the best. #thisislove #relaxed #love
Hey C Train... What's the deal? #YouSuck
This day... It needs to be over. It's non stop. It needs to be 11pm tonight and I can slow down a breathe. #ManicMonday
I can't B late to things even if I try (pretty much always 2early). It's mostly a blessing but also a curse... Esp since every1 else is late
It's a Ravens vs Steelers night. Go Ravens! #BALvsPIT #braceyourselves #rivalry
Woke up at 8:30.... Didn't need to get up until 10. Laaaame.
Raphael has returned. Turtle on a half shell....
when dracula gets that job and not u #biteprivilege
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I have reached Season 7 ep 17 of Gilmore Girls... I realize the end is near. I'm not happy about it. #WhatCanIBingeNow
I don't care what you say, blowing into N64 cartridges makes them work. It's science. #gamer #n64 #nintendo
@SarahSeeds I got a box of Boo-Berry Cereal so I'll likely just cut the mask off the back of the box
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@SarahSeeds Know the feeling, casually just picked a last minute costume (US Sheriff). With that and the beard, it's Rick Grimes this year.
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So anyways (changing topics) whats everyone being for #Halloween!? I feel uninspired this year.
@SarahSeeds @tepes1291 if guys complimented your clothes hair and features EVERYDAY OF YOUR LIFE you'd find it harassing after some time too
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Bubble wrap doesn't excite me anymore. I've officially become an adult.... Or jaded. #thecircleoflife
@SarahSeeds that's some shit you wait till he comes to move his car for
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Daaaammmmn. Dude lives life on the edge!!! #nyc #parking
Netipot, you clutch betch. U work wonders. Shoutout 2 Vitamin C,E, & A. #IcouldBreatheWhenIWokeUpToday #ForTheRecovery #IStartedWritingAgain
It's funny how when you're in your element sleep becomes an afterthought.
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NJ production office is up and running. Now casting, writing, scheduling, locations and then we shoot. 🎥#themintmoviee@AutomaticArtPicc
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"The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you." -'Bob'/Bill Murray "Lost in Translation" @yeayoyork
Stopped checking emails. Vitamin C. OJ. Bubble bath. Tea. N64. 4 blankets. 2 fat cats. 1 boyfriend. Soup. Sleep. Recover. #WorkTomorrow
In this life we cannot always do great things. But we can do small things with great love. -Mother Teresa
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Torture device: cats tiny needle feet walking all over you all morning. #Torture #WeShouldHarnessThisPower
Last minute self-taped audition for one of the best shows on TV! I'll take it. #shotanddone #work #TV #audition
Watch a Woman Experience 100 Instances of Street Harassment In One Day.… #catcalling #YesAllWomen
Big interview today AND I just got word that I'll have a supporting role in another feature film with some heavy hitters attached! #film
To my #vegan and non vegan friends, if you ever are feeling sick and don't have the energy to cook, #Progresso Lentil soup is a lifesaver!
I can't get sick. I don't have time. (Does anyone?) SO much awesome stuff happening. I. CAN'T. GET. SICK. #vitaminC #thestruggle