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Sarah Seeds
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To my #vegan and non vegan friends, if you ever are feeling sick and don't have the energy to cook, #Progresso Lentil soup is a lifesaver!
I can't get sick. I don't have time. (Does anyone?) SO much awesome stuff happening. I. CAN'T. GET. SICK. #vitaminC #thestruggle
This dinner will nourish me back to health...feed me @SarahSeeds #bias #dindin #yay
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This game. This freaking game. #BALvsCIN
My proudest moment is when I was a kid, I realized in Duck Hunt, you could control the duck with the second player control pad.
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Yeaterday, I essentially didn't focus on "work" for the majority of the day. It was awesome. #workaholic #TypeA
Curious, each time I’ve mentioned donations to my nonprofit, my website is almost immediately DDoSed and knocked offline. #butitsaboutethics
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Last night I tweeted about how toxic forms of violent masculinity can be harmful to men and boys. #gamergate is still harassing me for it.
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French fries with various condiments and bloody marys. Breakfast of champions. #AfternoonHoboBrunch
Thank you so much for the supportive comments. It's been a tough 24 hours but worth it because of your responses. <3
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Today is #OrangeDay. Wear orange & mobilize to ensure safe public spaces for women & girls.
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Big network audition, promotional modeling, dinner party (w/ cards against humanity), then bar hopping and ending up at a friends bday party
Crazy day of meetings, a staged reading and prep for a big network TV audition :-) #busybee #tv #AuditionLife
A million places to be today. This weather isn't helping... But what can you do but get it done! #werk
Tacos. Beer. Dawn of the Dead. N64. Our night > your night.
I've just heard one of the most positive and powerful spoken word artists on the D train. Word. #ilovenyc
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is my fave #Beatles album. The White Album comes close. Whats everyone elses fave?#TheBeatles
The first White House website, which went live 20 years ago today
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Excellent class tonight with CD Jodi Collins! Such a funny group of people :-) @oneononenycla #WeSoFunny
My pillow is better than yours. My pillow is my cat. #cats
If there's a hell, mine would be accidentally having your alarm on mute and waking up 5 min before you have to be somewhere. #ThisHappened
Trying to figure out this #MRA thing: The main threat to men's rights is...other men, right? So is MRA anti-men or just stupid? #NoMRA
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As you prepare for your week, think of you'll bring your best all day every day. Let your light shine &make it happen! #beamazing #livebig
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No excuse for not trying to understand women's, LTBTQ+, or PoC issues, at least on SOME level thanks to social media. #StopGamerGate2014
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Everything in life worth having requires risk.
Violence and hate against people in any form is almost always rooted in insecurity.
A man with no imagination has no wings. - Muhammad Ali
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Look, for those in positions of power and privilege, silence IS, in fact, complicity. You can’t be neutral on a moving train.
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If you support harassment either directly or implicitly by group affiliation, please don't play my games.
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Anita Sarkeesian on GamerGate: "We have a problem and we're going to fix this."
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You know who is my goddamn hero these days? Anita Sarkeesian. She's right, brave and not backing down. All my respect and admiration.
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Bloody Mary's at 7pm. I live life on the edge. #BizarroBrunch
Awesome day! Conference calls on an upcoming gig, finished planning an upcoming shoot/project, and an audition. #TGIF #youbetterwork
The C train is a complete and utter pirate hooker... and not in a good way. #IdontEvenKnowWhatImSaying
Coffee is love. Coffee is life.
“Don’t settle. Don’t finish crappy books. If you don’t like the menu, leave... If you’re not on the right path, get off it.” –Chris Brogan
The campaign to destroy me professionally continues. They're targeting my game Revolution 60. Please RT!
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I don't have time for "lazy days". 🙅
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#Lasthouroftheday If you are feeling at all frustrated with a lack of progress, take a step back and acknowledge success takes time #Doitnow
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