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Sarah Price, Author
At the new fa!!!!! #horses #farmgirl
And Pica wants the blue jay babies too #bird #dreamon
I'm being smothered!!! #cats
I love so many of the @seatonhackneystables riders. This gal is one of my favorite daughters-in-love! I gave her lessons when she was wee little! Today, she's so advanced that she is too great a rider for one of our fabulous thoroughbred horses that is used for beginners! We are looking for a specia
So yeah...someone sent a really rude and ridiculous email to my hub today. I am so tired of dumb comments from people who refuse to admit they did silly (read: dumb) things to create awful situations in their own lives. This woman really upset him and it was not his fault. #tiredofrudepeople #learnt
My piggy is molting!!!! #pig
I just was helping a young girl who is going family issues. I told her the above advice. And then it dawned on me that "moving on" as I so often had to do, even when wrongfully blamed, shows how strong I am. Living by example is the only way. Faking a life and blaming others, especially when they sp
Lowes. New favorite store! #farm #yay #spendinglotsof$$$$
Setting up bird stations at our new farm in Flanders! Can't wait to see them!!!!!! #farm #birds #yay
Joining the Snapchat world...again. Thanks Cat and Caroline and Julia for MAKING me DO this!!!! 😑 you better snapchat me! #snapchat
In Morristown! At Kings! No way!!!!! #happydance #amish #yay
That person who doesn't bag her own groceries and then writes a check....yeah. Her. 😑
Coffee and horses! Gooooood morning! 😎
Too @0mgitscat not to share!!!! πŸ’– obviously from quite a few years ago. 😜 obviously writing is in her blood! Girl if I can find a unicorn. I'd go to the moon and back so u could love it
Off to surgery in style,,,.voom voom!!!!!!
Marc...we all knew there was an alien in there somewhere!!!!!!
Dies the fuzzy chick look like he's ginormous???? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #birdzilla
New farm! Yay! #horses #farm life
Look what I got today???? Going hiking with my Cat and my dog!!! @0mgitscat 😻 and πŸΆπŸ©πŸ•
Squeee!!!! πŸŒ‹ sometimes my mind can't wrap around this! Eight new books!!!!!! #janeausten πŸ’– my publishers
Road trip to new farm..,#happiness #cool #excited
Saw this on FB. How true!!!!
The girls (and Dylan!) celebrating @jess_garr birthday in style!!!!! Happy birthday Cowgirl Jess!!!!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
New babies...#fisharefriends
Pony races @seatonhackneystables with @_caroline_clark and @_caroline_clark0917 and @0mgitscat
How people perceive you reflects on their character. How you react to it reflects on yours. #qotd
Two of my half-daughters!!! @seatonhackneystables with @j.dlugosz and @jess_garr
With my girl @my.haflinger.warrior @seatonhackneystables
Wahoooo! New book arrived! Third in my Jane Austen series. This one retells Persuasion. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– #janeausten #amreading #author
A good day's training! @monchethemustang and cat #horses #youthmustangchallenge
First time on Levi in two years! Wow! #missedhim #stealinghimback 😁 #horses
Oooooo new smooth dancing dress???? 😏 #dance
Because every single tool I own is gone!!!!! Locked in my closet. #hatethieves
cat and @wapzequine #horses
One year ago, I'd never knew how much change I'd survive. All for the better but tough to get Rosanna from An Empty Cup. #books #depression
Mother's Day dinner...#yum #lobstereocks
The show life #horses #seatonhackneystsbles. 😜
Morning at the barn...lots of horses today...Sussex fairgrounds. #too early
Because, really, who DOESN'T love Jeep Wranglers?????? #Beyerchrysler #morristown

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