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Sarah Millican
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The brilliant “@Benny_Norris: is on tour Go see! here's the poster..(oh Derby is tbc since 'the fire' )
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I feel oldest when I'm rolling my eyes at fucking Uberfacts cack. "@UberFacts: Women look their oldest every Wednesday at 3:30PM.”
You'll be pleased to know my gash covered cake is going down well. #ganache
I'm glad it's nothing jammy as the zombie film is in full force now.
I just sang happy birthday to my beloved. Here is my dark chocolate & orange cake. Comics do things at weird times.
In other news. The cake is out of the oven and looks edible. I haven't spread my gash on it yet though.
They are sawing a man's head off. I might have to go and do the dishes.
There's a zombie coming! Hold me, Twitter.
We're watching a zombie film (husband's choice) & I'm already shitting it.Stay close, Twitter.Stay close. *puts all lights on to go for wee*
Whenever I hear the word 'ganache', l think 'gash'. My chocolate gash is cooling.
Currently boiling an orange for the first time.
As well as my husband's birthday, it is also our son's. Happy Birthday Chief Brody.
Off to make a birthday cake. Wish me luck. I'll post a pic if it isn't a total disaster.
It's my lovely husband's birthday. He gets to decide what we do today. I'm guessing meat and horror films.
@SarahMillican75: My husband says Game of Thrones is like Dynasty with dragons... it's not…
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In much happier news the 5 chihuahuas who were stolen the other day have been FOUND! Thanks everyone for ur RTs x
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Just watched Games of thrones for the 1st time since I dabbled at the start.King Joffrey looks different to when he was in Coming to America
Still buzzing from trying out new material last night. *claps*
If you missed .@wiggywalsh on BBC Radio 4's The News Quiz, Friday, you can listen to the hilarious episode here!:…
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I had a dream last night that I'm not going to tell you about. You're welcome.
1) Get an Easter Egg. 2) Poke a hole in the top. 3) Pour in Angel Delight. 4) Cry with sheer joy at the beauty of it.
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The gig runs on the 2nd Sunday of the month at Brum Glee & only £3 to get in if you book online.You should totally go. Next one is May 11th.
Had much fun @TheGleeClub tonight. Thanks to the ace staff, lovely audience & Jo Enright for the gig. And to Albert for my hot cross buns. X