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Sarah Silverman
comedian actor writers 5,202,905 followers
You should see the other guy. (Other guy=my dog)
I don't like that Hollywood high's girls bball team is the LADY Sheiks. Pitch: The Khaleesis
When I see a woman w huge fake tits I get this impulse to hold her & tell her she's beautiful & deserves love
If ur gay & have a gay sib & watch #GOT please will u call your ma "Mother Of Fagons"? (or shall I just go fuck myself)
It's so cool to see this kind of series on the web. Beautiful & odd & yet everyday - @DanStevens @HMwebseries
I took a puff before bed & now I really want to practice how to put make-up on I CANT CONTROL WHAT MY HEART WANTS
Your daughter will be as comfortable with the shape of her body as you are with yours
I doodled a bubble-lettered swastika. I shall call it "Holocaust High" (Sorry.)
Tweet @BBCRadio2 Suggestions please: WHAT SONGS SHOULD BE IN A MOVIE THAT HASNT? @michaelsheen 89.1
UK!! @michaelsheen is on BBC Radio2 at 8pm your time - listen to him curate rad music before u go out 2nite
stupid Chewy Spree. you're a cruel mistress
I want a man that loves my boobs but also loves what's INSIDE my boobs
All dogs are named Maggie
Cult-run restaurants make the best food
It's likely I will look back on my life & feel I spent my hours on the wrong things. To that I say whoopsies
What's the etiquette on where to rest ur balls/asshole hand 4 post-coital cuddling (asking for my hand)
Bros & sissies for women's (&animal) rights: let's find Mitch a forever home…