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Sarah Brown
"All countries must endorse the #LucensGuidelines and protect schools from attack." via @SarahBrownUK
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Gordon's short tribute to the great Richard Attenborough… @OfficeGSBrown
End of an era with the passing of Richard Attenborough, great actor/director, true gent w/a strong social conscience
Songs that Count - this is cute, thanks @greteltruong for the musical lift for #EducationCountdown
@SarahBrownUK it marks the day British Dr Ronald Ross discovered female mozzies transmit malaria leading to discoveries to #DefeatMalaria
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Support today's #EducationCountdown - search the hashtag to find out what's happening. Do it! @aworldatschool is where it's at!
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#TheWorldNeedsMore #HumanitarianHeroes for the #EducationCountdown to get every child into school & learning by the end of 2015 #WHD2014
Here's what YOU can do in the #EducationCountdown to provide education & safe schools in emergencies @aworldatschool
100 organisations support launch of the EducationCountdown campaign | A World At School…
Count me in for the #EducationCountdown. We have 500 days to get every child into school and learning.
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The ballot entry system for the 2015 Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 is now open. Contact Theirworld to guarantee your place #RideLondon
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In 2000, the @UN set a goal of getting every child in school by 2015. We've got 500 days left → #EducationCountdown
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For every year of schooling a girl gets her yearly income increases by 10%. - @SarahBrownUK #MDGMomentum
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Investing in a girl means she grows up to be a woman who can give back to her family and her community, says @SarahBrownUK #MDGMomentum
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Thanks so much to His Excellency @CountVonCount for providing such a top notch #EducationCountdown - follow him directly for more counting!
Count von Count: Hey @sesamestreet look who took over @SarahBrownUK twitter page. Next up, #10downingstreet
Count von Count: This is one time when counting less means doing more #EducationCountdown
Count von Count: Can I count on you to help reach my favorite number? #EducationCountdown
Count von Count: I’m thinking of a number between 0 and 58 million. Can you guess what it is? #EducationCountdown
Count von Count: @aworldatschool I’m counting on you to help me count down to zero #EducationCountdown
Count von Count: I love to count backwards. 58,000,000, 57,999,999, 57,999,998…I’ve got a lot of counting to do #EducationCountdown
Five hundred! Five hundred days to get 58million children in school. You can count on me for the #EducationCountdown!
Thirty. Thirty seconds is all it takes! You can count on the Count for the #EducationCountdown, can I count on you?
Count von Count: I’m counting on you to help me count down to zero #EducationCountdown
Fifty-eight million is a BIG number! It's how many children need help getting to school. Together, we can get to zero