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Sarah Brown
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"All countries must endorse the #LucensGuidelines and protect schools from attack." via @SarahBrownUK
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Gordon's short tribute to the great Richard Attenborough… @OfficeGSBrown
End of an era with the passing of Richard Attenborough, great actor/director, true gent w/a strong social conscience
Songs that Count - this is cute, thanks @greteltruong for the musical lift for #EducationCountdown
@SarahBrownUK it marks the day British Dr Ronald Ross discovered female mozzies transmit malaria leading to discoveries to #DefeatMalaria
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Support today's #EducationCountdown - search the hashtag to find out what's happening. Do it! @aworldatschool is where it's at!
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#TheWorldNeedsMore #HumanitarianHeroes for the #EducationCountdown to get every child into school & learning by the end of 2015 #WHD2014
Here's what YOU can do in the #EducationCountdown to provide education & safe schools in emergencies @aworldatschool
100 organisations support launch of the EducationCountdown campaign | A World At School…
Count me in for the #EducationCountdown. We have 500 days to get every child into school and learning.
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The ballot entry system for the 2015 Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 is now open. Contact Theirworld to guarantee your place #RideLondon
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In 2000, the @UN set a goal of getting every child in school by 2015. We've got 500 days left → #EducationCountdown
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For every year of schooling a girl gets her yearly income increases by 10%. - @SarahBrownUK #MDGMomentum
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Investing in a girl means she grows up to be a woman who can give back to her family and her community, says @SarahBrownUK #MDGMomentum
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Thanks so much to His Excellency @CountVonCount for providing such a top notch #EducationCountdown - follow him directly for more counting!
Count von Count: Hey @sesamestreet look who took over @SarahBrownUK twitter page. Next up, #10downingstreet
Count von Count: This is one time when counting less means doing more #EducationCountdown
Count von Count: Can I count on you to help reach my favorite number? #EducationCountdown
Count von Count: I’m thinking of a number between 0 and 58 million. Can you guess what it is? #EducationCountdown
Count von Count: @aworldatschool I’m counting on you to help me count down to zero #EducationCountdown
Count von Count: I love to count backwards. 58,000,000, 57,999,999, 57,999,998…I’ve got a lot of counting to do #EducationCountdown
Five hundred! Five hundred days to get 58million children in school. You can count on me for the #EducationCountdown!
Thirty. Thirty seconds is all it takes! You can count on the Count for the #EducationCountdown, can I count on you?
Count von Count: I’m counting on you to help me count down to zero #EducationCountdown
Fifty-eight million is a BIG number! It's how many children need help getting to school. Together, we can get to zero
It is I, the Count from @sesamestreet, ready to take over @SarahBrownUK in 3, 2,1...Ah ah ah!
MT "@johnwoodRTR: You know we're in & you can count on us. 1,800 schools & >16,000 libraries! With more to come!" <Gr8 work at Room to Read
Impressive work by team @aworldatschool V busy planning big campaign activities over next 48hrs - follow the action #EducationCountdown
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Crunching the numbers to get 58million children learning is a lot of work, but you can Count on my special guest for #EducationCountdown
Excited to share that a truly timeless education enthusiast will take over my account for a special #EducationCountdown event! Count you in?
Start of the week is so busy with host of announcements, policy docs and focus on 500days to MDG deadline - how to find time to even tweet?
Uprising of Love Benefit For Global Equality - Gershwin Theatre Sep 15, 2014 @NederlanderBway #Ticketmaster…
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Breaking News: Sting & Patti LuPone to Headline UPRISING OF ...
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Investing in girls' education is the smart & right thing to do. Tune in 8/18 10am ET: #MDGMomentum
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Thanks v much MT : @monk_laura: "'Women who lead, read'. Very inspiring foreword to Laura Bates' @EverydaySexism book by @SarahBrownUK"
now to return my attention to things that might do some good - like this brilliant Thunderclap for global education
just been in a long phone queue just to take my name off some London council register selling my address *soul-destroying* hour (yes, HOUR!)
If you've never done a thunderclap, THIS is the one to try. The #EducationCountdown to help get @aworldatschool
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Amazing to think that we are approaching the 500 Day point before MDG deadline next week - a fair way to go to meet all the promises!
“Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.” Lauren Bacall
“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world” - Robin Williams.
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#MentalHealthMatters for the inclusion of every single child in reaching her or his full potential through #education
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