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This is what I do with my free time @mistercap
Throwbackk with my partner in crime (; @sadaryaa_
"In life, people come and go, but only true friends leave footprints behind." 👣 #throwback #walkingthestreets with @courtney253_
#oldpic #sept24 #nwts 🔫
Last night was active 🔫 | @sadaryaa_
ιғ looĸѕ coυld ĸιll wə woυld нavə вəən dəad 💀 . тнιѕ rəally внə мy мғ вəѕтғrιənd 👭 ιм 💯ιт вəнιnd нər . ιlyooн вəѕт 💞
❄️👣⛄️ | @courtney253_
You hate me, but you don't know me, how cute.
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Main bitch (: @courtney253_
Time magazines definition of a perfect body in 1955...
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Some girls should just stop trying to look so cool on Instagram , you look like a wannabe .
@LlFEHACKER: The best is yet to come”
Don't avoid cameras during your years in school or on vacation/holiday. You might not want to now, but you'll appreciate it later.
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You can request a copy of the file the FBI has on you by sending a letter.
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Drake on Saturday night live >> 😍👌
@WizKhalllifa: Care less, and you won't be so stressed.”
Person Is Typing…..😊 Person stops typing 😱 Person Is Typing…..☺ Person stops typing😑 Person Is Typing 😦 Person: “😊” 😠 I HATE That! 😡
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