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Annnndddd.....somehow I ended up at international night at Bar Italia. Has any one ever been here before?
Criminal Minds has made me on such high alert it's impossible to make any new friends.
Vanity and your friend Sap.
Nose Piercings and Love. She's 6, btw.
Ate that ice cream up in about 60 seconds flat!
At India Palace eating THE BEST pistachio ice cream I've ever had. #yeezuschristsoyum
My one year anniversary with my little today!! @BBBSEMO
1 year anniversary with my little today!!! ☆★☆★☆…
Sultry music with some sexy people. Good friends are worth everything.
EW. Look at this #OkCupid message I got today. SICKO!!
How do you train your cat to sit on your shoulder? Tried to put Bindi on my shoulder yesterday and she scratched the shit outta my face.
"@pilotbacon: the asshole who just catcalled at me should probably be forced to return his "#1 Dad" shirt" YASS.
Turns out Ballpark Village is definitely not a place I would just go to hang out.
Just saw the most epic gif today. Thought I'd share. Enjoy!! #giggle
How cute is this little bugger?
Back home to my little chicken nugget! #kittycuddles
Border line bright. #Mexico #Texas @ U.S. Mexico Border
Destination: Brownsville, TX
Nixon to order St. Louis County Police be taken off Brown investigation—not yet clear who will take over:
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I can't stress how much I hate United. Rude and completely unorganized.
"@vivalablackgirl: The KKK threatened to bomb our bus. This was 2007. RT @saprocks @vivalablackgirl that's awful!"
make sure you're keeping track of all these black women standing up for black men's lives. Same ones yall talk shit about all day on here
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"@Anti_Intellect: @saprocks It's in my recent images." THANK YOU. I'm glad it going viral.
Today’s aim must be de-escalation in #Ferguson & allowing peaceful protest to continue. We can achieve this #stlouis
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On my way to Houston. Keep me updated Twitter! My feed is my only source of what's actually going on.
6 hours ago Ryan Reilly introduced himself to me in a McDonalds. Then we ended up in jail. Wonder what he's got planned for our second date
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Not once, since that Black child was murdered, have I depended on or relied on a fucking CNN or AP. The PEOPLE there have informed us.
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If you have been trained to believe that it is not "news" until some corporate owned media bull shit tells you it is, you have failed.
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My heart and mind goes out. From #Gaza to #Ferguson.
We must've forgotten that we were dehumanized since we were brought here from Africa ... & we're still dehumanized.
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Excessive use of force whether during an arrest or a protest is not acceptable. Getting answers this morning from @stlcountypd.
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I don’t think we should call them police anymore.
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From watching Headline News, #Ferguson is looking a lot like a war right now.
RT @ezraklein: "What happened last night on the streets of Missouri was a national disgrace" <> Just last night? Lol. Oh, White people.
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How could you say that discrimination would end it Black people "do better" Aren't we tired of playing the game of respectability politics?
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"My first move is to run to an ATM to get some cash to get some of my people out of jail." - @AntonioFrench
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I basically took just a nap & woke up to get right back to tweeting. Looking for truth, any more word on violence by protesters? #Ferguson
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Apparently, in America, in 2014, police can manhandle you, take you into custody, put you in cell & then open the door like it didn't happen
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What we saw in Ferguson last night was weapons meant for a faraway war turned homeward.…
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And he just proposed!!! #bittersweet. #rollingmyeyes.
Watching headline news, and that anchor lady just told these two people who lost a bunch of weight "I bet you love each other more now."