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I was a fool for love.
Mr. Bonkers J. Pinciotti
My cat doesn't feel any sympathy for me.
Can anyone come and save me from a little heartache right now? Please and thanks. :*(
Go home, Rich something #miamifinals
Omg Solomon Harvey you so hotttttt!!! #miamifinals
Everyday with this little monster Bindi.
"@pickyazalea: I'm on viber! @saprocks" holllllaaaaaa #lovesya
I sadly had friends like that.
Poor Violet, all her friends are not her true friends.
Watching Daria is making my night x1000 better.
Lipstick today. What do you think? @ Heman Park
Who's going to this Handmade Happy Hour at @LucasParkGrille tonight? #leggo
Vino with my main bish, waffle_fries ♥♡ you're welcome to tell us how pretty and awesome we are.
Who wants to see a pic of me and my friend Simba? Well, here you go!
Aren't we the cutest? ☆★☆★
Wow, the Arch needs to be mote organized and managed. #upatthetopkindablows
Apparently, I have secrets because I'm Pisces...
Happy hour tonight at 6 if y'all wanna come!! @ Patrick's Restaurant and Sports Bar
STORY OF MY LIFE: when people ask why I always look pissed via @imgur
YEAP. | Classic Colbert... via @imgur
Here’s an idea, LeBron retires to play baseball.
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I have sailed a 1,000 ships to you, but my messages don't seem to make it through.
My eldest daughter saw my tummy stretch marks n said "I made those. They're my first artwork." What a beautiful thought. #motherhood
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Confetti and rando dudes at the #girltalk girltalk #budweiser tour/thingy/#stl show at
"@girltalk: i'm playing the pageant in st louis tonight!!" Yeap. There is confetti permanently embedded into my heart forever. #thanks
I've seen too much bio degradable jewelry at this #MadeinAmerica show @saprocks
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Who cares about this Lindsay Manchester chick, let's move on to Girl Talk. Leggo. #madeinamerica
Holy crapola, there a lot of people here at this @girltalk #madeinamerica thing at @ThePageantSTL. #YEEZUS
Who else is at this Girl talk thing? #madeinamerica
@saprocks We're unveiling our cool new centennial T-shirt at the 7/10 happy hour at Patrick's. First 25 there get a tee. #BeThere
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7208 Ladies, American style. 2014
Your best friend Sap and her best friend named pizza. pc: @vkfu