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Hot chocolate, not just the drink but me ;) #holla #yabish #imdone #winter #desi
If you ask him if he does it everyday, he says he does it often. #obsessedwiththistrack
In my city, I'm a young god.
The Weeknd. I'm. Done.
I woke up like dis...with Bindi on my face. #dafaq
#tbt to when I was the original Canadian Diva.
I was sleep stickering pics at 4am.
Someone please find OJ or I'm gonna cry buckets. :( :( :*( #stl #RT #regram #stlouis #brbcrying
Kisses and Skulls. ♡♥♡♥
Tina and bollywood hallobish. #halloween I don't remember anything after this point. #dead
Spider web inspired nailart.
Ginger spice with a ukulele.
Happy Diwali, everyone! Favorite holiday of the year! #desi #happydiwali #browntown ♥☆★☆★♡
Okay, I'm done. Wow, binge watching GG has made me back into a CW 16 year old girl.
DUMP Logan, Rory! Again, what is up with tools with money on this show?! Go find Jess, and marry him!
Anna Nardini is a tool. Hate her mucho.
Lorelei, what is wrong with you?! Why did you marry Christopher? All he does is flash his money & it's annoying AF. & a kid he barely sees!
Can't sleep, so I'm going to tweet my thoughts on Gilmore Girls. First, where the hell is Lane's dad? Is he dead? Is he away on business?!
Omfggg April. Zip it for Pete's sake! Even my cat is rolling her eyes at you.
The pumpkin I painted and bedazzled, you like?
Ughs! When Luke finds out he has a kid, the show begins to suck and everything and everyone can go home.
So U City popo dept is freaking creepy, inside & out. It looks as though I traveled back in time to a shitty 80's movie set. *goosepimples*
Bindi says "wish sap good luck on her first day of her new job tomorrow!" #goodnight
Remember the time a white guy shot at police and the pulled out his white privilege card and the cops stood down? Me neither #shawshooting
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#WhitePrivilege makes you believe that if you work hard, obey the law and don't look for trouble, you'll never have to fear for your life.
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KIRKO BANGZ | Jokin' baby, I'm pimp tight. #HOLDUP
Just for the record @FamilyFeudAU most women I know are educated professionals too busy for housework. Get with the times #everydaysexism
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Little kitty bunny sound asleep. I'm dead from cuteness. #dead #brbdying #cat #catofinstagram
Having the same problems today. Where did they all go?!…
If anyone's gonna be at Brennons later tonight should congratulate me on my new job change. #reachingnewheightsbishes
Need. Pizza. NOW.
This morning has been all about @TheWindTheWave. Ready for this Friday to be glorious. It's all about the journey and it can't wait.
Buzzed in Webster Groves with 15 Jilly's Cupcakes. #dafaqidonow
"@BBBSEMO: @saprocks @kyleluetters Will we see you at our 10/9 happy hour at Llywelyn's in Webster Groves? #BeThere" Absolutely!
We're being #weird at 1:30 this morning. This Korean sticker app is the shit.
I don't really understand what's really going on here, but it and I happened. #grovefest #stl #bubbles
Picking out Bindi's halloween costume. What do y'all think about this one? #bindisfirsthalloween
Live tweeting my thoughts from under my bed. How I ended up here is a mystery.
I wish I could eat all the cheese pizza in the world.