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Sanjay Manjrekar… Dev Anand Sadhana & the great M.Rafi at their respective peaks create magic on screen of Ind cinema. Must watch this!
True love is giving up the window seat. For life. Happily.
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Indian football is about to enter a new era, you can’t miss this! Watch #HeroISL LIVE TODAY at 3:30 PM IST on
@sanjaymanjrekar many hav a problem with wearing blinkers of knowledge as they listen less n react more !!!
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Amazed how hasty people are to react. I said hope this inngs is start of a journey. Which means more such inngs from Raina to get into tests
One of the best odi inngs in overseas conditions by an Ind batsmen. Hope this is start of Rainas journey back into Ind test team.
my sister, a simple woman, an extraordinary social entrepreneur. never talks about what she's done. a moving story.…
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Shoaib Akhtar & me in the drizzle of Bristol. As you can see I want the junior commentator to earn his stripes :)
Just heard on BBC the sad news of Richard Attenborough passing away. Exceptional man ! May his soul rest in peace.
Interesting scenario in our hotel bar.Typical celebratory scenes on TV after a T20 finals but people in bar completely disconnected with it
@devikambing: It's great if you're wondering where n what to eat in England! - dont read this on empty stomach
Always supected that Wilko had a business on the side to afford those expensive shirts & ties :) @alanwilkins22
Beautiful line I heard. 'Listening is loving'. So true. Increasingly all of us want to say something. So who will listen? Who will love?
Tv chefs go "great, absolutely perfect" after tasting their food. Its like a batsman go " that was great, absolutely perfect" after a 100
Wishing Mahela the best in life after cricket. Thanks for enthralling us wth your batting & catching. One of the best modern day captains.
To my eyes, not one Ind batsman out there look like he did not want test runs. They were all trying very hard & failed very badly.
Excellent point by Dhoni. Once you know where your off stump is you find a technique around it to survive in Eng.
In SA it was just pace & bounce. In Eng there was swing too. That did the Ind batsmen in.
Dhoni has batted around 19 hrs this series. Showing the way that technique is not the be all & end all of batting well in Eng.
on independence day ms dhoni talks to @sunandanlele on what it means to him. along with his favourite songs.…
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Just opened a sugar sachet in my hotel room. There was no sugar in it. Guess it was for people who dont take sugar in their tea :)
Happy Independence Day guys !
Yet another person with fame & money ends his life. So what is it that makes man truly happy & content?
Strict law & strict with law too I guess here in UK :)
So shocked & sad to learn about the death of Robin Williams. It was Philip seymour Hoffman few months back & now this. 2 great actors.
Can't lose faith in this Ind team. Its a young inexperienced bunch thats put to a test( overseas) that most Ind teams of past have failed.
It helps to have a captain who is not wary of pace & bounce himself. He then is not afraid to dish it out to opposition.
#Inbetweeners2 - The thing about inbetweeners is that its reliable comedy. Funny every time.
Know atleast 10 full bengali songs by heart. Why? Kishore Kumar sang them.
85 years back on this day a true genius named Kishore Kumar was born.
Eng scored far too many in the first inngs. After that it was playing catch up for Ind.
Rahul & Sourav's masterclass wth @sanjaymanjrekar #IndvsEng Must watch 4 ne1 with an intent of batting. Starts in 10 mins @StarSportsIndia
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Ajinkya Rahane's ability to hit reasonably good balls on off stump for boundaries will be his great strength at the test level.
Here's wishing you all Eid Mubarak !
Watched two good movies in two days...#DawnofthePlanetoftheApes & #BeginAgain. Mark Ruffalo is quite brilliant in Begin Again.
Went to the hotel gym to do my 12 min training. Saw the Ind team there. So got a bit competitive & stretched my training time to 15 min :)
Eng may have comitted harakiri after lunch but Ind was the better side over 5 days. Deserving winners.
The big test. We built this series up right. Big test for England.
Thunderstorm yesterday was like the bat Ajit Wadekar promised me when I was a kid. It never came :)
Forgot my computer in a black cab this morning. It got hand delivered to me in the commentary box. Hats off to #londonblackcabs
Nice to see the greenery of the outfield wander onto the pitch for a change.
Wonderful sight last night walking back to the hotel after dinner here in London. A fox crossing the road.
Another sunny day here in England. Hope that's not the case in Maharashtra. Have the rains decided to grace us yet?
Game is changing. Saw a slip fielder wearing a helmet today.