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Zorini Sangbum
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Chanyeol's video for 18 seconds!!! He made a smoothie T____T Chef Chanyeol O-<-<…
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[NEWS] f(x) Diligently Preparing for a New Album, to Come Out This Year
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Loco 'AWESOME (Feat. Jay Park & GRAY)' * available / iTunes Music Store
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Fancam of the beautiful Hye Min Jung singing 'You and I' by Park Bom at the Mizoram Regional #KPOPCONTESTINDIA
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Its not the dressing that's the problem, it's the mentality.
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Fyi, im still pissed + sad over that spoiler ugh Never again should I watch a survival program🙅
The amount of derp in this tho😂�mT
150727 SUHO CHATTING fan : "what is the word that give you the most strenght ?" Suho : "thanks for being the leader"
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No Jaewon?? Lil Boi vs Mino?? Also Innovator and Incredivle over SuperB?? This is just 😨g
Omfg just read the smtm final 6 spoilers and im just
/ugly sobbing over sehun's perfect thin stomach
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Retweeted by Zorini Sangbum
Omg yasss Why didnt i see this before😱…x
So i was trying to listen to HV's Whisky on yt and this pops up😓O
Tonight: A happy Seulgi posts an instavid before going to bed Tomorrow morning: Two evil maknaes post an instavid of a sleeping Seulgi
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Omg hahahaha I bet fany is really doing that. After every sm reunion...her following just goes boom🔝…Y
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모닝콜 때문에 목아프네예이. 그래도 신나게 웃으면서 활동 시작하네예이. 우리 이번에도 행복하고 즐겁고 퐌타스틱하고 예이스러운 추억 만들어가요♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 뷰티짱좋아해예이.
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Beast's new song is such a bop #YeY Just praying Jun bb doesnt have those dreads for live stages Seobbies's hair tho😍😍😍😍😍
Whats up with this fugly dreadlocks and weird ramen hair trend going on in SK these days👲😣 Pray for yo faves😱🙏🙏
Thank you for coming to us as our idol and as our maknae. Always thank you and love you #7777DaysWithSehun
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세훈아 우리의 아이돌이 되줘서 우리의 막내가 되어 우리에게 와 줘서 고마워 항상 사랑해 우리 꽃길만 걷자💕#7777DaysWithSehunnw
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The hand on the second picture though😂😂qF4
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Wow i miss the girls already😓 knowing that i wouldnt be seeing them on MuCore today 💔
YG team's beat was really nice, but its a shame the rappers didnt do that well Respect was 😍😍😍😍 All hail Gray🙏
Oh and One in an all black again, this time with leather jackets shiets and im like
WoW idk if its mnet evil editing but i really hate Innovator rn, i know Lil Champ can be overbearing but Inno just seem so sly
Omfg its ep4 and BlackNut is still wearing the same swearshirt😂😂😂 Poor bb i hope he gets over his stage fright
Is the raw ep out yet?? #smtm
Skinship well, you don't need to care about it Its just acting, acting
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And the Pink Flamingo makes another cameo xD bb Kisum looks so pretty here and Jooyoung😍😍�
[TRANS] Cheetah, Announces First New Song After 'Unpretty Rapstar'... Music Video Filming Finished
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Chanyeol: it's been hard on you, you got mad and frustrated right? (We) will embrace you and console you so pls just always believe in us.
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