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I literally hate when someone sees lightning and the whole game is cancelled. Let's just use wood bats so we won't get struck by lightning.
Roses are red. Violets are gay. This doesn't make sense. Refrigerator.
From 1 to Rebecca Black, how happy are you that today's friday?
How many Mexicans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Just Juan Lol
If you find a black iPhone 4, tell me! Reward: $2
So.. Who won for the liberty president thng **thing To lazy to change thng to thing
Omg.. If I eat myself,, would I get twice as big or disappear completely?
Now we're here... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Started from the bottom #madethisingeometrylol!
S = So H = Happy I = It's T = Tuesday
Sometimes at night when I'm laying in bed, I push the sides of the pillows up to my face and pretend I'm a taco.
Dudee! He just called you a stalker. Oh no! Hold my binoculars.
vote for no one because student council sucks
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Lil Wayne is an awful rapper... Sike he ain't even a rapper
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I wish I had air conditioning
Throwing ice cubes at people who need to chill.
You're thinking your having a bad day? Just think, everyday there's that one Mexican worker at Taco Bell who has to clean the bathroom.
Clapping is pretty much high-fiveing urself for when someone does some thing good.
All the single ladies, All the single ladies, Put ya hands up!, lol, jk, you're single for a reason, Put yo hand back down.
You know what... I'm going to change all my passwords to "incorrect" so the stupid computer tells me my password when I type it incorrectly.
Ghetto Word of the Day: Omelette, “I should punch you for what you jes said, But Omelette it go dis time”.
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