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Samuel L. Jackson
Pride via @RollingStone Worth the price of Popcorn!!
That'll Do It!! Goodnight.
Da FUKKIN "d", doesn't deserve a Cap, brought a box cutter to a Gun Fight!!!
These MUHFUKKAGHZ playin' Prevent?! Prevent U From Winning!!
Daaaaaaaayum!!! Straight Motored down that sideline!!! Rise Up!!!
Okay, some Get Back!! Rise Up!! Now, Where Dat FUKKIN D at??!!
These MUTHAPFUQAZ need to find a way to turn Teddy into Dee Dee in da 2nd half!!! Rise Up!!
These lil. Dink Passes are Falcon Kryptonite!!!
Did that DB just Ole' tackle da FUKKIN QB?! REALLY?!! He needs his Ass Chewed!!! Off!!!!
Why they FUKKIN with us?!Don't we get The Senior Citizen Discount?! Took 6 Anyway!! RISE UP!!!
So, is the D taking a qtr, half or the whole FUKKIN Game Off?!
@SamuelLJackson Could you please hit the RT button for @footsteps4louie 👣 We're raising funds for a life changing operation. Thank you👣
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Is this bout to be some back & forth shit? WTF?! D needs to Rise da Fuck Up!!!
Wow, those DB's went to lunch! We'll take it! Rise Up!!
Hmmmm, way too FUKKIN easy! Lotta YAC in that..... Wouldn't really call it a drive.
Got my Fan on wait in' for Shit to hit it! RISE UP!!! Footfugginball!
Bulldog Nation didn't need my help today, I see!!! I'll be Rising Up tomorrow, though!!!
Yeah Muhfukkahs, Linerpool SCORES!!!
Be sure to watch #FindingYourRoots from my friend @HenryLouisGates Tuesday night on @PBS!
Watch it all u want, New #Kingsman trailer will not self-destruct! So enjoy it on repeat here!…
Go step up your spy game! #Kingsman trailer debuts w/new @IGGYAZALEA & @elliegoulding song during @Gotham tonight!
Hey Folks - Tune in to PBS tomorrow night to catch us talking 'bout our generation! #boomerlist
Now these MUTHAFUKKAS ARE TAKING THE NEXT 5WEEKS OFF!! Don't we have SHIT that needs Fixing?!
Don't know How I missed that Falcon Beat Down last nite! Hope yall Rose It Up for me!!!
Tennis fans, get set 4 The Official Launch of the #FinalShowdown, supporting @One4theBoys Be there! #ATP
Tennis fans, get set 4 The Official Launch of the #FinalShowdown, supporting @One4theBoys Get UR tickets people! #ATP
@BGCCharityDay: Fantastic to have you with us - thanks for all your support! @SamuelLJackson @One4theBoys @RapeFoundation #BGCCharityDay
Getting my Wolf of Wallstreet on this AM for @bgc Charity Day!!
Up early headed to @BGCCharityDay reppin' @One4theBoys Don't forget to take a min to remember those who died on Nine Eleven!!
@One4theBoys: We are very excited to be part of the @BGCCharityDay this Thursday Sept 11th. See you on the floor."
WTF?! Anybody Unemployed out there? Here's a Major reason Why! Not Aliens coming in, but Jobs being shipped OUT!
Well Now, What Have We Here?! RISE UP!!!!!!
OK, New Game!! RISE UP!!
Jukin & jivin', Spinnin' & Grinnin'!! Thass 6 Baby!!! Back in da MUTHAPFUGHKYN LEAD!! RISE UP!!
Maybe if ya Don't throw your FUKKIN Hands Up, the ref won't know you were Holding!! Jus sayin'.
OK, OK!!! Some GLUE IN THA D!!! Yeasting Baby, RISING UP!!!
That looked like a I hear Footsteps Pass!
Finally a Negative play!!