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Samuel L. Jackson
UGA highlights are Highlights!!! Gurley left Tiger drawers all over the field!! Go Bulldawg Nation!!!
Watch @KITEmovie. for some serious Ass Kicking! Premiering exclusively on @DIRECTV Aug 28th #kitemovie]
I had great talks with Sir Richard Attenborough during Jurassic Park. Thanks for all his kindness & wisdom. R.I.P.
@ariannahuff @SamuelLJackson I issue the #IceBucketChallenge to all cops & protestors in #Ferguson. Time to cool off in neutral corners.
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Ran up on the New Jedi generation last nite!! MUPFHUGGAZ on the right page!!
Folks, check the trailer for @KITEmovie! Exclusively on @DIRECTV 8/28 In Theaters on @iTunesMovies 10/10 #kitemovie…]
Robin dying hurts in a real way. I'm at a loss for words. I hope there's peace to be found for his family. I have to find mine...
The Sandy Dagger!! Rory slays em' Again!!
Philly's rollin' that rock!
Rickie Gittin' Sum!! Pull that stick!
I prefer dead hands to spin. One hop Stop that Muthapfukka !!
Phil, Rickie or Rory, who ya Love?! Exciting Golf today!
Every Samuel L. Jackson "Motherf*cker"...Ever… via @YouTube
Lady B is a Hottie outa that Armour! Very cool too!
The Prince of Dorne is Alive! I told him he shouldn't have been monologueing, but killing!! Really great guy!
Got my @KingsmanMovie Killa, Gazelle w/ me today! Her name is Sophia Boutella, remember it!
Want to play some golf w/ my friend @Graeme_McDowell? Use #RBCMcDowell to enter to win!! Good Luck MUPHUGGAZ!!
RIP James Garner. A fine actor, fun golfer& overall good guy. From Maverick to Rockford always great to watch!
Phil phinishing @ 18! Juiced it to 3ft!
The early view of 18! History & Money to be made later today!!
Rory knocking it close for the Eagle chance.
Getting my British Open on today in Liverpooooool!
Show some love and Vote for @ThirdPlaceProd short "DICK JOKES" a finalist for the Int'l 24 hour film competition
Lotta Bullshit goin' round, I had a ball sitting next to @victoriabeckham at Wimbledon yesterday! Truly Lovely!STFU!!
Got my Royal Box on at Wimbledon today! Great match!
@One4theBoys: Happy 4th of July to all our US followers! 🇺🇸”
Doing da 4th in Sienna! HAPPY 4th to ALL YALL!!!
Vesuvius got my back this morning!
Chugging into the Isle of Capri! Awesome day out here!
If You Think You're Lonely Now, my fave Bobby Womack tune. Gigantic talent, gone too soon. R.I.P., Podnuh!!
Just viewed @One4theBoys #LOVETHEGLOVE film again. TY @TheGNShow 4 taking the lead 2 show the film & @LGUK 4 showing them #OFTBFashionBall
Everyone that helped @one4thboys launch & the media 4 uniting, giving the campaign a platform, TY 4 joining the movement 2 create change.
TY for coming to support on the night @jeremypiven Great turn at the top @One4theBoys #OFTBFashionBall Looked even better on the playback!
Good to meet u @GeorgeLambShow in @ASAUVAGE @one4theboy #OFTBFashionBall TY 4 support. Would like to check out that line…
It was lovely finally meeting the amazing @davidwalliams decked out in @TomFordIntl @One4theBoys #OFTBFashionBall I am a fan! TY 4 support.
TY goes 2 @Fendi 4 @TheRealLukevans & @adidasY3 4 @MrHudson 's looks. Appreciate the luv towards the night @One4theBoys #OFTBFashionBall