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Samsung Mobile
“Plunge boldly into the thick of life, and seize it where you will, it is always interesting (Goete). The air, water, and light that is life matters most to me.”Photo and words by @elenakalis What makes you feel alive today? #mattersmostNX
Get into Halloween mood by taking spooky photos with long exposure times #HalloweenTrick #NXmini
“Making the most of a rainy day. Spending quality time with Alice Bee matters most to me.” Photo and words by @wbfatherHow do you make most of your time with family? #mattersmostNX
Are you wondering how a powerful camera fits into the #GALAXYNote4?…
The results are in. See how people are using their S Pen and learn about another smart feature on #GALAXYNote4.
“On my recent trip to Italy. Touching the magnificence of the Mediterranean matters most to me.” Photo and words by @brahmino What matters most when you're traveling? #mattersmostNX
Having a 20% panic attack? Keep calm & use Fast Charging or Ultra Power Saving Mode. #GALAXYNote4 #NoteTheDifference
What do you and your phone have in common? Both late to the party. #GALAXYNote4 has Fast Charging. #NoteTheDifference
“Theo having fun in the surf. Beach days matter most to me.” Photo and words By @mikekus What matters most when you're spending the day out? #mattersmostNX
“Found treasure off the paved road! Def the best #solotree I've come across on my travels. Finding these backroads matters most to me.” Photo and words By @thiswildidea What matters most to you when you're on the road? #mattersmostNX
Anyway you look at it, the #GALAXYNote4 Quad HD Super AMOLED display is pretty sweet. #NoteTheDifference
“The simple moments with my kids are what matters most to me.”Photo and words by @chrisozer When you're with family, what matters most? #mattersmostNX
.@montblanc_world’s century-old craftsmanship meets Samsung #GALAXYNote4’s cutting-edge technology.
Multi window on #GALAXYNote4 lets you get important stuff done. Really important stuff. #NoteTheDifference
Fall is such a fleeting season. Make the most of it by capturing its colors #NX3000What about fall matters most to you? #mattersmostNX
Cat videos are just the beginning. Watch and create cat content with #GALAXYNote4 Multi window. #NoteTheDifference
Copy and paste with precision using S Pen on #GALAXYNote4. Even with big thumbs. #NoteTheDifference
"There is nothing more important to me than spending time with my family. With everything going on in our busy lives, time matters most." Photo and words by Ali Jardine When your daily schedule is packed, what matters most? #mattersmostNX
Ready, Set, Go is the new magic for #GALAXYNote4. It's here. Get ready to Note.
Smart select and S Pen to easily capture and share content to email on #GALAXYNote4. #NoteTheDifference
Rain can't stop her play time, she's moving indoors! Photo by @tammyleebradley #NX30 When it comes to play time, what matters most to your four-legged friends? #pets #mattersmostNX
"Watching a caretta caretta struggling out of the nest and making its way into the sea. Embracing the ocean matters most to me." Photo and words by @kyrenian What matters most to you? #mattersmostNX
Quad HD Super AMOLED display on #GALAXYNote4. More than a screen, it's a new way of interacting with the world.
What Matters Most is both the name of our new campaign and the question we want to explore through photography. We've enlisted the help of 12 renowned photographers to launch the campaign, but ultimately, what we really want to know is what matters most to you - expressed through your own photos. We
HERE for Android is GO! Get it on the Samsung Galaxy Apps store…
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Enjoy the features of #GALAXYNote4 & Wearables. Now available in 11 languages on Google Play.
Check out the adorable purr-y details! Photo by Song Mi Min #GALAXYKzoom
Produce your own cinematic moments with the #NX1 #DRIMeV #4K #UHD
Retro in design, forward-thinking in usability #NX3000
Here's a phone that also syncs to your fashion sense. Match with the gold #GALAXYAlpha.
Slow down time with the #NX1 - made possible by its #15FPS continuous AF shooting feature #DRIMeV
All set for a great day! #StartYourDayRight #GALAXYKzoom
Find clarity in your world with the #DRIMeV Image Processor - only on the #NX1
Modern metal finish for the modern gentlemen. #GALAXYAlpha
In mint condition #NXmini
The other end of the tunnel #headedoutPhoto by Jonathan Alcorn #NX3000
Is he...1.taking a photo OR 2. texting? (Hint: the 10x Optical Zoom lens is activated!) #GALAXYKzoom