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@wbfather tells us that "teaching the old man some new moves on the dance floor matters most to Alice Bee." (We wouldn't mind learning a few moves ourselves!) So tell us, what matters to you? #mattersmostNX #NX1
When the #GALAXYNoteEdge is turned into art you get Art From the Edge. See the gallery here:
Even the fastest horse can't outrun the #NX1. Can you? #15FPS #continuousAFshooting
Going for a brisk #walk in the bracing cold is our way of dealing with the #winter cold. What's yours? #mattersmostNX Photo by @StevenMoore
For @FunForLouis "Adventure is running onto a beach in a 50mph sandstorm." What adventure are you going on today? #mattersmostNX #NX1
Let #CameraAce-PhotoSlideshow take care of your photos. 6 mo free premium features for #Note4.
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Think you know Samsung's first smartwatch and laptop? You don't
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Coloring it up with #GALAXYTabS Super AMOLED on the @Android billboard in Times Square. #NotTheSame
The #NoteMyDay team have wrapped! One month of bad days being made better thanks to the #GALAXYNote4
What's more important to you - the past, present or the future? @Halno, who took this thought-provoking photo says, "Rainy days never stay. Looking forward and looking ahead matters most to me." Tell us what you think using #mattersmostNX
The final #NoteMyDay is now live. @Shonduras & @rudymancuso are putting smiles back on faces with the #GALAXYNote4.
What matters to you after the storm? @wbfather says "Spending time together after the storm. A good pair of rainboots matters most to Alice Bee." Share your story using #mattersmostNX (Open call ends tomorrow!)
Quad HD just got a little bigger. How big? See #GALAXYNote4 with @Android in #TimesSquare and find out. #NotTheSame
What do you do to prolong your battery life? Read more about #GALAXYNote4 Fast Charging at:…
The #NoteMyDay team of @rudymancuso, @Shonduras & #GALAXYNote4 continue to turn frowns upside down around the world.
In Chicago’s Loop, how human figures seem dwarfed by the immensity of the city as they pass through the chiaroscuro of sunlight and shadow is what matters most to #Magnum photographer Alex Webb. Taken with the #NX1 #mattersmostNX
We’re live! The #NoteMyDay team of @rudymancuso, @Shonduras and #GALAXYNote4 are turning around bad days right now.
From 10am EST Dec 9, the #NoteMyDay team are taking Twitter to try and solve bad days around the world. Stay tuned!
Two things! The open call for our What Matters Most campaign ends this Friday on the 12th, so if you haven't already, hurry up and share photos of what matters most to you with #mattersmostNX (and mention @SamsungCamera). And, we've opened an online gallery of the photos that so many of you have sub
Browse & play games w/ #100%Games widget. #Note4 users get 3,250 gems in DungeonHunter4 FREE.
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See a selection of the photos taken on the #NX1 by #Magnum photographer #AlexWebb on our blog, You can also learn how America's pioneer of color photography creates his stunning photos and hear his thoughts on the #NX1. #mattersmostNX #MagnumPhotos. Photo ©Rebecca Norris Webb
Taking to the skies! Mention the person you'd like to experience such a moment with in the comments. Or share your own photo using hashtag #mattersmostNX! Photo by @DavidBram
Have you shared What Matters Most to you with us yet? Upload your photo and story using hashtag #mattersmostNX and mention @SamsungCamera! Photo by @jmachicagophotography