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Samuel Spencer
Film fact: All of Scorsese's films are almost exactly one hour too long than they have to be #ShutterIsland
Guys, I don't want to alarm you, but @BritishBakeOff is less than a month away
I have a new home page here - check me out!
Shutter Island is basically Martin Scorsese with two fingers up saying "I CAN DO WEIRD SHIT TOO". Not entirely convincingly.
Stars are Blind in secretly great tune shocker #NoGuilt RT @NewNowNext '7 times @ParisHilton's music didn't suck:'
Realise I've got all the way to 21 without really knowing whether 12pm is midday or midnight #BritishEducation
Watching Charlie's Angels the movie. It's actually surprising rubbishly brilliant.
If you can learn one thing from political protests on Twitter, it's that far more people own tiny whiteboards than you'd ever imagine....
Having broken my phone, last week, I realise how much better life is without it...
massive crush on @AndrewRannells as Hedwig. That is how you rock some glitter (via @NewNowNext )…
Are sports shorts acceptable outdoor wear if you're not doing sports? I just can't deal with another day of denim cutoffs #heatwavelondon
The irony of Starbucks playing 'Big Yellow Taxi' is just too much
Sitting in Old St Starbucks. Every song they've played so far are from Magner's adverts. I'm calling secret collaboration #ciderccino
Now that I realised that it is someone's job to make the tracklistings of compilation albums, it is the only job that I want.
Had breakfast at @KoyaBar this morning. Udon English Breakfast. I think I've found my go-to hangover cure
Love the look I get at meetings when I say I'm the pop music blogger. I'm like Bigfoot: I might exist, but they never thought they'd see me
...and that's the end of #now42. It plays out on Dusty Springfield. Because of course it does.
Tony Christie AND Ladysmith Black Mambazo! Disc 2 is totally insane. #Now42
Sample lyric: "gonna swallow you like Reece's Pieces". a) this is a compilation basically for children and b) ewwwwwwww #Now42
Uh-oh things are getting a little 'white Brits do lite-R&B'. It must be the end of disc 2... #Now42
Who knew Roxette were still making music in 1999?! Admittedly the song may as well be a cover of It Must Have Been Love, but even so #now42
Thanks to @emily_etc for recommening #Now34 for my Now-a-thon. What are everyone else's Now albums? #Now50orGTFO
Just as you think #Now42 can't get any stranger, it's got a Tony Christie song that's not even 'Amarillo'...this was in 1999...
@s_spencerwrites NOW 34 was a classic! Feat. Wonderwall, Wannabe and the first run of Mysterious Girl...
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we've got to the indie section of disc 2. Thank god for the Arctic Monkeys because clearly before them Brit indie was in a dire place #NOW42
The fact that Dr Oizo's Flat Beat got to no.1 shows we will lap up any shit featuring a dog. Which is the premise of Pudsey the Movie #Now42
You Don't Know Me - Armand van Helden. Such a tune! Whatever happened to him? Probably in the house DJ retirement home w/ Judge Jules #Now42
At this point I wonder whose job it is to put together the tracklistings of these things? Because I would kill for that job #Now42 @NOWMusic
DISC 2! "That's a good line to take it to the bridge" - Robbie Williams. 1999 was also the year of lazy-ass songwriting #Now42
Disc 1 finishes w/ basically Justin Bieber 10 years before Bieber exists. He's even called Justin. There's a reason he never made it. #Now42
Track 19 is a weird techno song sampling The Passenger by Iggy Pop. Seems like 1999 was the year of ill-advised techno covers #Now42
...and a weird 'Waiting for Tonight'-style cover of Roxy Music's 'More Than This'. The late 90s were a strange time. #Now42 the weird songs near the end of disc 1. 90s female rapper doing knock-off of La Isla Bonita. Totally wasted on kids #Now42 @NOWMusic
....every song a classic except Witch Doctor by the Cartoons. I'd definitely blocked that out of my memory as traumatic #Now42 @NOWMusic
Now 42 on the stereo. Steps, 'Believe' by @cher, Honey to the B...every song a 90s classic! #NowPlaying @NOWMusic
just updated by freelancing website. Check it out about let me know your thoughts
HOLY SHIT GOVE'S GONE. I think he heard our protest @bryonylwhite and @penny_en #reshuffle
Whilst everyone in the office has their very serious music on, I'm editing the website and doing an ambitious chair dance to 'Rock Lobster'
Listening back to me pretending to be Janet Street-Porter on @KCLRadio . I may have singlehandedly destroyed impression comedy
Kylie and Nick Cave in film together. That's basically Where The Wild Roses Grow: The Movie & basically awesome @kylieminogue @nickcave @BFI
My latest Forgotten Pop Classics column, where I jeopardize my reputation by admitting I love an S Club Juniors song
Why does no one write songs about imaginary pop stars anymore like 'Lucky' by @britneyspears ?
#WorldCup IS OVER!! Let's fill Twitter exclusively with pop culture snark again like nature intended
My latest Forgotten Pop Classics column, where I jeopardize my reputation by admitting I love an S Club Juniors song
Loving this trend for male topknots. Walking through East London was a like a hipster Teletubbies
Out of London for three days and already totally out of the loop. NEED TO GET BACK
London's restaurant for al fresco dining or stunning picnics in the parks