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Samuel Spencer
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I've listened to Step Back in Time 26 times today. I'M SO READY FOR THIS!! @kylieminogue @TheO2 #KissMeOnceTour
JUST HAD A SUDDEN POP REVELATION: 'Señorita' by Justin Timberlake is a completely genius jam
Just bought myself an @Alaska5000 tshirt from @americanapparel. I came for the queen, I stayed for the puffy paint #AAAGirls
We have been busy, busy this week, with articles from @HarrietTho, @s_spencerwrites, @BeberBeber and an interview with @nthnwlkr
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Walker Evans: The Story Behind America’s Most Famous Photograph
What links #MarinaAbramovic & spurting fake blood? Find out in my piece on stage violence & performance art @FeltActs…
FINALLY SEEING #katebushlive TONIGHT. I'm so excited that I've just listened to Cloudbusting seven times in a row
People have asked me for writing advice recently, so here's my 1st lesson #FreelanceWriter
Articles coming from @HarrietTho & @s_spencerwrites this week. There will be Weiwei @YSPsculpture and the high/low culture of stage violence
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This whole work hard for no acknowledgment has been fun, but if @BBCOne could give me a job that would be nice. Social media, making tea...
Just been asked the worst eight words of my career: 'can you make the title more click bait-ey?' CAN YOU JUST STAB ME IN THE HEART?
Seamless transition from a recording of Gertrude Stein reading a poem to Cher's 'Believe'. Good work, Spotify shuffle. Good work.
Giving everyone taking the good chairs in the British Library to Skype such filthy looks that it could go 'Scanners' at any moment in here.
Spent the morning educating my flatmate about the career of All Saints (the band). Breakfast well spent. #AFewQuestionsThatINeedToKnow
Anyone know any good writing jobs going? Looking for a project for the weekend #writerjob
Today's music life lesson: there's no day so bad that it isn't made better by listening to @iamkelis's 'Flesh Tone' loudly in your earphones
Walking through Waterloo on my way to work where everyone was getting ready to leave for Bestival. And I was going to Elephant & Castle :(
Bye bye norman. eating exotic pesto as a tribute to your greatness #gbbo
Temptation to make ring jokes too much #gbbo
norman's about to use an exotic ingredient...lemon #gbbo
Before #gbbo i have to point out how much chetna looks like a female phillip scofield. it's uncanny
Good pop music is a lot like British Rail: it might be five years late but you'll get it eventually…
You can tell you've lived in London too long when you get genuinely excited when you see a proper supermarket
THIS IS MY NEW JAM SO HARD ♫ Go – Grimes feat. Blood Diamonds, Grimes, Blood Diamonds #NowPlaying
Day 3 of 5 Websites 5 Days. #KateBush forgotten classics for @LondonWalloh, featuring a song she's doing at her gigs…
Day 2 of '5 Websites 5 Days' featuring a blog for @Tastebuds about what your favourite band says about your sex life…
This week I'm sharing 5 pieces written for 5 sites. 1: the 10 best kung fu films classic & campy for @CultureTrip…
With #KateBush about to start the most anticipated tour of the decade, here's my list of her best forgotten tracks…
Spending an evening reporting everyone on Tinder who's written 'no fems' on their profile & sending them messages about gay shame.
When my housemate's not here, this is how I amuse myself. Seriously though #truelove @ The He-rem
My goodness without internet dating I would get so much done!
IT'S OFFICIALLY A MONTH UNTIL I'M SEEING KATE BUSH. One very lucky music fan right here...
Although ENOUGH ALREADY with this whole steampunk vibe #DoctorWho
This episode of #DoctorWho was directed by the same guy as 'A Field in England'. Now that would be a killer crossover
I'm an hour behind on #DoctorWho but livetweeting nonetheless. Loved the cheeky Scottish independence reference
A dinosaur coughing up the TARDIS sums up everything I love about this program #DoctorWho
Discover two of the most influential musicians of all time and their direct heir
At this point I basically have Lemsip on an IV drip
Discover the capital city of Brunei's best restaurant, including a restaurant called 'the most sinful restaurant in…
I'm ill, so sitting listening to the bleak songs I used to listen to when I was about 15 and thought I was mysteriou…
The best places to hear blues in the state that brought you Dizzy Gillespie and many more, South Carolina
22:01: oooh, Nyphomaniac on Netflix. Nice Von Trier arthouse. I'll watch that now. 22:05: is watching Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
Hard into a Buzzfeed sesh right now. It's like internet cigarettes: bad for you but relaxing and incredibly addictive
No big deal but last night I won a bottle of imitation Lambrini for best air guitar in a Bristol 80s bar. Glad to be living to my potential
not usually one for product placement but this @MACcosmetics foundation is stunning. From uneven skin tone to Viva Glam in about 15 secs <3
Is it a Hamlet-like masterpiece or detachment brutally taken too far? My review of last year's 'The Act of Killing'