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Sam Pottorff
Hey @AaronRhodes_ @AustinRhodes_ follow me I wanna dm you something👌
Missin' my boys @sammywilk @dreww16 @Skatemaloley
Go check out my snapchat ive been addected :sammpott
Loves ❤️ @pottorfflevi @pottorffroxi
So i just watched @IfIStay … I want to cry, i actually got teary eyed and wow such a good movie
With the whole fam❤️ @shmii123 @pottorffroxi @lesleypottorff @pottorfflevi @leorobertmccrea @cloepottorff @aaron.mccrea
Im not going to start anything by tweeting what has happened and already gone through the internet, i hope everyone has a goodnight❤️👊
Love this little kid @pottorffroxi
Breathtaking ❤️ @pottorffroxi
EVERYONE GO CHECK OUT MY BRO❤️hes almost at 300K @JackDail Hes bae
Go watch @sampottorff's new video ☺ make sure to subscribe & give it a thumbs up 👏 👌 x9
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NEW VIDEO! its a little different but i hope you like it and give it a thumbs up | | love you all to death!
Sorry guys ive felt like shit all day so the video will be up at some point! Sorry guys
New friendships and new feelings💕
"I miss it." I'll see you soon brotha. We live states away, but you'll always be my ride or die.
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You guys might want to come see this
•Laguna Beach•
I need a new header and profile pic help
i'm spooning my girlfriend out of her container get it my girlfriend is ice cream
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Just saw this cartoon turtle on the tv and it has rosy cheeks and its literally me😂
The last bit😂 i had a little fun with a friends phone�
Do yall like selfies?
Sorry my snapchat is :SammPott go give it a look😏 i have some shizz on that, that is only on it😁
Having the opportunity to have beautiful eyes, face, personality, everything possible to wake up too😍👌🙌🙏
Im literally like the kid your mom doesnt want to meet😂
Heres to teenage memories👌❤️
Im sitting in the road in front of this hotel because theres ants but people are driving up looking at my weird cause im in the road alone😂😂
Chillin outside listening to music all alone is so peaceful, even at this hour
Looking into the sky and seeing how beautiful it is😍 @emerytkelly @realaidan @carrington143 @maddiefirminn
Go check me out!! :sammpott
You guys like my snapchat? If you havent seen it go check it out! :sammpott
I forgot to tell you guys, I held two snakes the other day😳
I know its in the middle of the night but god damn one of my friends please text me😂😩
When i tweet shit like this im mainly wanting to see if you will say something to me because ill never directly tell you😔
Ive wanted to tell these people how ive felt for the longest time but im actually scared and embarrassed😔
Wishing i had that one friend that i was confident to be able to express how ive been feeling😔