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Royalty B*#%hes
Smilee 😊😁❤️
Idk Why Niggas Feel The Right To Work My Damn Nerves Today 😩😤😡
I'm occupied on getting my shit together 🎓
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Good Night Mentions ?? RT 😘☺️
Dear God, today I woke up, I am alive, I am healthy. Can't ask for more. Thank you.
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Being attached to somebody is no joke 😩🔒💕
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No matter how "busy" a persons day might be. If they "really care", they'll always find time for you.
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Don't beg for anyone to stay in your life. If they want to be a part of your life, they will stay.
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Being Loyal To The Wrong Ones Gets You Fucked Over In The End 😒
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Lol thought you had a friend If you thought I was gone share my umbrella 😂😩🌂 we BOTH knew it was raining
Lol 😍❤️💋
Maybe Its Our Imperfections That Make Us Perfect 😘😍🙌
Females will find out everything, so I suggest you don't lie to them."
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If you like me and i like you why are we both waiting for a text
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I cut MFs off with no warning... I jus start acting different 👌
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I'm single because I'm waiting for the right time in the right place with a right person.
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As Long As You Know... 😝🙌❤️
My Stomach 🙌❤️💪 Yasss
Jacqueessssss ❤️🙌 lml
When I Should Be Sleep 📷❤️🌙
AIDEN !! ❤️😍🙌
He's Finally Here !!! 😍🙏🙌👶🍼 8/25/14 5lbs 4oz Auntie❤️'sYou Aiden !!!
SHOUT OUT TO @OfficialKesan !!! You Guys Go Follow !! #kesan 🏃🏃🏃
Smiling Goes A Long Wayy 😁😊❤️
Night Insta 😘🌙⭐️
Gooooood Morning !! ☀️😊
Lol Uniformsss #FuckkIt ✊😩
It Feels Sooooooooo Good To Be Home 🏡😩
OutFit For The Night 💁💖 #dirtymirror Oh welll