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Sam Goldblatt
Why did I wait sooo long to try these??? And why are they SOOOO good
There is no reason to have a plan B because it distracts from plan A
They really should have stopped after Degrassi: The Next Generation
Can someone tell me why PLL ends with them calling Charles, "Freddie"? Wtf I'm never not confused
There is nothing better than walking out of work (from a day filled with anxiety and stress) to a handsome man waiting by your car with beautiful flowers 🌺🌸❤ I love you!
Ok I'm a huge supporter of Caitlyn Jenner.. but there is only so much news you can make out of the same story.. move on, internet..
Why can't I get paid to lay around and eat while watching life time movies ??;
Some days I wake up with so much pain just knowing you're not here.. 💔
Helpful hint : tell the girl ur pregnant and this is all you've been craving and she'll give u extra pretzels 😏😏lyz
Serious question: Galaxy S6 or IPhone 6??? Help
Just because it's Friday and I'm finally feeling like a human again 💃👶 you go Joey Vicente !!
That awkward moment when your bf thinks you're going to fold his laundry but you're taking a nap on it instead... 😏
Simon Cowell should be stabbed in the face for forming Fifth Harmony
How can you not have chinese food on PLL night ??
There will never be a better child (character) on TV than Michelle Tanner 😎☝
How did I ever get so lucky 😍👶
This baby may just come out looking like one big loaf of bread. #carbscarbscarbs
I've been waiting 3 months to tell Justin he's going to be an Uncle.. pretty bummed someone took that from me 😢
Literally just had to pry the most gorgeous pair of tory Burch sunglasses from my own hands 😭
I want the entire Kardashian Kids Collection. Right now.
It's only 9:18 and I'm already bored out of my mind
These next 29 weeks are gunna drag I just wanna play with my nugget already!
My mom is literally the cutest and I'm way too emotional for all of her cuteness right now 😭😭
Can someone bring the Philly Pretzel Factory to me.... please
Ok was not understanding the obsession with Ruby Rose until I realized she had an accent 😍😍😍😍😍
Kourtney and Scott's break up is affecting me a lot more than it should be... 💔
My mommy's gunna be the best Grammy ever
6 months until we get to meet the new love of our lives 👶😍❤
#Familyisforever Was hoping I would wake up and this would all just be a bad dream... I miss you so much Carlo.. I couldn't be more greatful for everything you've ever done for me. I just wish I could have done more for you.. Rest easy my angel 👼💕
Completely lost right now.. we were just with you Friday night.. I cant believe I am writing this.. Carlo, you have been one of the greatest friends to me during my toughest time and I am going to miss you so much... I love you buddy.. Rest in Peace 😢💔
If your mom never forced you to wear a flag shirt from Old Navy on the 4th of July, are you really American? 🇺🇸
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Can it be January already???
Someone buy my Mazda rims so I can take them out of my trunk...
MGK'S "Bad Muthafucka" ft Kid Rock is amazing.. 😍😍 😍👏👏
Everyone say hello to our world, Kacie Lynn Coburn 🎀👶🏼 Mommy and Daddy love you so
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ANOTHER pet peeve is when people say "oh, daddy's babysitting tonight?" No.. he's taking care of his own child not babysitting...
Sorry Internet, I am just SOOOO happy 😍💛💚
Is it nap time yet ??
I love this man so much 🌻😍
Same people spewing hate towards equal rights r the ones asking for gun rights..y do we want to give guns to such angry prejudice people?

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