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In CA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
You never know how thankful you are for California until you leave, unless you're in Seattle. I'm so moving there in a year
I can't wait to get home
Portland traffic sucks
In love with this city. #Seattle #spaceneedle
I love this city
Christian grey lives here 😂😂5PO
Finally in Seattle!
So excited for Seattle tomorrow
Might go parasailing 😬
Tbh I miss California
Everything in Oregon looks the same
They pump your gas in Oregon for you 😍
I've been in this car for too long
Where tf am I
Having my own little 1D concert in the back seat ahahaha
It's 3 in the morning and @laracaloosian and I are talking about cows wtf
Just woke up :)))))) and all my friends are still awake
I should be asleep because I have to be up in 7 hours 😐
Julian out there playing the 5th album at max volume for the whole damn hotel to hear and they wonder why it leaks.
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Leaving for Seattle in less than 12 hours and haven't even started packing 😅
Thank you @Real_Liam_Payne and @Iouis_tomlinson for telling the world I shit myself!
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Idk how people judge others if they have tattoos like it doesn't make sense
Honestly when harry gets out of a pool he is baby Tarzan
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I really wish they do a new cover for teenage dirtbag
Leaving the state in 3 days for a week and I haven't even started packing yet :) yay :) :) :)
I really wish @Harry_Styles would see this and follow me and @purelyzarry :(
@GemmaAnneStyles follows with a MAMA TWEET �#HarryAppreciationDayy ... For all that you are & all that you dod
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Omgggggggg we were just talking about this!!!…
@onedirection moral of the story don't go back to Edmonton
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You know #OTRASantaClara was the best when Harry wore the gold boots
Can we go back to the days where Liam couldn't spell to save his life? It's improving...surely but slowly
Wanna hear a joke? Otra Edmonton
I want Harry to tweet about how quiet they were tonight 😂
THIS JUST IN: OTRA Edmonton has been so quiet there are reports of people hearing when the confetti landed.
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if i were the boys id be like "y'all are dead as fuck thanks for your money gtg" then leave the damn concert
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Are the people not excited to be at the concert or something????
The boys sound kinda miserable tonight tbh
First they sing fireproof and what's next, change your ticket???????????????? I needed those two songs at otra sc
Forever wishing tmh Harry would come back
Niall in LA last night impersonating Cody Simpson
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