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I need to get my hair done ASAP. I'm ready for all the blonde to be gone
Thank you so much @parsons_taylor for sending me this picture of harry from the concert last night 😍
Just met the German foreign exchange student lol hey
Can The Vamps plz have an American tour
London for 2 weeks yesssss I can't wait
New phone Tuesday. I love my 5S so I'll be getting a new one
I should just get the 6 then lmao
Dropped my fucking phone in water but it still works but :(
"@weyhey_sammi: Someone go to Coachella with me next summer πŸ™" oh my gosh yess
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Maybe one day I'll attend a 1D concert… #probablynot
Someone go to Coachella with me next summer πŸ™
I hate when you want to laugh but you have to try so hard to keep it together :/ like in class
Jack Johnson music always puts me in a good mood
My aunt was fortunate to have done Joan Rivers hair and hung out with her #RIP
I am so scared to go to school tomorrow
I don't understand how girls can wear eyeliner without mascara like no
I really want to walk Christmas tree lane this year πŸ˜₯
People think my mom is so funny but living with her and hearing her jokes aren't amusing at all
Beach getaway for my birthday 😍 I love the beach in the winter
This teacher said I could leave if I have a car. I love being a TA
Already poppin that melatonin.
Not ready for tomorrow. No.
I want to go to Disneyland
Counting down the days until I go back to LA 😍
First thunder and lightening now rain???
Still trying to fall asleep :/
Why am I up at the craziest hours I just want to sleep :(
Bc Kim Kardashian Hollywood isn't working and my photoshoot ends in 15 minutes
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I'm suing Kim K because her game isn't working. I'll take her diamond and make it into a grill #ghettofab
Post LA depression in full effect
I just love how classy .@C_Stanbury is #teamcaroline πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
I just want to drop everything and go travel the world ✈️🌎
Plz tell me I'm not the only one that plays the Kim K game
I really wish I could go to the 1D concert in Pasadena :( I would legit find those 5 poop heads
I haven't been to a hockey game in well over a year #damn
I wanna travel the world...mostly because I would love to be referred to as a #Foreigner
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Literally this will be me at my wedding #Louboutins
For my wedding, my husband and I will be wearing louboutins.
Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught 🎢
I'm the only girl in this dolla store with Prada on oh la la
Just cut another 2 inches off my hair... Feels so much better. Now I just need to color it :)
Some girls French tips look gawd awful, especially when they're too damn thick
I miss how things were between us 2 years ago 😌#takemebackk
Told myself I'd stop coloring my hair. Already made an appointment for this month... πŸ˜…
The trio is starting to come along again πŸ‘