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Lizard King
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Paws report fuck
Probs just going to live on a canal boat and sell double glazing
Land Down Under has to be my favorite song
When someone texts you just as a song drops naaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Starting to look lile a lobster
Wish suncream didnt smell so bad
Just won a ret and a jam tart in a game of skate #battleatberrics
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If 1 more person asks if ive fake tanned im going to start killing people. HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THE WEATHER?
Sun, skating and strongbow
I mean they've actually left the house wearing wetsuits with the intention of going in the fountains at huddersfield train station
Why the fuck are like 8 children in wetsuits playing I the fountains outside the train station?
science blast star nineteen forever
My brothers been a pretensious bellend since he got his pen licence
The closer to exams i get, the less motivation i have to revise
Feel for jim, having to get the bus home with an elbow covered in bloody Tampax and one shoe. #Shred2Hard @jimesmond
Riding a penny board is NOT skating
Who needs Photoshop when you have paint?
Tony hawk is a wasteman
The incognito man has seen too much
I see your drinking 1%, is that because you think your fat? because your not, you could be drinking whole if you wanted to
what kind of scrublord takes their shoes off in an exam?
Back 'int day you only had to spend £5 a week.. Can barely get a brazzers subscription with that now