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Sam Deakin ☯☯☯
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You got to be at least 60+ to call it marks and sparks @crowfvs
When the rich tea drops into your brew its game over
problem with college is they're more concerned with getting good statistics than giving students a beneficial education
Ambition is the most attractive quality in a female..
Stoked for tomorrow. Getting the suit out
Television needs more Louis Theroux
you can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind
Does anyone know where i can find some motivation?
Looked at the tabs i opened earlier and realized how bored i must have been
Cant wait to get to college tomorrow and smoke 3432434234 rets in my 2 hour free
tall nigga but my dick short
SINE WAVE TONIGHT. ger in't mix
My cotching playlist is the greatest thing ever compiled by man
I am the disciple of fish called Matsya
endless introspection
inherent restlessness
Its so nice seeing people from high school
Sound like an arab oil barron with all this change in my pockets
Bar rock is a children's disco for adults
The smallest things cheer me up so much