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Sam Deakin ☯☯☯
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Bar rock is a children's disco for adults
The smallest things cheer me up so much
cheeky ret out t' window
Waking up on the wrong end of your bed, and for a second, not knowing where the fuck you are
You have to be pretty lonely to download meow chat...
if anybody knows anyone selling a Leeds Fest ticket hit up @mylesmidgley and @samdeakin_
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If everyone was slightly drunk 24/7 the world would be a better place
shut up mum im 12 now. ill take all the coke i want
Had such a good skate today
in such a bad mood fuck sake
Going haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard
Skating while listening to death grips is just asking for injury
"I'm high on life" no.
So exited for next year
If I show them my results ill probably get in for free
Any suicide booths in Huddersfield?
All aboard the banter bus, todays driver... sam deakin
Who benefits from a war on drugs?
Watching flubber in your rememberance Robin Williams. Goodnight sweet prince. You are my hero <\3
Everything hurts, and I think ive got cholera
Someone come meet me in town, takinh cvs out is brutal
next level (probably lean induced) dream where i saved the people of minecraft from an oncoming tsunami of lava
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Damn son. Where'd you find this?
Cafune Debut release The Scenic Route to Nowhere EP launch Show at 1:22 + Support and DJ sets Friday! Doors 7 £4 Tickets On sale
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1 lesson tomorrow, is it really worth waking up?
Vuvuzelas were an epidemic last world cup -Caius straker 2014
Butterscotch angel delight is the shit
Over think shit way too much
I dont know where I am.
Jealous of everyone thats gone to the galleries down in london
First friday night in ages i havent been out, what is going on?
How do I allways manage to get myself into these situations
Probs just going to live on a canal boat and sell double glazing
Land Down Under has to be my favorite song
When someone texts you just as a song drops naaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Starting to look lile a lobster
Wish suncream didnt smell so bad
If 1 more person asks if ive fake tanned im going to start killing people. HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THE WEATHER?
Sun, skating and strongbow