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Sam Isbister
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What a lovely day for filming outside. And nice and early too!
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Please can I have an invite to Inbox? It's been a busy week & I missed the #inboxhappyhour - all those emails you're about to free me from!
Dear @gluiapp, you genuinely save me about an hour and a half every day. Thank you so much.
Born, a mediterranean #typography #font for text designed by Carlos de Toro - You can download for free:
Thank you for the help with my recent support query @wpengine. You guys stop my hair from going grey!
Looking into the the startup framework. Not a fan of web builders, but designs look worth converting into wordpress.
Dear client, it is NOT ok to expect me to pull out all the stops to meet a very tight copy deadline then not pay my invoice for two months!
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I just purchased Get Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress - 55% off! from Check it out…
This Ted Tak is really fascinating. Find your why people and 'How great leaders inspire action'…
I find @wpengine's support is more patronising than it is helpful. Just look at the site, see if it's different for you than me - and FIX IT
Yeah! We’re about to launch the #10ksummit Live Stream event - with uGurus Brent Weaver GO!
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Really enjoying the #10ksummit. Thanks guys. Great stuff.
I’ve just sponsored Noah Devereux using @VMGiving. You can support them too at
Lunchtime bike ride is so much more motivation with a burrito half way through!
USA calls #Israel's actions "pretty disturbing". Will you stop giving them $3,150,000,000/year so they can buy weapons then @BarackObama?
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I hate chasing invoices, probably my least favourite part of running a company!
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a very special thank you to @samisbister and the team at I guess it's beers on the house for Sam and @B_Whitehall!
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My tweets are showing up in some cheeky places today... Ignore me if you see me!
Revolution Slider V4.5.9 (coming tomorrow): Editing text captions & image elements with "scaling & rotating anchors”
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Salford, go see comic @KellyKingham live on the 18th and 19th of July. Seriously. Walk there if you have to
The Essential Grid is my WordPress plugin of the year. Designed by the revolution slider guys. It's just as versatile…
A client asked me to look at how content was categorised on pornhub today. Damn I hate my job #BestJobEver
Why let Ron Vlaar take the first penalty?!
hey @AdobeCare I just cant understand why people who have been loyal to you for years are then treated like this. Still on bloody live chat!
Nothing more depressing than being on a live support chat with @AdobeCare. Lies, penalties and now a valued customer heading onto twitter!
.@AdobeCare I just want to cancel my subscription. I've been told 1 thing by live chat and then another. It undermines such a good product
Seriously avoid @AdobeCare at all costs. I cant believe they even call themselves 'customer care' - CUSTOMER BEWARE more like
Adobe are a thieving, evil company and lie on their live chat and then charge huge penalty fees when you try to leave @AdobeCare
Back down in Brighton today. Brighton in the sunshine makes the M25 worth it!
Freebie PSD: Youtube Video Player - this looks great, but also forces you to tweet bollocks to get the PSD!…
Damn it! Great game. Thought the USA were brilliant in that last 15 minutes. Favourite game so far.
Supporting USA for my friends at United Themes. USA! USA! USA! C'mon guys...
Really enjoying working on our new @ThemeForest WP Theme. This one is going to turn some heads.
Good luck tonight. If in doubt, just do a Zidane headbutt x
I’m watching Jack Whitehall @jackwhitehall play in #SoccerAid for @UNICEF_uk on @ITV. Tune in now and donate at
Hey @B_Whitehall here’s a useful article for explaining how great wordpress is to your mates. You now love wordpress…
OMG! Man invents car that can also fly at 550mph as high as 39,000 feet -…
A quick guide to the new Facebook pages layout for businesses…
A long list of official twitter accounts to follow during the world cup. Worth a bookmark…
Football Top10s - Lampards top 10 goals for Chelsea:…
What a beautiful day to be inside cleaning the apartment :( #pleaserainheavily
NEVER, EVER, EVER have any services with - @Fasthosts will steal tiny amounts of money from you each month forever
Obama is building Iron Man… i still ove this man.