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@samgrafix: Cannot wait for Pamflit vs Calcium Kid” I'll combust from too much laughter, SO EXCITED 😝😝
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Cannot wait for Pamflit vs Calcium Kid
Flyer I done did for one of my favourite cards we've done tbh. Too much happening over this weekend!
Sixth Birthday Weekend tickets available now. |
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Charlie Sloth at the MOBO's looks like the main guy from One direction ate all the other one directions, then put on ALL of their clothes...
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Yo who the fuck was that guy hosting the Best Male Act award at the Mobos I swear he was wired lol
Wtf is going on in Canada
*Gives tissue* RT @MacSherryMusic: Sometimes I dunno why I remain humble and respectful, I don't receive that treatment back, fuck it
Moved my office into town this month. And tonight is the first Monday Night Football for United. It would be rude not to
So Kevin Nolan is now Mark Noble looooool shoddy @BBCMOTD
Premier league refereeing is a joke, it's amazing how we put so much power into the hands of such average/poor referees.
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Finishing off this #6BW flyer
Akala's first Fire In The Booth is one of the greatest ever examples of UK rap
That's my spaghetti, Chewbaca
I've hardly even promo'd this with all the PPV hype. What did everyone make of #badbars…
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@samgrafix some people are just ridiculous. You're running a business not a charity
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There's literally nothing I hate more in this scene than the high horse assumptions that the fans make
The amount of "DF are greedy" comments on PPV statuses are funny. These r the fans that would complain if the 6BW lineup wasn't good enough
Too hyped to start this #6BW stuff now
Damnn it would have been Eddie Geurrero's 47th birthday yesterday :(
Until yesterday, I've always imagined @samgrafix to have a LDN accent, even tho I know he's from Manny I was still surprised when he spoke
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Itching a tattoo is one of the best feelings in the world tbh
Looool @bigjwest I'm getting a camera soon so I can work instead of drink smhhh
Ohhhh yehhhhhh man like @samgrafix thinks I forgot him basically on my back on the balcony during shotty v tone loool he was drunk as fuck
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@YaBoyRDDaChef PPV soon come my man. @BodyBagnall left early just so he could to get to work!
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I ain't exaggerating when I say Tony Vs Shotty is the best battle I've ever seen live. But that would of been a controversy if it wasnt
its HK we oucchea
The best rap battle I've ever seen in my life
Shotty Vs Tony was the best battle of the night within 30 seconds
20 minutes out now, everyone's starting to look like @samgrafix
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I'm eating some toast. It's crazy to think that it was officially classed as bread just 7 minutes ago.
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Timeline full of everyone making a mutual journey. Today is DF
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First name Bobby