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Ramon Calderon is an ex bitter employee of Real Madrid. If you believe anything he says about Ronaldo to United you're a turnip
LOL how have I been accepting all this stick from Arsenal and Liverpool we won our first game this weekend and are only 1pt behind them?!
and skylines and stars and stripes RT @AvocadoIsGod: @samgrafix bald eagles and shit
Branding my first ever US event
My recently played on Spotify is Giggs, Sam Smith, Ms Dynamite, Drake, The Streets. Looooool #variety
Yeah, sick. It's developing fast RT @GrimeForum: Just discovered IFTTT. Any body else use it? @samgrafix ?
Microsoft just bought Minecraft from 2.5 billion. Jeeeeeeeez
Is that my name on the main channel scheduele? I think it is you know What's that? Danny will never be on main channel? ur mum
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Destiny and the FIFA 15 demo revived the PS4 for me this weekend
This chinese about to change my life
The homies today. Love this
I don't care who the opposition was. United fans have bewn waiting far too long to see a performance like that at OT.
Rooney aside, I can't remember the last time I watched and enjoyed United as uncritically as this.
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Fans chanting Viva Ronaldo lol they've been reading the Express this week
When did QPR have 7 attempts? Lool
Valencia is like that guy who walks into the party with the popular mate
You know it’s been a shite game when Martin Tyler gets to use his full range of pre-scripted puns.
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This could either be very special or very underwhelming. #Falcao
Tears? You know he's buzzing "@piersmorgan: I think it's time.... #Tears4Rio"
Are you MADDDDD what a peach by Di Maria!!
Lol the fans are going madddd for Radamel
Blind is like having 3 Michael Carrick's that don't bring the game to a halt
Kluivert is a playa hater
Put an anchor in midfield and everyone is confident again. Blind is most of the difference. Di Maria was always going to shine
That's an old school Rooney goal
RVP for Falcao in the 60th I reckon
Scoring from midfield too....
Blind and Di Maria showing their worth. Blind more simple but very solid. Di Maria is playing Fifa
That's all Di Maria
Hahaha Dave de Fail
24' - GOAL! United 1 QPR 0. Di Maria scores on his home debut!
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Di Mariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Hasn't taken Rafael long to show how much we've missed having a decent right-back.
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That right hand side is being owned. Valencia may aswell hand his papers in
There's a £150million atmosphere inside Old Trafford lol
Oh my god that midfield is amazing. I hope they can click #mufc
Lol at how pally @SoulWasTaken is being with me ATM yet him n his country don't wanna be attached to mine anymore behind my back #Snakes
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Its all kicking off in the Forest game loooool
Jesus christ "@teodranik: Racecar backwards is still racecar. Racecar sideways is how Paul Walker died."