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My dog is not aloud stringy toys anymore. Smh
If Jesse turns up in the final episode of The Walking Dead I will lose my sh*t..
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need one of them kim kardashian jobs where you just get paid to exist
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Depzman's murderer got 18 years. Why? It should be life for life ffs. This country is the worst
This is THE best thing I've seen all year. I literally can't stop watching it.
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memes have replaced the bible. You're gonna raise your kids by quotes Drake NEVER even said.
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Step your CV game up Britain. This girl is WINNING.…
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I can't believe it's Friday already chaysus
U know a girl is mad when she starts off her sentence saying"I just find it funny how" because there's a 99% chance she didn't find it funny
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I need to start smoking again
I used to smoke when I watched films and shit on tv, and now I don't smoke I eat instead. The latter is killing me faster I think lol
Getting married at playtime and being divorced by lunch
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This new guy Phil Taylor is playing well in the darts tonight!
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♫ Latch - Acoustic – Sam Smith #NowPlaying
The tour flyers for Glasgow and Newcastle should be out v soon
@samgrafix yup always sounds like someone just took his lunch money and or virginity
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Yeah, he's hacked the last 6 month of my life > @_SteveBartlett: @samgrafix have you been hacked
Let's be super real, Kendrick Lamar has a faggy little voice
I liked a @YouTube video DOTZ VS ARKAIC | Don't Flop Rap Battle
She dun turned the dining room into a arty farty studio
This new 50 album is gonna be on some 2002 ish he's been dropping bangers lately