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Too hyped to start this #6BW stuff now
Damnn it would have been Eddie Geurrero's 47th birthday yesterday :(
Until yesterday, I've always imagined @samgrafix to have a LDN accent, even tho I know he's from Manny I was still surprised when he spoke
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Itching a tattoo is one of the best feelings in the world tbh
Looool @bigjwest I'm getting a camera soon so I can work instead of drink smhhh
Ohhhh yehhhhhh man like @samgrafix thinks I forgot him basically on my back on the balcony during shotty v tone loool he was drunk as fuck
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@YaBoyRDDaChef PPV soon come my man. @BodyBagnall left early just so he could to get to work!
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I ain't exaggerating when I say Tony Vs Shotty is the best battle I've ever seen live. But that would of been a controversy if it wasnt
its HK we oucchea
The best rap battle I've ever seen in my life
Shotty Vs Tony was the best battle of the night within 30 seconds
20 minutes out now, everyone's starting to look like @samgrafix
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I'm eating some toast. It's crazy to think that it was officially classed as bread just 7 minutes ago.
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Timeline full of everyone making a mutual journey. Today is DF
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First name Bobby
So today's the day. #HistoryWillBeMade Shout out everyone that's a part of it, from staff to fans to Shotty. Let's do this....
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Never have I needed something more
By the way you have 30min left to buy a ticket and then we are closing all online sales no debating
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About to go pick up @twitteurgh from Piccadilly in an Uber like he's some sort of international vip
Peace to @cruger7 @BodyBagnall @JoelWattz @samgrafix @firts tomorrow all of our hard work pays off and we do something legendary again
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Just gripped these for tomorrow
Tickets go offline in 90 MINUTES! Then it's £35 on the door tomorrow
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Fucking hell I'm hyped for tomorrow
Just found my Onk Bak dvd. Everyone getting elbow and knees tomorrow
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DF fans are in for some serious stuff over the next few month. Tony Vs Shotty, all MCR vs LDN uploads, 6BW uploads, @twitteurgh vs John John
None a day over 18 "@psmith: A lot of people can't stand Dapper Laughs, but I would bet a lot more people love him"
I've been expecting you
If you watch Dapper Laughs tv programme, you're what's wrong with the world
Remember when Tulisa was fit
Destiny and Watchdogs. Either of them hardly ever played. £40 for the pair with free postage.
Watching the most pointless England game of all time — at the paramount
Sky Sources reporting that Roy Hodgson is starting himself up front against San Marino. 'I could score against this shower of sh*te',he said
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NEW BLOG POST: MCR vs LDN [Event Preview] by @samgrafix.
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Feeling sorry for myself today. Just on the verge of getting flu. It will not defeat me
I don't know who Ariana Grande is but she sounds like she has a bad cold
Anyone who retweets this will be entered into a prize draw to wins tickets to @DontFlop MCRvsLDN this Saturday! Go!
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7 minutes into Bad Bars 2 and this is already the best upload this year @BodyBagnall @JoelWattz @Shuffle_T @MarloRapper
Sorting out the last little bits for major events always gets me so hyped
Always wondered if actual thought goes into the pictures of battlers @samgrafix uses for flyer or he just selects first one he comes along
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