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Manny are so deseperate for these W's they got @samgrafix tryna sabotage LDN with some old dusty pics of the battlers lol
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Battle rap is coming back to MCR. Look out for this @DontFlop event VERY soon featuring Manchester's @ShottyHorroh
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TONY D VS SHOTTY HORROH | 'London Vs Manchester' | Sat 11th October @ The Ritz, MCR | Tickets go on…
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Never have I been so happy to make an announcement flyer
That X men bar by Zee was actually overly gay
Everton have made some clever signings this year, regardless of price
UK battle rap stock after today >
We need Heskey
4 - 0 MK Dons fucking hell loooooooooooooooool
LOL I'm actually creasing this is genuinely hilarious
Dave? Is that you? "@mariah_cee: that thread just blew my mind. found on @samgrafix's timeline. omg wut."
Battle Rap, Boxing, Clash Of Clans>>> Real Life
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Mean while, United are being beat by MK Dons looooooool
David Masters the catfish. Oi @justoldenglish I bet he's in your dms as 3 different women…
You're probs David Masters too RT @MsLauraTarsi: @samgrafix ahh ok. Smh
The account David Masters was using as a catfish has been deleted but google still has an archive enjoy…
OMG looooool David Masters was pretending to be a girl online for 2 years looololololllooooool
One shit thing about being self employed is when you've got flu you've gotta work through the bastard. Back in...
This dog is a comedian
They know its Sunday
Di Maria is happening. Tidy