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Ya Fav Dork
TMAC was never healthy and Carter was lazy af.
TMAC and Vince Carter might scratch the HOF but those are head scratcher picks imo.
This generation of basketball fans stay gassing losers.
That never got out the 1st round. RT @SLAMonline T-Mac was a killer. #FBF
I answered the phone expecting we was just gonna schedule for an interview. Son said the interview was gonna be right then and there.
It was another time someone gave me a job interview over a phone. That shit was mad terrible cause he caught me when I first woke up 😹😭😩
It was one time I had a 3 minute job interview cause the manager was like "since you live out of state let's just end this to save time"
I can tell them that I have one and that I don't use it. Which is true.…
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Lmao. How Michael Jordan said it ??? You gotta fail in order to succeed or some shit.
I can't give away all my secrets. You just gotta learn through trial and error. And trust me I had PLENTY of error.
#InAJobInterviewDoNot try to sale them your mixtape. Actually don't even tell them you make music.
Like when I left the house the sun was out and shining and everything.
So like I was going to this job interview once and it just started raining out of no where. I was soaking wet when I got there.
I did this one time 😹😭😩
#InAJobInterviewDoNot tell them you have a twitter.
And both of their music is mediocre.
Kendrick and Drake stans argue on here everyday
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I was expecting like 150
And tootsie roll
In HS I payed the 45 for both SAT and ACT. I didn't even know about the two free waivers you get from each 😹😩😭
I wasn't taking the MCAT anyways but damn.
Lmao. I just found out it cost 300 to take the MCAT 😩
As a New Yorker, I remember the 9/11 attacks vividly. Only in 1st grade but I'll never forget being sent home and seeing smoke cover the sky
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I never understood the actual horror that was going on at the time but I remember seeing family cry, scary footage on TV. Profound impact
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😹😭😩 @ThaDreameam lmfao my lil cousin sends me a video of him crossing someone at school today 😭Vh0Cy4C
Not Melo's fault he had to play against the Lakers and Spurs in the 1st round.
If Nuggets Melo was in the East he would have had at least 2 finals appereances.
Like...there's other pictures yall can post. Post a pic when they was regular, or the lights flashing in the night, or the new Tower.
If yall gonna post 9-11 pics can yall not uhhhhh... you the ones with the towers on fire......
They finished and opened it since then.
A year and a half ago in front of One World Trade Center. Haven't been back to NY since.
Liberty and the World Trade Center, 1983. Photo by Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times
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We compare this '95 @Spotify playlist to a kiss from a rose on the (PlayStation) gray:
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The fake conspiracy theories are worse than the jokes.
I remember like 3 years ago literally everyone on my TL was cracking 9-11 jokes the entire day.
It don't bother me tho. I don't laugh at it but I don't get upset by it.
I already seen three 9-11 jokes on here.
Yall gotta stop following/retweetin niggas born in the 2000's on my TL
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I been knew Santa and the tooth fairy wasn't real. Nigga I didn't care where the money and toys was coming from.
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