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Imma Dork
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"@childishdante: not all heroes wear capes" Top 10 tweet of 2014.
Eli really getting worse by the year.
I can't even defend Eli no more after that.
"@SaveNoHoes: Y'ALL TOO QUICK WITH THIS SHIT FAM" Lmao. I'm deadass crying. 😹
Lmao. Damn Giants.
And just like that this is a close game.
Can you eat leftovers if its been in the fridge for a week ?
"@SamG528: Between us and Memphis we gonna forever be in your nightmares. RIP in piss. @CP3" Yea bitch ass nigga
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Lmfaooo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Sheeees@SamG528528: Between us and Memphis we gonna forever be in your nightmares. RIP in pis@CP3CP3"
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Between us and Memphis we gonna forever be in your nightmares. RIP in piss. @CP3
It's the first half so these points don't even matter. And no I'm not rooting for the Cowboys or anything I'm just saying.
The Cowboys are in the wrong place on the wrong night.
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"@ShamarInTheCut: Kitchen RT @yungmastasensei: who is Odell Beckham is he part of the NBA?" Wow.
@SamG528 that is tight! Seems like @theborisdiaw is really taking him @KyleAnderson5 under his wing. #GoSpursGo #ArribaSpurs
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Dope as fuck pic right here. Our team is forever a family.
Imma see how this Grizzlies Clippers game play out. But best believe if the Clippers lose imma be on here talking shit.
The ability the Grizzlies have it put Tony Allen on cp3 and Conley on Redick is a matchup nightmare for the Clips offensively
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I hate chick's that pretend to like something you like. Worst kinds.
"@ItachiFam: Bae: "I watch Naruto too!" Me: "Who is your fav character?" Bae: "Vegeta! 😏"" 😹 😹 😭
Bae:"Come over Ozai" Me:" But im fighting the Avatar" Bae:" My parents aren't home" Me:
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U offer GameStop another GameStop and they gonna give u 7 dollars
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When I hear an Adventure Club song that I never heard before >>>>>
She said she love me whatever that is...Do me a favor save that shit...Like bad kids bitch we reckless....Ball hard stunt like Texas !
When you see your ex got in a car accident but then you remember all the lies
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When someone you don't like laughs at your joke
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Notify me again with someone following someone else and we gonna have problems. I fucking promise B. @twitter
"@AssBible: Nice dog πŸ™" That's a nice Pine Tree.
Spurs are Cha Cha Sliding over yall favorite teams. πŸ’ƒ
"@LeBRONlNG: The "What the fuck was I thinking leaving Miami" face. #LeBroning" That's what he get.
Rooting for your team to tank when they ain't got shit to play for don't make you a bad fan fuck pride give me that draft pick.
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ASAP Ferg bout to give us the Black Friday Heat.
ASAP Ferg giving us something to blast to after eating our Thanksgiving Dinners. He know what he doing.
Damn.... but at least he will get Playing Time over there. RT @SpursNationGuy The Spurs have sent Kyle Anderson down to the D-League.
Let a nigga try me, try me. Imma get his whole mother fuckin family. And I aint playing with nobody. Fuck around and Imma catch a body !
So I intentionally gave the chick a fake number. Shit was mad funny in the Dream.
Had a dream this chick wanted my number and I though she was playing games cause she was like a 9 and imma 2.
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"@StealingHearts_: "your grades are terrible" "your future isn't too bright" "you need to get more focused"" 😹😹
Yeah. I'm out. Rockets fans annoying me right now.
And now the Floyd vs Pac debate will commence.
"@ShamarInTheCut: Kendrick Lamar and J Cole both looking homeless niggas right now so you know their albums gonna be flames." 😹😭
"@DoubleAIV: this gotta be like, episode 5 or some shit. i feel like im in primary school again bruh" It's filler flash backs
Girls be like 4'10 talking about I only like guys 6'2 and up How does that even work? Lol you can't even see into the freezer
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"@TheSpursZone: Tony Parker is currently leading the league in 3pt percentage." BANG !
"@DoubleAIV: Ayeee AOT on Toonami :')" it was always ?