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Ya Fav Dork
My TL Nyquil right now.
When I predict things and it comes true >>>>>>>>>>
What's that one show with the guy that has an imaginary guy dressed up in a dog suit following him called ?????
The 18th gonna be mad live. Keef bringing out part 2.
When some chick's put on makeup they remind me of the new Joker from Suicide Squad.
It won't be anyone now since my Internet just went out
Who should I listen to right now
@SamG528 Absolutely man. Smokey. He's 2 years old.
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What's Baseball ???? Is that some type of dance or something ???
I laughed at none. RT @_AllUpOnThat I only laughed at two of these "straight outta" jokes, the rest weak.
When you don't give a fuck about anybody opinion
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You've Never Played Mega Man This Way Before - IGN Plays - IGN Video
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Colts ain't making the Super Bowl can guarantee this
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It seems a lot of TV people have the Colts going to the Super Bowl in the AFC. I don't see it but people have a lot of faith in Andrew Luck.
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@WhosWanya @SamG528 Melo is more finesse with his scoring LeBrons a powerhouse
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I expereince it everyday RT @BasedAnimeG We all know this feeling
Yall tweets remind me of dog shit !!!
@SamG528 We'll agree to disagree Same haha.
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@SamG528 Stop trying to be different... Lebron is a better scorer than pretty much everyone on this list. Definitely Melo.
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@SamG528 lmfao I thought you were talking about "100 Grandkids"
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Lebron 5th RT @nballaccess TOP 5 SCORERS IN THE NBA: 1. Kevin Durant 2. Lebron James 3. James Harden 4. Carmelo Anthony 5. Russell Westbrook
And Thot Breaker will be coming next as well.
He gave us 3 projects in less than a year and one of them is a double CD 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
I feel like there is no rapper that works harder than Chief Keef. He constantly putting music out there for his fans.
I can't wait until this part 2 man.
I didn't diss Stephen curry I fuck wit him.... I was saying niggas be taking shots like they were him!!!!
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That Mac Miller song grew on me. Like I liked it the first time I heard it but now I'm REALLY feeling it.
Hating ass kids ain't got nothing better to do but to slander the Great Almighty.
#fridayfaves RT @BXBCLuxuryStore: "Them ribs tender like I boiled em, ain't they???...I ain't boil them ribs!"
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😭😩😹😩�@ChiefKeeffKeef 😂😂😂 you the reason I jus…yF4GLWgW
Lmao actually I'm listening to Bang 3 now. Like its playing in the back.
I been listening to Bang 3 nonstop this week.
Drop it. RT @ChiefKeef "y'all ain't ready for the rest of bang 3"
And KH 1.5 and 2.5 still ain't on the PS4 yet. Why they made it for the PS3 at the end of its life cycle is beyond me.
Mad people gonna be getting KH3 and is not gonna know wtf is going on cause they never played the DS and Psp KH games.
The Square Enix hype is Kingdom Hearts 3 and the FF7 remake now lmao.
Tbh I forgot Final Fantasy 15 was even a thing until Gamescon.
My kid gonna be watching Beyblade and imma just be like "Damn. You watching the wack shit lmao."
The old Beyblade when I was a kid >>>>>>>>>>
This me like everyday RT @Retro_Spectro_ When your friend wants to be left alone 😂🌚ZIR
Food is food. RT @xotooot "It's food at the house" 😭i

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