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Sam :)
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Happy International Chocolate Day! Rt if you want to have chocolate right now ;)
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Remember when people weren't stupid? Me neither.
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You never really lose anything until you lose your best friend.
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I don't need time hop to remind me today what I was doing 3 years back.
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As much as I am hating Sunday, I don't want to lose it!
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Everything that drowns me makes me wanna fly.
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People whose sun sign is Pisces are so मीन ।
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When in doubt always assume it to be a compliment.
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A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you. ~ Author Unknown
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Apple iPhone 5S vs Motorola Moto X Which Is Faster Better Benchmark AT&T #attmobilereview
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Health is wealth ;) (@ healthspring)…
Answer by @ISpiriTualist to What does it mean to "have him in circles" on Google Plus?
Back :) (@ Vashi Railway Station in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra)…
RT @CHRISVOSS: "To achieve your dream you not only need to work hard but you need to play to your strengths."
RT @EdwardJCoburn: A lie travels farther than the truth, -- Irish Proverb
When non-drinkers eat up all the chakhna at a daru party
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Alcohol brings you close to God. Money makes you think you are God.
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Apologize when you should not when you can.
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A good headphone , with loud music , can help to block most of the bad emotion .
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You are absolutely beautiful. Dont let anyone make you feel otherwise.
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Me : One day I am gonna own this place. Parents : Macchar kitne kaatenge kabhi socha hai ? 😒
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Alhamdulliah for everything....!
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The thin line between wrong and right is so often slanted.
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Let's see what are people on list doing!
Love creating snapchat stories ;)
Que: At what time do you sleep? And: I do. #Mylifestory
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I always wanted a little brother. I even tried asking my mom for one but you know... Could not…
Aaj saari raat music loud vajega!
Gore gore pairaan vich nachdi te pain howe lawa zandu baam soniye!
Hasraton me court me ye dil ka judge kahe! Order order;)
RT @UberFacts: Babies start learning language from their mothers while in the womb.
RT @NicoAspeling: Never allow opinions to blur your vision
"The 'Instagram Generation' now experiences the present as an anticipated memory" -Professor Daniel Kahneman