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Sam Claflin
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I hope everyone in the UK is or has already been to see the Riot Club. If you have, share your thoughts #TheRiotClub x oh and Happy Friday
@sueclaflin: @samclaflin - you were thinking of your mum.....and I have always been in your life!!!” Absolutely. That was it!... #mummysboy
"I've been waiting... For a girl like you. To come in to mah life". No idea why that just came into my head. But that's what's happening.
exciting, young and talented British designers. @BritishGQ #BDCmens
Thanks @bicestervillage for your hospitality. Got to celebrate at the new pop up store "British Designers Collective" with the most...
It's amazing! CU soon ;) RT @LilyCollins_it: This is the collage! I hope you like it, see you maybe in Rome then.. Xx
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Who says relegation is a bad thing?..This is loads more fun than last season #ncfc
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Thank you to @Schofe and @hollywills on @itvthismorning for making us feel so welcome on the couch earlier. We had a riot #TheRiotClub x
What's happening? This is happening. Random parade.
What a way to wake up! Had an absolute blast this morning on @R1Breakfast with @grimmers and @DouglasBooth. Now off for a 30 minute shower!
Me and my family are totally partying in your honour. Especially for the very first few. #riot
I was totally in a screening of #theRiotClub whilst I hit 400K followers, so can I just say a "welcome woof" to all you newbies. Thank you x
@JoshOConnor15: #TheRiotClub screening at BFI tonight, woof! @samclaflin @DouglasBooth” yeah baby! Can hardly contain my excitement. Bosh.
Come on the canaries! @NorwichCityFC - 4-2 win away at Cardiff after going 2-0 down. Pure brilliance! #OTBC
Had an awesome time on @SoccerAM this morning with Leon Britton @LeeTrundle10 @dannycare @DavidGray @HellsBellsy @maxrushden. Banter! #OTBC
"I predict a riot. I predict a riot..." #TheRiotClub
@samclaflin Did you miss our live stream interview with Sam Claflin for #TheRiotClub ? Watch and share it here:
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The Riot Club boys playing Beer Pong. Video coming soon to Yahoo!
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Initiation into #TheRiotClub is not for the faint hearted! @samclaflin proves his worth in this brand new clip.…
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Morning human apes. Beautiful day in Norwich (a fine city), we have our very own castle you know. Remember - hunting Haggis is cruel.
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I think little Rosie is dreaming about being Darth Vader... She has the breathing sound effects down... #snoringdog #letmesleep
Hey guys so I'm lucy the new owner and I'm obsessed with Sam <3 and I hope you continue to love the account :)
*im sick today, so I sound and look like shiza* But I've chosen @luciasimcox to take over this account. Once again I'm so sorry you guys, I know I just came back but it's personal issues that have caused me to make this decision. Remember to keep following to support Sam - I still love him and I lo
💔 I am still accepting DM's on my private account, for those who are interested in taking over this account again. > I'll be looking at everyone's DM's tonight < . Go to @antheawatkins to dm me, don't dm this account. I'm really sorry I'm leaving guys, but it's for a legitimate personal reaso
Guys for personal reasons I'm unable to keep this account I'm really sorry, I honestly loved my followers - you all made me feel really good about myself I'm so sorry, I really am. (Dm @antheawatkins (my private) if you're interested in having the account) so here we go. #ALSIceBucketChallenge thank you @Hibbits for the nomination. Make sure you all donate. #woof
And yes - video to follow... ;-)
I have just donated money to #ALSA and think you should to: Help create a world without ALS #IceBucketChallenge... X
Come on @NorwichCityFC! Winning 3rd game in a row. And against Ipswich of all teams. Haha-ppiness #OTBC
Happy birthday to my wonderful wife and bestest buddy in the whole wide world @laurajhaddock. Watch out for the Nerf.
Arrived home to birthday nerf guns.. THE BEST! Dig deep claffers I'm coming to get ya!
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Who's excited for #LoveRosie!? 😄
I know this is quite late but here is another still of Sam Claflin as Alex in his upcoming film, #LoveRosie ! . [#samclaflin #hot #sexy #beautiful #cute #stunning #gorgeous #pretty #visuallypleasing #sexforyoureyes #dayumson #attractive #wow #didimentionhot]
THIS IS LITERALLY GREATER THAN LIFE JUST THEIR EXPRESSIONS OMG 😂😂 I swear I've watched this interview about 30 times or more . [#bestcouple #laurahaddock #samclaflin]
I want to use this caption to say the biggest THANK YOU to all of the wonderful people who comment such kind-hearted comments on my previous picture. I'm so sorry I couldn't thank you all individually; but I certainly read each and every comment and they really touched my heart in the warmest way. ❤
Alright so I know that unfortunately that isn't the handsome face of Sam Claflin 😂 but I thought I'd make a post to properly introduce myself! . My name is Anthea (as most of you know) and I live in the state of Victoria in Australia. I play the piano, enjoy drawing and singing and I'm known for ea