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Sam in Beirut • سام في بيروت
Look at this awesome masterpiece. It's PoisOn, and this bow was custom made by the multitalented designer Frederico Pavano, based in Roma. PoisOn will be my official birthday stylist, follow @22poison and visit their website to get the ultimate chance of picking up your own customized bow at my bir
And this is cousin Maria. As we were born on the same month of August, we decided to throw one birthday party for the two of us. We want you all invited! 😉 • وهيدي ماريا، بنت خالتي. بمئنّو خلِقنا بنفس الشّهر، رح نعمل عيدنا سوا. وبدنا كل الحبايب معنا
Aunty Jocelyn is such a wonderful source of inspiration. “The world is about balance. If you can hold the negative and the positive in one hand, just like a jumping rope, then you'll figure out that life is an amazing game”, she said.
Aley, you always offer me two minutes of daily contemplation • عاليه، كل يوم عيني ملياني معكك Good morning everyone! #livelovealey #livelovelebanon
Hey yey! Yasmine made new friends today 😀 • ياسمين مهمشرة الكل اليوم
The feelings that hurt most, the emotions that sting most, are those that are absurd - The longing for impossible things, precisely because they are impossible; nostalgia for what never was; the desire for what could have been; regret over not being someone else; dissatisfaction with the world’s exi
Everything cracks eventually. That's when we realize we've been something, and that is when light will find a path for freedom • كل شي رح ينكسر. وعالكسرة منوعى عحالنا، و نور الحرّيّة بتلاقي طريقها لتشعّ
Yas by the window • طلّت ياس من الشبّاك
No need to ask for it • رح إفعصك فيكي وبلاكي
Face after sleepless nights and still excited to offer you the Exponūr experience. See you at sunset! #beirut #exhibition
Live from Exponūr basement construction • مباشرةً من ورشة إكسپونور We're together this weekend! 25.07.15 - 26.07.15 | 8:00PM | SSCC Bauchrieh
Beirut! Get ready to embrace Exponūr, the awaited light exhibition organized by high school students in partnership with the SSCC Bauchrieh's Department of Sociocultural Affairs. We're all preparations at the basement. Free your calendars and let's meet this weekend from 8:00 till 10:00, have some c
Dog lovers, now I understand your dogobsession • هلّأ فهمتكن يا جماعة محبّين الكلاب
Yasmine deep in her sleep • وهيدي ياسمين بسابع نومتا
What a fancy view • شو هالمنظر الشّيك ⛵️🚤 🇱🇧
This wonderful team from Red Cross Youth dept. of Baabda was on the field all night to raise awareness on conjugal violence. Thanks for surrounding me with your positive energy. People like you remind us to keep hoping for a better future in a country that is presently in struggle. #أبطال_لبنان
Hercules in Beirut • هركلس ببيروت Ok just bored watching @sallymaroun promoting an accessory shop. Full story on snappy! Thanks random guy for taking this picture. I know I made you look ridiculous 😉
#learnfromdogs No matter how different you look, you're my friend and I love you! • ما بهم شكلك كيف، انت رفيقي وبحبك
I understood. As I grow older I got to understand why conflict between two sides happen. And I understood that you only get in conflict with someone you love. If you don't love them, you both don't have the need to be in conflict. photo credits to @sallymaroun, 2011
"The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love. It may look paradoxical to you, but it is not. It is an existential truth: only those people who are capable of being alone are capable of love, of sharing, of going into the deepest core of the other person—without possessing the other, without bec
Bchamoûn, Lebanon • بشامون، دولة لبنان الفاسدة بس بسيطة
Sharing this paradisiac place with you. Tell your friends about it, this is Baakline! • عرّف رفقاتك عبعقلين الجنّة #Repost @800lifestyle with @repostapp.
Little Diesel is a monster now • ديزل صغير صار وحش هلّأ
Beauty is where humans haven't yet stepped • الجمال هو وين إجر البشر ما دعسدت
Sometimes we just need to be shielded from the world • مرّات بدنا بس نحمي حالنا من هالعالم
And this little tiny cute creature is Yas! • وهالفأسي هي ياس
At @yarahamade's, you know you'll spend quality time with quality people • ببيت حمادة، بتقدي وقت مميّز مع ناس أميز
Those chemists know it best. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed • هلاكميائيّة بيعرفو أحسن منّي و منّك. ما في شي بِروح، كلّو بيتحوّل
Lebs, ladies and gents! ⛺️ #livelovelebanon
Been waiting for the chance to spend the night by the beach this summer. It's happening tonight, at the Lebanese northern coast of Chekka. We're joining Partners' 4th annual beach camp and it's happening tonight. Lots of new friends to meet and dance with. It's never too late for you to join, the b
Getting bigger by the second, Harley • رح تاكلينا بلئمة يا هارلي
“Today my professor told me every cell in our entire body is destroyed and replaced every seven years. How comforting it is to know one day I will have a body you will have never touched.”
Our vision of turning the school into an interactive cultural space is real. Tonight, the students are enjoying a movie under the sky of Beirut. A preparatory gathering for a final project, the Exponūr light exhibition. Woot woot!
Spanish lady in a brilliant act of protest for the Palestinian on Hollywood's walk of fame. • سيّدة إسبانيّة معتصمة بجدارة للفلسطنيّين وهيدي بهوليود
Cactus needs a serious haircut • كاكتوس صار بدّا أصّ شعر
Today we celebrate the birth of one special lady. Three facts about our friendship: 1. We've met at the age of 3. 2. Strangers tend to believe we have mental disorders watching us interact with each other. 3. I used to be so jealous of her boyfriend (to the right). Now I think I love him more th
She wants to wish you a good afternoon. Me too!
I'm so speechless. @jana_saade you kicked the runway with your outfits, I'm a proud best friend. Now that you're an official fashion designer, you'll have to make the outfits of my Instagram friends, ha! Not even able to make a Lebanese translation 😌
If only each one of us could realize they're only visitors on this planet. Life would be less hard, love would be less opportunistic and existence would be evermore meaningful. • بس لو كل واحد منّا بيوعا عفكرة إنّا زوّار عهالأرض. الحياة بتقِل صعوبتا، الحب بِقل مصلحتو وبينعطى معنا مأبّد للوجود
He hates fancy dinners. She takes a selfie. • هو بيكره العشوات البَبّازيّة. هي بتاخد سلفي
Dusk upon us • غبّ اللّيل علينا
“Allow me to say my word to the future stars here between us. Sometimes life throws you with a rock. Don't give up. Live for what you love and follow your dreams till the end. And when you face the Lord, thank him as you've used all the gifts he's offered you • وهلق سمحولي وجه حديثي لنجوم المستقبل
Not gonna spam you with a picture of my papa. Happy father's day, he took this one for me! • مش رح طلّعكن من تيابكن بصورة لبيّي كمان. ينعاد عكل البيّات، هو أخدلي هالصّورة
Amy in Beirut • أيمي في بيروت
I think I'm holding Acient Roma in my palm.

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