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samantha ronson
I have a 'no felon' policy for my fantasy football team. I have 4 players.
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you know that mean old neighbour who always returns your ball freshly deflated? hi, nice to meet you! #igetit
#regram this is so real!
Fun with flat tires and sad fenders.
my homie @dreadematteo is finally on twitter…. follow her for some good old dirty crazy fun
My phone is taking the rice bucket challenge because I was drunk last night.
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Here is a list of cooling centers. You can also call 211.
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#regram some Venice fun yesterday with the homie @dreadematteo and some crazy bitches- and French fries. Always french fries.
Just watching Forces of Nature on a Sunday night, living the dream.... And look who I see - why it's @adamshankman.... 😵
not a lot of time left- Check out The Wizard of Oz Dorothy Gale Tonner Doll by Charlotte Ronson… via @eBay
Just read Chris Brown’s advice for Ray Rice. Now ready to get investment tips from MC Hammer.
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So many tickets, so little time. 🎉Gabe
Song of The Day- Ryan Adams- New York, New York. #neverforget
My playlist from the Charlotte Ronson SS15 fashion show last week. #beatsmusic
The Wizard of Oz Dorothy Gale Tonner Doll by Charlotte Ronson… via @eBay
I lived in manhattan then. It still doesn't feel real, but it was. It is. 9.11.2001 #NeverForget
Catch up with @cabadasss- Cadillac is not so impressed. #supra #factory413
Bonito flakes- for people who want to pretend their food is still alive.
I sure did miss this face.
All is fair in love and tour. #ShakeItOff
"I can use mouth sounds to communicate and I will use this incredible gift from god to make people feel bad" - humans
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Lots of love to @beckadiamond, @samantharonson and the one and only @BrookeCandy for a great party! Y'all tore it up.🚨🚨#paper30r30
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@samantharonson an icing-shooting cupcake bra duel.. Some people would pay to see that #sugarknight
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@samantharonson playin No Flex Zone, @papermagazine done gave the whole club free champagne. I think they call this heaven. 😎
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Pop beefs are about as exciting as, well, pop beefs. #hiphopdoesitbetter
Do I have to pick a team in this Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry debacle, or can I just quietly be in my mid-30s?????
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You can have this one of a kind doll & help raise money 4 #HabitatforHumanity Wizard of Oz Dorothy Charlotte Ronson…
Always love seeing @lisaloveofficial 💞💞💞 wouldn't be fashion week without a catch up in the Bowery lobby.
Earlier on today @abanel made me go see her ad in the window of a store when I wanted to eat- so I made her pose for this picture.
"It's life mom, not a hayride."
The saddest puppy and I hanging out at Coney Island. Photo credit @gabrielsaporta
Literally hit the jackpot. @samantharonson has the video to prove it. We made some little kid's day…
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If this is you.... Hello. #friendlynyer
Went to see the Opening Ceremony show 100% Lost Cotton. It was amazing!!!
Ready, aim, Gabe! @gabrielsaporta
This magical guy! @miguelunlimited always makes me happy.