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Samantha Kong
Oh yeah, I'm finally DONE with exam! 😁 #itfeelssogood
I'll be facing my final examination later in the afternoon; wish me all the best! 󾌧󾍔
If the person has been absence in your life, wouldn't you leave him?
Surprisingly its fun! :D It's harder than you think! No cheating & NO using Google. Every answer must start...
Seriously, why did I found out bad news just before my final exam? 󾍆 — feeling depressed
Curious, how many of you are going to Zouk tomorrow night before they relocate? — feeling curious
I'm human after all. #quotestoliveby
Missing... 󾮜🏻󾮛🏻
Good morning. ⛅️☀️
Woke up in the middle of the night because of nightmare. 󾌹
Flashback moment; when I have a 'thing' for blue eyes. 👀💙 #throwback
I'm hungry at 2 a.m. Anyone else? 󾌱 — feeling hungry
This is as far as we can go.
Yeah it's Saturday night so it's time for party. 🙌🏻🎉 I wonder how long the birthday boy can last tonight @andrewjehan 😝😏
THESIS COMPLETE! 🎉🙌🏻 I'm so grateful to have you alongside in this journey and I'm proud to say that, WE DID IT! ❤️😘 @p_1018
Omg, sudden fever in the middle of the night. Why?! When I have an important presentation tomorrow morning. 󾌺
Can't shake off this nervous feeling! 󾌿󾌺 — feeling nervous
Nerve wrecking! 😖
I always complain about not having enough sleep but when I have the chance to sleep I stay up watching series or rethinking my life
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It might take a year, it might take a day, but what’s meant to be will always find it’s way. Until that day comes, I'll find a way to smile. #quotestoliveby
I think I'm meant to be alone.
Don't expect things to be the same as where you left them. Times change, things change, people change.
#throwback to Chiangmai; I need a getaway soon. 🙈
Though I'm exhausted when I came back home today, this little postcard cheers me instantly! Thank you sweetie @shirnieky for always remembering me, *melts* & sending me this sweet postcard from Santorini! It means a lot to me. 😍 Much love! 💌💌💌
We are almost near the finish line! 󾭞�#thesisi#mgt40000 — feeling relieved
A little pie thing goes a long way. #ineedabreakfromthesis #somethingtocheermeup
Consequences of few hours of sleep, EXHAUSTION. 󾌤 — feeling stressed
Does anyone knows how to use SPSS hypothesis testing?
I have no life till I complete my thesis. — feeling stressed
Gotcha on your phone. 😛 #throwback
How does studies can make one particularly hungry on a constant basis? Hmm...
My health keeps deteriorating these days, to make matter worse, my asthma has once again resurface. :'( — feeling sick
Why my skin allergy is getting worse each day? 󾌹 — feeling irritated
DOUBLE EXPOSURE. 👀 #throwback
It just take one email to cancel my plans today. :( — feeling stressed
Smile, just keep on smiling. 😊
I want to run and scream out loud till I'm feeling happy again. Scream and shout, let it all out.
Waiting, always waiting. — feeling sad
Tsubaki roadshow is happening right now at IOI Citymall till 10pm tonight only! Better hurry up because attractive prizes and limited edition gifts are waiting for to be won. 🎁✨😍 1. Purchase Tsubaki products and receive a hair treatment for free (including hair wash & blow dry). 2. Purchase any pr
Someone is hacking into my email account again, seriously? 󾰑 — feeling what's wrong with you people
Golden days where we once party like queens. 👯👸🏻🍸#throwback #bestfriends #missthosemoments

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