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Samantha Busch
Great pic πŸ‘ RT@jeff_gluckk: Quiet Track, Chicagoland.#NASCARR @ Chicagoland
Finally got my Chicago deep dish pizza! Someone didn't get the memo that it isn't for sharing 😜
Wow Kyle drove his butt off!!! So proud of him and the team! P7 we will take it!
This time we pit and everyone behind came too. The 18 gets 4 fresh ones n has an awesome stop!
Caution out with 10 to go this is gonna be crazy
The 18 opted not to pit but we r the last to not pit. Let's see how it goes, p12
Cautions out for the 15, 22 to go. To pit or not to pit...
Terrible restart not what we needed 😁
Now the caution is out looks like all @JoeGibbsRacing cars on lead lap lined up in p8,9,10.
Green flag stops underway, kyle brings it in now for four, fuel and adjustments at lap 229
Kyle says it's not going the right way, no rear grip says car needs a lot of help. Not like it was at the start
Nice job boys!!! Gained Kb two spots on pit road!! Four tires, fuel and adjustments.
Caution for debris, kyle giving very detailed feedback to Dave right now, hoping these adjustments help!
Dave tells kyle there is slight damage to the left rear which may be why he is having increased handling issues p12
Really bad stop I think someone spun in front of Kb getting into the pits and kyle says the adjustments didn't work still really tight
Overshot the box missing the 5 who almost got into the back of Kb on pit road, four and fuel
No nothing like that it was a happy woohoo haha RT @Letsgetracing: @SamanthaBusch we can't repeat what he said! πŸ™‰
22 buzzed em so kyles goes high three wide! And is shouting woohoo on the radio but I can't really figure out what else was said lol
Four tires, fuel and adjustments for the 18 car this stop. Out p4 the first two took two tires.
Lap traffic and a battle with the leaders kyle fighting to hang on to p3 says he is free all around
A great two tire stop by the 18 crew gets Kb off pit road first!
Kyle says it's more free as the run goes on, turn is better tho. Lap 65
Green flag stops underway, kyle brought it in for 4 tires, fuel and adjustments. Currently p3
Fall is finally here! Leopard, boyfriend jeans and a pop of neon! Oh ya! #MyFavs
Kb slips to p3 as the 24 and 1 get by. Lap 30
Great chatting w u! RT @MissSprintCup: girl talk w @SamanthaBusch! Check out those heels! Good luck #RowdyNation!
Sorry guys been chatting away lots of fam n friends here!! Kb in the lead with a 3.26 lead!
Some of these literally made me LOL, JL was my fav! RT @bobpockrass: if 16 drivers were paired w/actual nations?
Victory lane here at Chicagoland speedway!
And he wins it!!!! Nice job babe and @KBMteam!! 🏁🏁
Kb not giving up! He's on the back of the 20 truck for the lead!
Lengthy pit stop bc of a fuel issue followed by a caution. Kyle was a lap down but will take the waive around
Noooooo right front down for the 54 :(
Kyle's water temps are high possible debris but can't see anything. bubba going in front of kyle so he can try to clear it
53 laps in and kyle takes the lead!!!!
Darn it pit road speeding violation to the back again
Comp caution lap 32, kyle pits for four tires, fuel and adjustments. Off pit road p3. P1 only has two tires tho
🍺🍸🍹🍷@tomjensen100n100: Tonight's drinking word for Truck Series race: "Rowdy"
Wow Kb is on the move!!! Had to start in the rear and is already up to p6 after 25 laps!
Now on FS2 RT @ralphnwendy: @SamanthaBusch do you know what time and network the truck raze has been moved to please
So disappointing for the 54 team they were great all day, brought it home p3. Now starting the truck race, busy day!
Lol I agree! RT @LauraHarnish: @SamanthaBusch Even though I'm in SC I'm pretty sure I see something on the track! #DesperatlySeekingCaution
20 to go running p3, 2.34 seconds behind the 5.
25 to go, kyle weaving his way thru traffic clawing his way to the front. It ain't over!
Brogan not understanding why uncle kyle isn't talking back to him πŸ˜‚
Kyle p8 but has four tires while those in front don't. Plenty of laps left, go get em!